13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Signs You Psychic Empath

Often people confuse psychic empathy with the basic human emotion of empathy. If you want to be sure that you are a psychic empath then look out for these signs:

Embracing The Magic and Power of Love

ebracing power of love

This year when you go inward and sense your truths, I invite you to contemplate on the magic of love and what you have to be grateful for (the smallest things count!).

When Something Doesn’t Feel Right: The Real Reason

Something Doesnt Feel Right Real Reason

There is a valid reason why something doesn’t feel right. It is your early warning system, but it is not perfect and it is fundamental that you realize this and understand that it is here that you are able to perfect its operation.

How Narcissists Fool You With False Empathy

Narcissists Fool You With False Empathy

If narcissists are not empathetic, then how could they ever act like they are? Isn’t this how empathy works? To be aware of and to choose your actions based on someone else’s feelings? Well, yes, and no.

The Isolation Of Empathy

The Isolation Of Empathy

The Isolation Of Empathy Your voidness drowns in the strength of my own thoughts. I lay there trying to empathize with emptiness.

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