The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves


Egopath Narcissist Circle Of Slaves

This Circle of Slaves Euler diagram shows the relevant relationships of the Slaves of the Egopath. It represents a full power structure of the Egopath’s slaves and overall informs you what to expect when an Egopath has taken over a workplace (or country) and isn’t held accountable!

Imagine a chessboard with all the chess pieces at their starting positions. It can look quite different as the game goes on, lose a few pieces, an extra queen appears. Like Chess, I am not trying to show every single type of power structure. I am showing all the pieces on the board and what rules and roles they follow.

Egopaths have different/simpler power structures for smaller systems like a family but the overall game of control they play is the same. This will provide insight into the types of people and their weaknesses that Egopaths exploit.  Not just Enablers, but a fall guy. Not just flying monkeys, but unknowing pawns.

Please note it is possible for someone to be in multiple roles. Such as a Grade A Supply that makes Excuses for the Egopath knowing what the Narcissist did. However, there are certain roles you can only be in via the Egopaths approval, such as Flying Monkey, Favorite, and Advocator.

The Circle of Slaves Diagram helps show what kind of cult/culture is shaped and maintained by a destructive kidult!!!

All 18 Roles will be covered in the following order:

  1. Egopath
  2. Enabler
  3. Follower
  4. Supply
  5. Grade A Supply
  6. Flying Monkey
  7. Tongue Biter
  8. Unknowing Pawn
  9. Excuser
  10. Dismisser
  11. Floater
  12. Favorite
  13. Scapegoat
  14. Advocator
  15. Sinker
  16. Belonger
  17. All-Giver
  18. Broken Empath

The Egopath and Their Circle of Slaves: Here Are All The 18 Roles In Detail

1. Egopath

Egopaths are Ego Diseased. But they do not suffer from this ego-sickness for it is egosyntonic. This only makes them all the more irredeemable, incorrigible, and incurable.

The Egopath is DEVOID of empathy, integrity, morals, and humanity. Anything and everything they do is to FEED THEIR EGO.  It is all they live for. Egopaths are always GUILTY of feeding their ego by controlling others as well as devaluing others to overvalue themselves. Egopaths desire and ultimately need everyone else to be their slaves.

Needing to be in control and needing everyone else to be a bigger loser than themselves is a lethal combination.  Therefore, an Egopath having authority over anything; teams, family, classroom, company, or country will ALWAYS END IN FAILURE.

They want everyone to be their slave but also not better than them in any way and yet the slave needs to do what the Egopath themselves cannot.  It is a complete contradiction resulting in a never-ending downward spiral until things get so bad the system they control and corrupt is abandoned or they are removed from power.  Or Both.

This Loser Complex within the Egopath means they need everyone to be a bigger loser than they are so they can keep deluding themselves into believing they are a winner. 

Egopaths believe life is a zero-sum game, if someone is winning, someone else must be losing. This is why they try to cause loss to others even if it means causing loss to themselves because it makes them feel like they are special and a winner. But in reality, they are total losers.

Egopaths are logical but completely IRRATIONAL. Criminal in mind, but not criminally insane. Opportunistic, predatory, and fully aware they are a predator. They are psychotic losers which only makes them even more dangerous. Anything that conflicts with their delusional beliefs must be eliminated.

They can’t handle other people succeeding more than them, they need to eliminate successful people who are actual winners. Egopaths create a maximum loss for someone in order to maximize feeding their own ego. Having anything to do with an Egopath can only lead to a loss.

Egopaths are psychological terrorists who are hellbent on the intent of causing loss to others. The Egopaths evil personality is one of weakness fueled by hatred. The Egopath lives to destroy so they can feel powerful.

No matter how many chances or how much power you give to an Egopath, it cannot change them into a Winner. They’ll only be a Loser with power; power that they will abuse and power that enables them to be even more of a loser and ultimately reveals their lack of character, integrity, and willpower.

Winners intend to cause wins and losers intend to cause loss. That’s the difference between a winners mentality and a loser mentality. Success and failure are not what make someone a winner or a loser. Success and failure come to all but it is the winner that won’t let any of it define their personalities. 

