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How To Get Your Ex Back Using The No Contact Rule

How Get Your Ex Back Using No Contact Rule

If you want your ex to come back to you and whisper sweet nothings into ears, going no contact is your best bet. By cutting off all communication with your ex, you will find some time to manage your thoughts and emotions and give your partner some much-needed space. But will no contact make them forget you? Will it make them move on?

Will no contact make a guy move on?

If you don’t know what the no contact rule is, we’re about to talk about it and I’m going to tell you whether or not he’s going to forget about you if you use it.

The question is, will no contact make him move on?

The no contact rule is the concept that I published about many years ago and it’s actually widely misunderstood.

Right upfront, I’m going to tell you that guys don’t just forget about you. I’ll just tell you that right now. Men are very heartfelt— just as much as women are. But you’re right if you’re wondering if the no contact rule might mess things up.

So what is the no contact rule?

Will no contact make him move on or lose interest in you?

Simply stated, the no contact rule is used during a breakup or if you’re having a time out with your boyfriend in a relationship.

This is where you and he have decided to take a little break from the relationship or after the things have ended. We use this no contact rule so that you don’t scare him back off again if you showed up at his house three days after you decided to take your break.

So, why use the no contact rule in the first place?

We use the no contact rule so that you don’t scare him back off again.

If you show up at a guy’s house three days after you decided to take your break, he’s going to feel that you’re being a little pushy and insecure.

You know what? He’d probably be right.

The key to getting your ex back is that you have to give him more space than he actually wants right in this moment.

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What you’re doing with no contact is setting things up to return to the relationship later.

The only way this guy is going to want to come back into your loving arms is if he sees that you’ve actually changed a little bit and you’re different after this no contact break than you were before.

He has to see this change in you. The reasons are:

1. You’re letting him cool off a little bit during this whole no contact session.

If he broke up with you or if he’s the one who asked for a break, he’s feeling very activated and you need to give him a chance to chill out.

2. You’re raising his response potential.

By building up some anticipation in him, he’s going to be much more responsive to you when the time comes around.

3. He has to feel your absence.

Directly related to number two is the fact that every day that you’re not around him, his emotions and memories are going to keep nagging at him that something is missing and not quite right.

That something, of course, is you.

Frankly, most people don’t really understand how to use the no contact rule in the right way.

It’s not that you are just going to cut him off and hope that he comes running or crawling back to you. You have to know how to do no contact in the right way.

But first, let’s dive into this fear no contact will make him move on and destroy it once and for all.

The biggest insight you’re going to gather is this one bit right here.

Why do you think he’s going to forget about you or move on without you?

Just ask yourself this one question.

Why do you think he’s going to forget about you or move on without you?

This feeling comes from a very normal place in all of us that we don’t like to admit exists. It’s a scared little kid part of us that fears being abandoned and lost.

I also call this the “What about me?” part of our thinking and feelings.

It’s that little kid’s voice inside of us trying to get out.

No one likes the idea of being forgotten or ignored. It just plain sucks to think about that.

The reality is that our fear will always make us think that we’re somehow inadequate if we listen to what it’s saying.

Be real. Fear never tells you that you’re awesome, right?

Your fear never tells you that you deserve to have everything you want.

Fear’s JOB is to make you feel small and unworthy. It brings up your insecurities and then tells you to look them over in gory detail. The fear says, “he’s probably already dating someone else.”

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