Sigma Female: 10 Powerful Traits That Prove You’re One

Powerful Traits That Prove Sigma Female

We hear so often of Alpha women, and how they are the ones we automatically think of whenever we think of power, confidence, and strength. Then there are also the Betas, who are considered to be the subordinates of Alphas. We normally end up hearing more about Alphas and Betas, however, there’s a third category not a lot of people know about, and that’s the Sigma female

Most of the time, Sigma females are misunderstood because they are starkly different from the Alphas and Betas. However, Sigma females have always been around and are probably the one most impressive kind of people out there.

So, how to spot a Sigma female, and what are the characteristics of a Sigma female? And most importantly, are you a sigma female?

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What Is A Sigma Female?

Sigma females are strong, independent, confident, charming, and self-reliant, and love spending time alone. Unlike Alpha females, you don’t always feel the need to be surrounded by a hundred people or try very hard to be a leader. Being a leader comes very naturally to you.

Solitude doesn’t scare you, rather you thrive in it. You are capable of taking care of yourself, and don’t really like depending on other people for your needs and wants. This is one of the biggest reasons why you are also regarded as a lone wolf.

10 Impressive Traits Of A Sigma Female

1. You are independent and self-reliant.

Sigma females never feel the need to rely on other people and always prefer to do everything themselves. Rather, you are known as the ‘Original Independent Woman’ and are considered to be the epitome of self-reliance. You don’t care what others think of you, and what society expects from you; you do what you think is right for yourself and your life.

You don’t run behind other people, nor do you chase their approval and validation. Your integrity and independence always push you to accept yourself the way you are, without paying heed to what someone else might be saying about you.

Sigma female
Sigma female examples

2. You don’t care about societal standards, norms, or expectations.

You never feel pressurized by society and never pay heed to its million expectations. You have your own expectations and opinions, and you choose to focus on them, instead of wasting your time thinking about what others might expect from you.

Since you have a strong internal compass and a firm head on your shoulders, you can never bring yourself to conform to societal standards and norms. This might be seen as radical and rebellious, but your intention is to be neither; you simply want to live life on your own terms, without any interference and unnecessary judgments.

You accept people the way they are and respect the way they want to live their lives and you expect the same thing back. That’s all.

3. You fully embrace your uniqueness and authenticity.

Trying to be like someone else? Following someone or a trend blindly, just for the sake of it? As a Sigma female, you just cannot relate to these things! One of your biggest strengths is that you embrace your authenticity and originality with open arms, and never feel ashamed of yourself.

You accept yourself wholly with all your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, flaws, and good things, without putting yourself down. You know you are awesome the way you are, and are perfectly content with your imperfectly perfect self.

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4. You never settle in a relationship.

No matter how much you may like a guy, you will never settle in a relationship if he tries to change you or comes in the way of your goals, and ambitions. Love matters to you a lot, and you do want to be in a stable and happy relationship, but not at the cost of your happiness, dreams, and self-respect.

You want to be with a secure, independent, open-minded, and confident man, who will never feel threatened by you and will never force you to be someone you are not, just to stroke their ego. You might be choosy and hard to please, but you are not arrogant nor do you want guys to jump through hoops for you.

A man who is genuine and respects you, is the best kind of man for you. And until you find someone who is your equal, you prefer to be single.

5. You hate gossiping and backbiting.

Your hatred for gossip and malicious backbiting is one of the most classic Sigma female traits. You are a person of integrity and immense dignity, and engaging in petty gossip falls far below your standards. If you have something to say about someone, you would rather say it to their face, instead of badmouthing them behind their backs.

Gossip and speculation are useless for you, and you consider them to be a massive waste of time. Other people might consider you snobbish since you are not behaving like them, but your dislike for gossiping shows that you are a high-value woman, who doesn’t believe in wasting her time talking about irrelevant stuff.

Sigma female
Sigma female characteristics

6. You are often described as intimidating and scary.

Intimidating is another adjective that is frequently used for you, isn’t it? Sigma females are strong, capable, confident, and always say what’s on their minds, and that’s why they are quick to be judged as intimidating.

Even today, women are expected to be soft-spoken and gentle, so when you show your assertiveness and speak your mind, it becomes hard for some people to accept it. You might have many haters and naysayers who are always trying to bring you down, but you never let all this get to you.

For you, your confidence is one of your best qualities and you have worked very hard to be the woman you are today. So, if someone else is feeling intimidated by you, then it’s their problem, not yours.

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7. You have a mysterious aura and personality.

Another adjective that is commonly used for you is mysterious, and that’s because you only let people see what you want them to see. You are intelligent, successful, empathetic, funny, and strong, but there’s still a sense of detachment about you that makes people wonder who you really are as a person.

The truth is that you don’t open up that easily, because you don’t trust easily. You know how the world works and that there are many people out there who cannot be trusted, so you take your own sweet time in opening up and letting people in.

You feel comfortable opening up in front of people, who you completely love and trust. You love and respect yourself enough to not let just anybody get access to you and your private life. Why not let people enjoy that mysterious side of you for some more time?

8. You are extremely emotionally intelligent.

Sigma females are known for their emotional intelligence and strong intuition. You can easily read a room better than anyone, and it’s seldom hard to deceive or fool you. You are strongly attuned to other people’s emotions and most of the time know how someone else is feeling.

You pick up on body language cues, facial expressions, and mannerisms and with the help of these things, you judge a person or a situation accurately. Your observation powers are impressive, and you are extremely astute.

9. You are a trendsetter, but an unwitting one.

Your intention and motive are never to influence people, but somehow you always do. Because you are so confident about yourself and comfortable in your skin, people are automatically impressed and awed by you and want to be more like you.

Whatever you wear, see, say or endorse, everyone, ends up wanting to do the same thing, because such is your quiet power and impact. You are not actively trying to prove anything, you are simply being yourself. And sometimes, that’s enough for people to follow you and emulate you.

Sigma female
How to become a sigma female

10. You have high standards, and you never compromise with them.

As a Sigma female, you never ever compromise with your standards. You always keep them high, and no matter what happens, you never let go of your self-respect and dignity. When it comes to being in a romantic relationship, you know what you bring to the table, and you are not willing to settle for less.

And not just relationships, be it your friends, family, and even your career, you know your worth and you know what you truly deserve. You stand firm by your principles and if someone fails to respect this, you let them go. Your self-worth and self-esteem are everything to you.

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So, these are all the major and striking Sigma female personality traits? How many could you relate to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about the signs of a Sigma female? Check this video out below!

Sigma female signs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between alpha and sigma female?

The main difference between alpha and sigma females is that alpha females tend to be more extroverted and outspoken, and sigma females are more on the introverted side, and who normally keep to themselves.

How to attract a sigma female?

If you want to attract a sigma female, make sure you are genuine, honest, open-minded, confident, and most importantly, a good person. Sigma females have high standards, and if you check all these boxes, then you might be able to attract a sigma woman.

How rare is a Sigma female?

Sigma females are very, very rare and some even consider them to be extinct.

Powerful Traits That Prove Sigma Female pin
Powerful Traits Prove Sigma Female

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