What is dependent on you being a winner or loser is if you can RESPONSIBLY HANDLE not just success but also a failure. Winners can and losers cannot. Egopaths cannot. Egopaths are Losers

Egopaths are pure evil and they will try to bring out the worst in you to make you more like them… a loser. Why? Egopaths cannot control winners. They need you to be a loser somewhere in The Circle of Slaves so they can rule over you as King of all Losers.  They are not a Ruler of Winners, they are a Loser King. All the losers who would have a loser for their king truly are losers themselves that vote against their own self-interest.

An Egopaths identity is the Mask of Perfection, a false perfect self that is perfect, always right, desired, justified, in control, and owed everything. They invent this false perfect self because they hate their real mortal flawed self.

Injuring their fragile ego exposes the truth to themselves and they will only hate themselves even more for being a fraud, for having a personality of lies upon lies. This is why the Egopath will get worse and worse throughout their life, they fear being exposed they are living their biggest lie above all else.

Underneath their Mask of Perfection is nothing more than a weak-willed, immature, hateful, self-entitled, egotistical, egocentric fraud who can’t deal with reality.

An Egopath also has a False Narrative that they want to subscribe to you. In this false narrative, they are in complete control and if they can get you to believe their false narrative is reality, they control you. You are to play by their rules in whatever role they assign you in their control game which always is to make them feel good about themselves.

Egopaths never want you to challenge their False Perfect Self or their False Narrative, if you try to correct them that it’s not real they will Ego Rage with all the fear and hatred they have to shut you up. They cannot handle any accountability or criticism.

Egopathy is the Prioritization of Feeding the Ego. The more the ego can be fed by something, the more desirable and important it becomes to have. This is why Egopaths tend to have all the Dark Triad/Dark Tetrad personality traits, each one aids in feeding their ego.

This results in the willingness and tendency to abuse others without any restraint, guilt, remorse, or empathy towards their victim(s).  And why would they have any of that?  None of that helps feed the ego.

Furthermore, Dark Triad Traits are deceptive in that they can express themselves as other traits we value by playing on your assumption everyone has some good in them. You think you see confidence, but it is arrogance. You think you see calm under pressure, but it is indifference. You think you see a person who will do the right thing, but they will do wrong if they feel they will not get caught or punished.

What you see advertised is both misleading and false. Again, The Dark Traits of Psychopathy, Machiavellian, and Narcissism can appear as positive or even altruistic traits that provide valuable deception to a psychological manipulator. Ex. Delusionally believing you deserve credit for someone else’s hard work and therefore able to take credit without actually lying.

There is nothing healthy about their Egopathy. They have no self-love, only self-hatred which they continually must direct towards others. Anything that conflicts with the false narrative or their false perfect self must be destroyed. That usually means the truth. These Egopaths try to destroy your life with lies and deceit because theirs is destroyed by the truth and evidence.

There is no real person hidden away in them. There is only the Egopath. Egopaths operate in either Overt or Covert ways depending on their situation, perception, and ability.  Covert == Mask On.  Overt == Mask Off.

The Mask is all about fooling others, that is its sole purpose. The Mask can be so convincing, victims end up trying to get that person back because Egopaths have had a lifetime of practice pretending to be something they are not. But that person never existed, it was bait to lure you into thinking they are a self-actualized human being capable of empathy or love.

They aren’t. Please understand they are committed to a personal relationship with their false perfect self and there’s no room for anyone else. There is no real person in terms of personality or identity. Take away their false self and there is NOTHING there waiting for them to look at, just nothingness. Only a black hole where some semblance of a soul or humanity should be but there is only the black hole.

You will never see their true human self because they don’t have one, all they have is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s behaviors. Both of those are products of their evil personality of weakness. A personality of lies upon lies to keep believing their false identity. Both are evil, one is simply faking being human while the other does not fake it. Dr. Jekyll is the Covert Mask. Mr. Hyde is the Overt Monster underneath the Mask.

