Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People

Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People

Empaths tend to freeze around inauthentic people, more often than they would like to. Something about inauthentic people always tends to make them wary and apprehensive.

Have you ever spent time with someone who on the surface seems as nice as pie, but when with them you feel awful and struggle to form a sentence?

This discomfort is caused by your Empathic antenna sensing all is not what it seems. You are detecting that what this person is showing is a fake persona created to hide something from others.

When an Empath comes across fake people it is common for them to shut down as a form of protection.  This can be seen as stumbling over words or one’s memory and thought process being affected. Anyone who is not emanating truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert.

In my days as a hairdresser, I could never understand why when I was with certain clients, who came across lovely, I would get awful feelings inside. It was only when I discovered I was an Empath that it all made sense to me. I was feeling their pain that they were hiding in fake behavior.

There are many levels of falseness and many reasons for it. In the early days of discovering one’s Empathic abilities, it may not always be easy to pinpoint just why someone feels so bad to you.

Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People
Empaths freeze around inauthentic people

Here are some traits and behaviors that may leave you feeling awful

1. Someone who wants to be loved by everyone they meet acts overly nice to get adoration.

2. Someone being filled with hate or anger yet working hard to convince the world otherwise.

3. Someone having had an emotionally destructive childhood leaving them insecure and in pain, yet playing the tough guy.

4. Someone building a totally new personality to hide the person they believe will not be accepted by society.

5. Someone being full of insincere praise for you.

6. Someone making up stories to make themselves sound interesting.

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And this is how you may find yourself reacting:

1. Avoiding being in their presence, yet not really having a reason to do so (as in they did not say or do anything to hurt you).

2. Not being able to talk to them. Sentences literally won’t form in your mouth and your brain acts like you have no memory. You find yourself just asking questions and if you do talk it feels like it makes no sense.

3. Having a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach that won’t go until you are no longer in said person’s presence.

4. Any more than an hour spent in their company will drain you and leave you feeling ill.

5. Feeling guilty because you may like the person but dislike how it feels to be with them.

6. Feeling helpless around them.

Now just because an Empath feels fakeness and untruths in another does not mean they do not fake themselves. For some, when they feel bad around a faker it may mean they are picking up a trait they do not like about themselves and they too hide it from the world.

We all have to put a face on and act fake at some point in our lives, but for some, it’s every day. We may have to be upbeat and happy when we feel sad or depressed, we may have to act annoyed when we are actually indifferent or we may have to pretend to love a job we actually detest. In some cases faking it can get us through difficult situations, but living it daily is not healthy.

Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People
Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People

89 thoughts on “Why Do Empaths Freeze Around Fake And Inauthentic People”

  1. Avatar of Keri

    I’m a hairstylist & I completely get this!!! Feeling other people’s emotions is already draining enough. This makes so much sense, now i want to help these people that i feel this around. This was a very enlightening read. I look forward to reading more! Thank you

    1. Avatar of Tara

      I am a hairstylist, I can identify with what you have written 100%. I thought this was just me. Thank you fir sharing. This has helped me more then you know!☺️

  2. Avatar of Marie Down

    Sounds like a bunch of stuff that is assumed and completely made up. So basically this article is saying they don’t like people who act nice? Basically this person is saying they avoid pretty much everyone, because everyone is acting “fake” somehow. Sometimes maybe it’s better for some people to try to be nice rather then be a complete douche to everyone…imagine if we acted out our anger all the time and how awful that would be.

  3. Avatar of Mark

    The way a person thinks is written on the face. Caution is good. Calm is good. Let badness go around you. Keep your health.

  4. Avatar of Joan_MC

    I wish I would have known this before I got involved with a narcissist. #2 reaction is spot on, not being able to form sentences, screwing up words, even questioning my own memory.

