When You Finally Begin To Heal: 4 Signs You Are on the Right Track With Your Healing Journey

When You Begin To Heal: Signs You Are On The Right Track

The path of healing is not an easy journey to be on, but it is only when you begin to do the healing work is when you finally begin to heal. This article is going to explore the signs you are healing, so that you know you are on the right track.

There is a lot of focus on shadow work when you begin upon your healing journey, and for good reason. After all, how can you know what needs to be healed if you are too afraid to visit the shadows? Because much of my work is focused on guiding and supporting women through their healing journey I tend to write a lot about shadow work and shadow work processes.

This week I wanted to write something focused on the benefits of the hard and sometimes painful work that we do in the shadows. It’s so easy to get caught up in where we are headed in our healing that we often forget to look at just how far we have already come, but today I want you to celebrate your growth and your fabulous self. You deserve it!

If these common signs I write about resonate with you that’s amazing, and I am so proud of you. If they don’t take it as a sign that the Universe has put this blog post in your path to help inspire you to take another bold step towards your healing. Happiness is available to everyone, not just some. You just have to be willing to claim it.

This is an interactive blog post this week so I encourage you to have a journal or notebook ready. I offer exploratory questions for each thing I write about, one is to bring awareness to your growth, and the other is an actionable step designed to help you deeper explore each concept.

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When You Finally Begin To Heal: 4 Signs You Are on the Right Track With Your Healing Journey

1. Self-Love Becomes Natural

Self-love is one of the first steps that one must take as they embark upon the path of healing. This is why your relationship with yourself is one of the first areas of your life you will notice positive shifts happen.

There is no better feeling than falling totally and madly in love with yourself, especially if you have fought your way out of the depths of unhealed wounding. When self-love becomes natural, self-sabotage falls away.

Self-love changed everything in my life because it allowed me to drop my addiction to numbing out, which I did by any and all means possible. With the shedding of my toxic habits, my feelings of self-worth continued to grow, and this allowed me to believe for the first time in my life that I was worthy of joy, and a peaceful life with my children.

Self-love empowers and provides the strength needed to fight for your God-given right to live a happy life.

What toxic habits born from the downward spiral of unhealed wounding have you shed because of your newfound love for self? I encourage you to take time to write them down in a journal or notebook and really connect to pride as you witness your growth.

If you are working on self-love try creating a few powerful affirmations that you can go to when you find you are having not-so-loving thoughts about yourself.

When you finally begin to heal with self love

2. Life Feels Really Good In The Absence of Resistance

Another key theme of almost everyone’s healing journey is learning how to flow and honour the need for surrender. Resistance falls away in the presence of flow and surrender. It is in this space true stability and balance are created.

When you begin to do the healing work the Universe rejoices and is quick to support you in the most amazing ways.

What miracles have you been blessed with because of your willingness to surrender to the flow of the Universe?

Where are you being called to surrender even more in your life? What fears do you hold around the concept of surrender?

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3. The Quality of Your Relationships Improve

I talk about what I call the shedding in my new book Alchemy of The Phoenix, From the Ashes of Trauma to the Light of Love, which is that period right after you begin to heal where toxic energy sheds from your life.

As we heal we begin to vibrate differently. Our interests change, the things we talk about change, and the need for true connection is realized.

There will be many people who fall away simply because you are no longer a vibrational match for their lower vibrational energy, The relationships that do last are made stronger and are healed as you heal.

As more toxic people exit your life you will begin to subconsciously call in people who are more in alignment with where you are at vibrationally.

These three things combined create an overall improvement in the quality of your relationships as a whole.

I had twenty years of friendships that disappeared overnight because they were based on nothing more than late nights spent sitting in bars complaining and speaking badly about other people.

Today, the women in my life are powerful women who are working to bring light to the world, lifting others up, and just overall kicking ass at life. We have real discussions about things that matter and loyalty is the common theme.

How have your relationships healed and improved along your healing journey?

Are there relationships in your life that you feel may be adding a toxic element and standing in the way of your personal and spiritual growth?

4. Authenticity Becomes a Way of Life

Being authentic does not come naturally to those of us who have suffered trauma and is another major lesson offered along the healing path. There are many reasons authenticity is so difficult for the unhealed but ultimately, all the reasons lead back to deep-seated fears that are birthed from the trauma itself.

As you begin to heal you will notice a deep and driving desire to speak your truth and stand in your authenticity.

When you finally begin to heal

It will also become more important to you that the people in your life show up in authenticity as well.

Authentic living goes hand-in-hand with self-love and comes naturally as your relationship with self evolves.

Where have you gained more confidence as a result of doing your inner work?

If you are struggling with authenticity spend some time rooting out the deep-seated fear I wrote about above. Once you are able to identify the fear thought that is causing you to avoid showing up authentically, you can begin to create a new narrative that will support you and your healing.

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If you would like to learn more about the healing journey along with tons of suggested exercises to further support you, check out my new book Alchemy of The Phoenix, From the Ashes of Trauma to The Light of Love.

Alchemy of The Phoenix is now available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other online book retailers.

I hope that this blog post has inspired you to celebrate your wins and helped guide you deeper into the inner work needed for lasting healing.

“If you would like some support, Kelly Bramblett offers 1:1 trauma support and shadow work coaching. Set up your free discovery call with her here to learn more. https://kellybramblett.as.me/?appointmentType=32016990

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