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Egopaths are logical and all the same in certain tyrannical ways. An Egopath’s rules are as follows:

  1. I am the authority on everything (it really goes without saying, I’m the master).
  2. I am owed everything by everyone (because I am what matters most, your Master, the authority).
  3. I want it now (you owe everything to the master, remember? That includes all of your time, don’t keep me waiting).
  4. My business is ALWAYS none of yours. (I am the authority, I ask the questions and give the orders, you are the slave and it will always be this way).
  5. Be Grateful “It could always be worse” / Accept my punishment (I am justified because I know best, I am the authority, Do what I command).
  6. THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM. (I’m never to blame and I don’t have to help you EVER, you are the slave remember?).

And when they go full Dark Triad (Malignant) Egopaths there is one extra rule added

  1. You ask why…Why Not? (I will do what I want. All your reasons will be dismissed even if you answer my question. I SHIFT TO YOU NOT ONLY BLAME BUT THE BURDEN OF PROOF).

Egopaths prove you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. They would rather pretend they aren’t a loser by hurting others for the rest of their life than directly acknowledging they are a loser. Such absolute cowardice. Such self-defeat. If this isn’t what it means to be a loser, nothing does!!!

There is another word besides Egopath that is being used to describe these monsters.  Malignant Narcissist. However, the word ‘Narcissist’ does not cover the extremeness of something that is pure evil and also has nothing to do with loving yourself too much. 

‘Narcissist’ throws people off from learning and understanding. I look at it this way, I prefer someone saying “Egopath? Like some sort of psychopath?” resulting in them being open to learning about dangerous evil people. As opposed to “Narcissist?  Nah, that’s not what a Narcissist is.” which results in them becoming a teacher. And the teacher does not learn a damn thing and remains ever ignorant.

The best part of the word Egopath is the sheer self-descriptiveness of it which prevents unnecessary confusion, something the word ‘Narcissist‘ fails to do time and time again.

2. Enabler

Enablers allow Egopaths to get away with unacceptable things. Sometimes an Enabler is powerless to stop it. Most times they aren’t. There are a few defining types of Enablers, let’s dive in!

3. Follower

A follower is an enabler that trusts the Egopath. This results in siding with the guilty Egopath over the innocent victim(s). There are many types of followers the Egopath uses to have their way with their victim(s).

4. Supply

The Egopath maintains its massive yet fragile ego through dominating and receiving worship. It must be constant. It must be endless. Sadly, it will never be enough.

In a Family Environment, a child may decide to help the family, to make everyone feel better knowing full well they won’t be well received. They take on the family role of the Mascot/Clown. In return for being a voluntary scapegoat to make a peace offering (providing supply), they can and will gain confidence in their own abilities at making things go their way.

The Mascot role is an empowering one but depending on the child they may see it as a way to help others, or a way to manipulate others. Note that because the Mascot role is empowering to the role player, it does not belong in the Circle of Slaves, as all roles are only meant to empower one very very special entity, the great and powerful Egopath.

5. Grade A Supply

The Egopath is on their best behavior for Grade A. Initially. Then boredom sets in and a new Grade A is found, with the previous unknowingly becoming demoted secondary supply and slowly abused worse and worse.

The role of the Grade A Supply is to be lured into a false sense of security. Once lured, the Egopath grooms the victim to trust the Egopath over themselves.

The role of their victim is changing from Grade A Supply to The All-Giver. This amounts to the payoff in this psychological pump ‘N’ dump scheme, where the Egopath is done investing to earn trust, and now takes everything, including the very will to live, out of their victim.

6. Flying Monkey

Part Cheerleader Part Enforcer, all bad news, and no brain. These Lesser Egopaths are knowing and willing accomplices who live vicariously through their Master Egopath. They do as they are told and are in on it. They are just as guilty as their ringleader and deserve the same punishment.

They enforce the smear campaigns and cheer on the Master abusing others. Like friends cheering you on drinking beer at a pub/bar but instead of cheering “Drink, Drink!”, it’s “Abuse, Abuse!”. If in public the victim cries and the Master laughs, expect cheers and applause from the flying monkeys.

