Theo Harrison

Hey there! I am just someone trying to find my way through life. I am a reader, writer, traveler, fighter, philosopher, artist and all around nice guy. I am outdoor person but heavily into technology, science, psychology, spiritualism, Buddhism, martial arts and horror films. I believe in positive action more than positive thinking.

6 Positive Psychology Practices To Boost Happiness and Improve Your Life

“The aim of Positive Psychology is to catalyze a change in psychology from a preoccupation only with repairing the worst things in life to also building the best qualities in life.” - Martin Seligman

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An 8 Step Guide To Leaving The One Who Doesn’t Deserve You  

“It is so hard to leave - until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world.” - John Green

6 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

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