What Happens When You See The Narcissist After No Contact?

you see the narcissist

So, you went no contact with a narcissist, either because you left them or they left you. In any case, you decided that you’ve had just about enough of a toxic relationship and you finally decided to make the commitment to yourself: you have gone no contact, once and for all.

No Contact is a coping technique that is practically required to heal after narcissistic abuse. It involves removing yourself from the narcissist’s life. You stop seeing, speaking to, and interacting with the narcissist.

This allows you to clear your life of the negative energy they bring into every room so that you have the space you need to heal without dealing with the toxic influence of your former personal tormentor.

Now, for the record,  you might have gone no contact with a partner or former partner, or maybe it was a family member or a friend. In any case, initially, you might find yourself on the “pink cloud” that many people report they experience during narcissistic abuse recovery.

Pink Clouding In Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

“Pink clouding” is a term that is used to describe the feeling of elation that many addicts and alcoholics feel shortly after detoxing and moving into sobriety. I first heard it used in our community by Kim Saeed.

When you’re on the pink cloud, you will feel excited and hopeful in ways you didn’t before, and things in your life might seem to be moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

Unfortunately, there’s one big problem with the “pink cloud” syndrome – and that is quite simply that it can make us dangerously overconfident in one way: we might think we’re fully recovered when we’re actually just beginning.

The worst part is that this overconfidence can sadly lead to what I call a sort of “relapse” where we fall back in with the narcissist. For example, when you first leave a narcissist, you can start to see the possibilities of a life without constant control and codependency.

The pink cloud is very common for survivors of narcissistic abuse who have just gone no contact. We are often so relieved that we aren’t dealing with the everyday stress of dealing with a narcissist’s drama and mind games that we don’t even consider the possibility that we’ve still got some work to do before we can say we’re truly healed and ready to move forward.

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Unresolved Trauma In Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

When you do go no contact, you might find yourself feeling totally liberated and free. This is an amazing feeling! But being in a relationship with a narcissist will leave you with a whole bunch of unresolved trauma that you’re going to need to work through if you’re going to create the life you really want and deserve for yourself.

The trauma you experienced manifests itself in trauma bonding, which is a condition that causes you to develop a psychological dependence on the narcissist while you’re in the relationship with them.

It is sort of a survival strategy that many survivors develop during these toxic relationships, but it also makes recovering much more difficult afterward as you’re literally addicted to the narcissist and the toxic relationship in the same way as an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol or a drug addict is addicted to their drug of choice.

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That means that even if you logically know you aren’t interested in having the narcissist in your life anymore, there is some part of you that will have a hard time saying no if the narcissist is able to contact you once the relationship ends.

This is exactly WHY we recommend that you go no contact if possible when you end a relationship with a narcissist. (Of course, if you have kids together, you might need to just go low-contact, where you use the gray rock method to avoid drama, and where you only communicate about the business of raising your child, without emotion – and only as absolutely necessary).

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  1. I loved this article! I went no contact for 10 months & one day while driving, I just happen to see my ex walking down the street.. I freaked out, flipped him off & then thought to myself.. STOP! You need to go talk to him! .. I turned my truck around, said a prayer asking God to help me to stay calm & to say the right things. I sat there sorta reving my diesel truck engine, watching him cower behind his friend, looking as if he was trying to hide, & barely looking my direction. Lol. I knew he knew it was me! I pulled up behind them, and he ran up onto the sidewalk, immediately turned around & said… “Hey, Nice truck.. really nice!” He already knew I had this truck! Then he complimented me on how great I looked.. wow! And then he basically just started bs-ing, rambling on & on about, well… nothing! I stopped him, mid sentence & said.. “I didn’t actually stop to catch up with you. I saw you & figured I’d stop & tell you, that I forgive you for all the crap you did to me. I just thought you should know that.” He was like, “All the crap, I did to you?.. Ha ha ha, it’s more like all the crap you did to me!” And I calmly replied.. ” Well, I didn’t stop to debate with you either. So, maybe you need to get your sh** together & make something out of your life.” He then proceeded to bitch and moan about how his life is all screwed up because of his parents & on & on he went.. I told him, I needed to get going. He asked for a ride. I said No. He asked me for some money. I said No. I said good-bye & then I drove off. I had a smile on my face, & I didn’t even look back, at him through my rear view mirror! Done! It felt great & it was so healing for me!! We were only together for 8 months. He was Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Verbally, Psychologically & Financially Abusive. I don’t know all of the terminology, but he was a very resourceful Sociopath/Narcissist. (It did take me another 10 months & probably 15+ attempts to finally escape safely!) I went back to my hometown & sought help there. I got Counseling, went to support groups, & then was able to get safe at a very confidential Domestic Violence Shelter. I did a lot of inner work & was educated on the cycle of abuse. I’ve healed a lot of trauma & still continue counseling & work on healing daily. I am also a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate now & I’m helping bring awareness to what abuse is. I want to eventually go on the road and share my story. Because, my life was a “Mess” & now I’m turning it into a “Message”… One of love, joy, healing & hope! TLC

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