They also Triangulate on behalf of the Egopath, they go undercover to get dirt on the target and report back to their master any information that the Egopath can further use against said target. Ohh, double agent, too, how important and special you are Lesser Egopath, to bypass boundaries meant for the Master Egopath and violate someone’s trust. Flying monkeys are dumbed down low functioning Egopaths and shouldn’t be reasoned with, but ignored.

Flying Monkeys are low functioning Egopaths, dumbed down by their master as needed. There is a possibility a Higher functioning Egopath has teamed up, those ones fit the role of Advocator. Advocators also try to get dirt on you to personally help create Master Egopath’s false narrative. In return, they have some supply sent their way. Expect Advocators to be Covert Egopaths who have no Flying Monkeys of their own and are smart enough to not trust Master Egopath via mindless obedience.

No Flying Monkey is unaware, they are in on it. Unaware people are Unknowing Pawns. Dupes. Therefore, you cannot be both an unknowing pawn and a flying monkey. Furthermore, those who meet the All-Giver role sometimes think they were a Flying Monkey.

They never were, yes they helped the Egopath, but they never purposefully hurt others for the Egopath. You are not a Flying Monkey if you ever loved the Egopath. But if you Idealize the Egopath and want to actually be them, well, that sounds like an Egopath to me.

The turning point and key identifier of a Flying Monkey is someone that will hurt others at the Egopaths command. Flying Monkeys idolize their Master as superior so when Master does a brag storytime about destroying you and then they mention the Flying Monkey “heroics” in the ego-stroking orgy, to them it’s like being invited on stage by your favorite band member in a live concert.

This means what the Flying Monkey does for the Egopath isn’t done out of love for Master, but to stroke their own ego by seeking validation from those deemed more powerful than themselves.

Flying Monkeys are stuck in the Idealization phase with Master Egopath, if they don’t they are eliminated quickly by the Egopath who has more than enough dirt on them. The constant worship/love bombing and living vicariously through Master Egopath is what truly gives Flying Monkeys away as Egopaths themselves.

A Flying Monkey is a knowing and willing accomplice so it doesn’t matter what you say to them, they already know you’re innocent. They get Dupers Delight when the Scapegoat keeps trying to convince them and change their minds about the Scapegoat being guilty.

This game strokes their ego, don’t play it. Flying Monkeys won’t ever let on because then the game ends!!! It’s much more fun to keep upsetting you by pretending you’re guilty. Also if they fail, Master will take it out on them and punish them. Speaking of punishment, Flying Monkeys deserve the same punishment as their ringleader.

If you don’t believe that the ego-stroking orgies are real. If you just think Flying Monkeys are getting nothing out of mindlessly obeying their Master because that’s just what they do. Well, it’s time to start believing such losers can and do exist.

Flying Monkeys are committed to being just that much of a loser. Their motives are fitting for why they are such a loser. Because in their low functioning Egopath mind, they are the best thing ever, all that’s left is feeling that way and Master Egopath provides them with Supply and victims to abuse. They don’t need to think for themselves at all, even about how readily they’ll be scapegoated if needed by their Master.

Know you can always strike fear into a Flying Monkey. Eventually, the Flying Monkey(s) will approach you. After they say something or ask a question about you, instead of answering their questions, tell them directly in a calm yet stern voice “Hey, go back to your master and report you’ve failed him/her.”… Repeat as needed…

This works because they fear master, fear failing master, fear reporting to master that you said they’ve failed …. and the cherry on top is you’ve foiled their ultimate ambition, their Raison D’être… (You probably know where I’m going with this) … That’s right, their ego-stroking orgy dreams have been taken away by you. Awwww, you’re no fun to abuse!

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7. Tongue Biter

These people remain silent because they are afraid, rationally so. They know how much of a bully the Egopath is, and they know they’d be the next scapegoat if they confront the bully.

They probably have seen it happen, or maybe it happened to them long ago. Unlike the Floater, Tongue Biters have empathy and integrity. They will not be a false witness, they know what they saw and if called out, they will likely tell the truth. Some can be reasoned with and can even be temporarily secretly allied with.

In an Egopath Controlled Abusive Family Environment, the Tongue Biter role is better known as The Lost Child role. The Lost Child is likely (after many failed attempts to gain favor) to become aware there is something wrong with the family and would rather not be paid attention to avoid getting into trouble.

