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9 Signs of An Untouchable And Unapologetically Powerful Woman

Signs Untouchable Unapologetically Powerful Woman

An untouchable woman is truly one of a kind. The biggest of all signs of a powerful woman is that she is someone who knows herself very well, and she never lets anyone tell her otherwise. The strength she harbors in herself is her armor and shield. A strong woman like that always embraces every part of herself, and never apologizes for being her genuine self.

When you come across a woman who possesses an aura that demands respect, then it’s one of the many signs that you have met an untouchable and powerful woman. She is someone who nobody can mess with. She is someone who is assertive and knows what she wants. And most importantly, she is someone who knows her worth.

There Is Nothing More Riveting Than A Powerful Woman.

When a powerful, audacious woman enters a room, the entire energy changes. The atmosphere is jolted with an untraceable infusion of authority.

Yet society deems feminine energy is weak, submissive, and frail. The pervasive view is that femininity is not conducive to success, that in a cut-throat corporate world, there is no room for the feminine qualities of unconditional love, empathy, or compassion.

But in discarding femininity as a whole, society misses out on the unparalleled insight and transcendence that only a powerful woman can contribute.

Here Are Nine Signs of A Strong Woman

Signs you are dealing with an unapologetically powerful, untouchable Woman.

1. Her toenails are pedicured in the middle of winter.

AKA: she takes care of herself for HERSELF. All that matters to her is that when she looks down at her feet, she sees painted toes. She is likely going to wear socks and boots all winter long. So, if a woman consistently has her toenails pedicured, watch out. You’re probably dealing with an untouchable woman.

2. She doesn’t allow others to interrupt her.

Signs of A Powerful Woman
Traits of A Strong Woman

AKA: she is courageous, especially because she is a woman. She takes her time when speaking to an audience, in a boardroom, or even in front of her class. She knows what she says is important, valuable, and doesn’t mind making loud-mouthed men squirm. She shuts down any and all attempts to interrupt her.

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3. She admires other women.

She genuinely appreciates, admires, and praises other women. If she sees a stunning woman, she is enamored by her. If her friend reaches a milestone in her career, she plans a celebration for her. She is never jealous of others and recognizes that everyone’s life path is different. She is consistently inspired by other women doing great things.

4. She takes care of her spiritual, mental, and physical health.

This is not your run-of-the-mill chick. She works out regularly, has a spiritual practice, and respects her body. She does not alter her routines or habits for anyone. She is mindful of what she puts into her mind and body every day.

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