Empaths And Healing

Empaths And Healing

Are you unconsciously seeking out your own healing in the healing of others?

The Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity

Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity

Trying to feel positive, no matter what can end up doing more harm than good to you, and the more you understand the dangers of toxic positivity, the better off you will be.

Body Image Issues: How The Truth Will Set You Free

Body Image Issues

We all have lies about our bodies and worth. They are often very convincing lies, given our life experiences. They are sometimes beautiful lies, tempting lies, because if our bodies are the problem, then we stand a chance of fixing it.

Happily Never After

Happily Never After

The stab marks through my heart and pounding in my mind are still fresh– but it’s not as painful as before.


Healing I was standing still like a strong castle

I was standing still like a strong castle; until they told me that I am not good enough. No one noticed that their words were so tough.

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