By staying out of trouble you can avoid more trouble. And the child learns attention becomes trouble. Thus avoidance becomes a preferred method/way of life. If the child relies too heavily on avoidance as their everything, they end up in the workplace as a Floater, afraid for the rest of their lives.

8. Unknowing Pawn

Unaware and Unprepared for the ill will and experience of an Egopath, they are easy prey to persuade/dupe into lending a “helping” hand.

In reality, pawns aid in gaslighting a victim that: it’s really the victim that is the problem, after all, Egopath said so. It’s far too common for Therapists in Couple Therapy to be tricked and take the side of a monster while further victimizing the abused much to the victim’s own horror.

Unknowing Pawns are always guilty of not asking and/or hearing both sides of the story. They never seem to question the Egopath regarding their side of the story because they are incapable of reserving judgment.

Even Empaths fall into this trap. Without prior knowledge or experiencing or witnessing the abuse firsthand, they’ll foolishly give the benefit of the doubt that what the misunderstood Egopath did was “necessary evil” or worse, try to get you to empathize with your abuser: “what would you do in their position?”.

Unsuspecting Empath parents are not immune to being won over by the Egopath dating their child. Or an Egopath in a profession giving “expert” advice.

Preventing yourself from becoming an Unknowing Pawn in someone’s Game of Control ALWAYS comes down to the same thing. Don’t give the benefit of the doubt to anyone. When you give the benefit of the doubt over someone else, you rob that someone else of a fair trial.

Giving the benefit of the doubt is the same as making an uninformed decision. Don’t leave your reasoning power to chance, stop giving the benefit of the doubt, and start reserving your judgment.

You need to develop a skill set that consists of gathering evidence and relying on evidence. Asking questions and requesting evidence is a great start and will deter manipulators. In time, you may stop being approached altogether because “you ask too many questions” or “you have a negative attitude”. This is code for a manipulator admitting: I can’t manipulate you.

As some of you may have already guessed, you are enforcing The Burden of Proof. You are ensuring the party that makes a claim is responsible for supporting it with evidence. You will no longer fall for Hearsay.

When evidence no longer matters in legal systems expect the law to be subject to the whims of those with power. It’s no different when it comes down to your mind being subjected to the whims of those with power. Evidence matters.

If claims were accepted without evidence, then every claim could simultaneously be claimed to be true. While human minds generally don’t act this way they do end up compensating in an even worse way… Once a belief is set and a contradictory claim is made, usually, the original belief is upheld as the truth and the very reason to dismiss the contradictory belief.

This works in a manipulator’s favor when they’ve been Poisoning the Well. It works because people like Unknowing Pawns don’t reserve judgment, they’re too busy trusting their feelings how they feel about you without ever considering the evidence as important.

Feelings that are fueled by all the lies they believe, yeah, you aren’t going to convince them, only confirm what they already “know” (they strongly believe it and feel they know) with their ever-expanding case of confirmation bias.

9. Excuser

These are your typical enablers who make excuses on behalf of the Egopath to Go Along to Get Along. These Sheeple are destructively conditioned by an Egopath to never criticize or question their glorious leader whose word is law and fact and the gospel truth! Why? Duh, The Egopath said so! Flawless circular logic, mmmhmmm.

An Excuser is someone who pretends to keep the peace, pretends to be neutral. But they do this hypocritically by making excuses for the Egopath. Mansplaining is a prominent example of an Excuser excusing a Misogynistic Pig/Egopath. Excusers are always guilty of “explaining” without regard to the fact that the Explainee/The Abused knows more than the Excuser.

“If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressors.” ~ Desmond Tutu.

Typically, Excusers don’t care about:

  • What you say, so what can you say that would change their mind?
  • Evidence, so what can you show that would change their mind?
  • Logic or Rationality, so what logical or rational argument would change their mind?

These questions all have the same answer. Nothing, it’s a lost cause. There is nothing you can say, show, or do to change an irrational person’s mind once it is made up.

Don’t waste your time trying to educate an Excuser, they have already made up their minds and will be offended, especially if proven wrong.