  5. Avatar of Arend

    A bit of misleading article as empaths shut down for many reasons often because they are sensitive to all kinds of ‘energies’ especially intense or confusing ones. Empaths will shut down when others evoke strong or confusing feelings in themselves. Just feeling attracted to someone can shut you down, for example. What is key is learning how to use those feeling to ‘read’ people or situations by asking what those feelings are telling you. This can become a very powerful ability but it takes practice and reality testing your accuracy until you become very ‘perceptive and insightful’ … dare I say “psychic”…

  6. Avatar of Kez

    Im done with this. It’s a curse and I can’t wait to leave the planet. For they will hunt and destroy till there is no more.

    1. Avatar of Sakia

      Connect yourself to your heart please, remember what you came here for, you are here to help the humanity to heal, and wake up !

  7. Avatar of diane phillips

    I walked past a young man one day and felt drawn to talk to him. Kept going and heard the words ‘the last supper’ in my head. He was havi ng bacon and eggs outside a cafe. That night he shot himself and died. Is this empathic or psychic?

  8. Avatar of Ursula

    This drawing is from Erika Kuhn. She awesomely draws what many of us feel. Check her out…

  9. Avatar of Ursula

    I like this website. The drawing used is from Erika Kuhn. An amazing artist. I wished she was asked if she agrees that her drawing is used here. She would have. I miss the sentence: Erika Kuhn draws exactly what I’d like to point out here….
    Appreciation and credits for the once we look up to❤️ Have a good day.

  10. Avatar of Donna

    Oh my gosh thank you for this article. #2 happened to me last year when I was in the company of someone my friend was dating. This person asked me something personal to which I understood deeply and yet it was like I couldn’t access my feelings or any memory of it. Turns out the man preyed on vulnerable women and somehow I picked up on it even though he came across as a very nice person.

  11. Avatar of LOL

    I like the part where you emphasized that empaths can be fakers too. I’m really tired (and I say this as an empath) of people in the spiritual community whining this “Oh poor me I’m an empath and everyone just draaaains me” garbage. You too can be little narcissistic, self-absorbed shitheads.

  12. Avatar of Raquel Tine-Melagrano
    Raquel Tine-Melagrano

    I have always said to my husband, my job as a hairdresser is killing me. After having my children I went back to work. Now going on 8 years back as a stylist. I have literally gained 60 pounds. Have had multiple surgeries. Have battled meningitis/ rheumatoid arthritis /Hashimoto’s and more. It Wasn’t until 2 years ago when I began my true spiritual awakening. Did I catch on to what was happening here to me. I have always been intuitive and empathic. But never truly embraced my gift. I can’t express what I go through at work. I heat up so badly by the end of the day. I have no makeup left on my face. My clothes are soaked. I’m utterly exhausted, that it two days to regroup. My body aches. I’m currently working on my spiritual gifts and phasing out of my hairstylist profession. I realize without the proper protection working my mind body and soul there will be no job that I can do and without feeling others pains and hurts etc. So as of now I’m working on a life change. Finding my balance and working on a career that is harmonizing to my mind and body. Thanks for the article!

  13. Avatar of Gladizsiicweek

    I am very into astrology so I just found out that you are like me where there is a fire sign (you are an Aries) and you have a Pisces moon which is say to gives a poesrn psychic ablities such as empathy. I am a Leo with a Pisces moon so I think my empathy comes from that or the fact that my non verbal skills are very advanced lol.

  14. Avatar of Cristina

    Amazing article. I can totally relate to this! I used to wonder why I would shut down around certain people, but this really helps me understand.

  15. Avatar of Gina Marie Ramirez

    Interesting article, but better proofreading should be done. Several sentences seem to be missing words, like ‘Someone who wants to loved by everyone they meet acts overly nice to get adoration’ …

  16. Avatar of Stephen

    This is exactly how I feel, drained around people who constantly blame everything and everyone apart from the angry bitter person screaming inside them. Nice reading though.. Thank you x

  17. Avatar of Teenah Sehnah

    This explains why I can’t even act like myself around inauthentic people. I become like a shell pretending to vibe with them long enough to get away from them. I don’t think the world-at-large gets it. I feel like I’m from another planet.

  18. Avatar of Remika

    Thank you so much for sharing this! This really helped to explain why I feel the way I do around certain people – especially those who are lovely to me. I always felt so guilty and wondered why I would feel really awful or drained around certain people. Thank you so much for this!

  19. Avatar of Natalie

    This is something we all do automatically – we are also shutting down because we are mirroring them being closed – IT IS THE WORST form of rejection you can give to someone that is obviously damaged.

    The reason why that person are ‘fake’ is because they are also shut down from hurts and rejection in their lives – reason’s that you don’t understand or know about and because they dont know their selves; These kind of people will have been bullied and put down to such an extent that they think they are not likeable so have lost confidence and rejected who they authentically are.

    You are also picking up the emotion vulnerability and hurt and because you don’t want to feel that again within you or open up or face where it is buried in you – you put up your protection – so it is also a sign you have demons to work on of your own! Reflection of you…..

    So if you are aware enough to know that you are closing them off from your energy and rejecting them too like everyone else did then be the beautiful being that opens up to them, send them love and healing and encourage them to start opening up through acceptance and care.

    Be the better person and nurture those around you in vulnerable positions.

    Nameste my lovelies

    love and blessings

    Natalie x

  20. Avatar of Juanita Barry

    I am so appreciating these writings, I am gaining a true understanding of myself and people around me, it’s very freeing and healing. The truth is freedom. Thank You!

  21. Avatar of Helen Stefanou

    Why is your link redirecting me to first .. An advertisement that I cannot close so I can read your article so I had to exit your link and then I tried a 2nd time to enter your link and it wants to take me to an app and then wanting to take me to another page and leave fbook? Are you aware of this ? It means I couldn’t read your article .

  22. Avatar of Amanda Zauruul

    I have a harder and harder time in public places and with some people even with shielding. Some of these people I can not cut out of my life so I do the best I can for both of us. It seems like the world is on the edge and not many people even notice or want to notice. I thought the shift would be much easier but is kicking my butt.

    1. Avatar of Michelle Ware

      Well that was an eye opener! Indigo traits there but interesting to know there’s another name – Empath! I think the reason why we shut down verbally is because we’re on high alert to the forthcoming bullshit, so we actually start to analyse the person as a whole… their tones, stance, eyes etc. That way I know quickly how they do it (lie that is). Quite often I can then find out why & that’s when the healer in me wants to come out. I love life!!! xxx

  23. Avatar of Melissa Pruitt

    I never realized others did this. When I encounter someone I feel is fake a void in the spot their in opens up and it’s like nothing’s there, I can hear the word among the conversation I just can’t see the person. My copping mechanism
    Edit: I should also say I give everyone a chance before the void eats them

  24. Avatar of Debra Pry

    As an empath I try to see the best in others…
    Not everyone has your same heart,
    Or is on your journey..
    Getting in touch with self is necessary.. No one knows self better than self..

    1. Avatar of Ari Debo

      Always maintain a conscious personal inventory of my own state of being. This allows a filter of sorts to begin working and I find I am able to leave an environment and peel away what I did not enter with while remaining grounded .

    1. Avatar of Debby Newton

      considering sometimes I’m a bit of a telepath and finish people’s sentences, sometimes it makes people really mad when you look at people andsmile and say “BS”

    2. Avatar of Jacynta

      That’s definitely why I hide mine. In fact the more I shut it off the worse I get, but denying yourself the ability only makes it worse because you’re still getting aspects of it, but only the negative.

      I am a telepath, but I am also mainly a conductor. Have you ever been listening to the beat of a new song and your fingers ‘tip tap’ away to it as if you knew it ll along? 🙂 It’ wonderful if you can find ways of playing with it other than with people’s minds. Though, I’m tiring to get back to the state I was 6 months go myself. So I understand the struggle!

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