Correct a wise person, expect to be thanked. But correct a fool, expect to be HATED. Going around trying to correct and even succeeding in correcting these fools will only make them hate you more which is a win for the bad guy. Find out who is in power and who is wise, they are worth your efforts.

10. Dismisser

Dismissers don’t know what the Egopath is really like, just like an unknowing pawn. Dismissers won’t make excuses on behalf of the Egopath’s behavior, they know nothing of it. However, they are always guilty of making excuses for THEMSELVES to justify their dismissiveness.

The Dismisser shares traits of an Unknowing Pawn and an Excuser. Their unique behavior comes from misplaced trust, unlike the Floater who acts out of fear. A Dismisser’s trust has been deceitfully “earned” by the Egopath.


The Dismisser has been Idealized/Complimented/Befriended/Charmed/Fawned over/Sycophanted up to by the Egopath. The Dismisser ends up BLINDLY trusting the word of the Egopath assuming they’re A-Okay and will dismiss the other side’s story with complete indifference.

Dismissers won’t believe you because they don’t trust you. You haven’t earned their trust. Your side of the story doesn’t matter, they are indifferent to it and it will be dismissed. They won’t even consider helping you because it’s your problem, not theirs. Oh, does that seem dismissive to you… that’s because it is dismissive.

The Dismisser doesn’t care about both sides of the story, only who can be trusted. “My trust determines who is right! Whoever I trust more has the correct story, duh!“. This Blind Trust based on the bad reasoning of “whoever I trust more must be more trustworthy” is a form of Blind Loyalty. Something the Egopath will bank on to get away with their schemes.

A telltale sign of this is when Dismissers say “You’re just complaining.” to get out of it or simply walk away from you. They already made up their mind, they aren’t interested, they don’t believe you. They are dismissing your very real report of abuse.

The Dismisser is always guilty of ONLY giving the benefit of doubt to the trusted Egopath while giving NO benefit of the doubt towards the victim. They won’t investigate because they don’t care. They don’t care because they have no empathy for those they don’t trust.

Dismissers lack critical thinking skills and ultimately fail to do due diligence when it comes down to it. And the victim always pays the price for that.

If a Dismisser knew what the Egopath did and still made excuses on their behalf, they’d be an Excuser. If they blindly followed any of the Egopath’s orders, they’d be an Unknowing Pawn. If they followed knowingly and willing and stupidly continued to trust the Egopath, they’d be a Flying Monkey.

If a Dismisser is given solid evidence or you become more trusted than the Egopath, they will stop believing the Egopath over you. But ask yourself, can you out-sycophant the Egopath? If yes then ask yourself, is it really worth it?

11. Floater

These turds float around, hence the term floaters. They operate from a victim mentality and are devoid of empathy and integrity… they would be a Flying Monkey if they weren’t such cowards.

Floaters try to stay out of the conflict by just floating around but ultimately won’t protect the victim if questioned. This means Floaters cannot be relied upon to do the Egopaths bidding, but the Egopath can count on a Floater being intimidated.

Floaters are enablers because they are and will always be guilty of bearing false witness in favor of the bully, for they fear the bully more than the victim.

Egopaths learn who the Floaters are as part of their prep work, this gives a distinct advantage with the knowledge they can do bad things to someone not just in private, but in front of these Floaters with impunity.

The Floater makes the choice effortlessly to not stand up to an Egopath and instead backstab the victim by not being honest with their testimony. They will never back the victim up as long as they fear the bully more. Snitches end up in ditches. Better you than me. Did I mention that Floaters are cowards?

Additionally, Floaters abuse any position of power they have by generally trying to cheat the system with avoidance. Ex. Call Desk worker taking the latest morning shift and the earliest lunch break before lunchtime and coming back just at the start of official lunchtime when no one is calling in to avoid working the busy hours.

Floaters as bosses are almost as bad as an Advocator boss. These weak fearful bosses truly push Hanlon’s Razor to its limit: “Don’t assume malice when stupidity is an adequate explanation. At least, not the first time.”

In truth, Floaters end up being guilty of both. Floaters try to act aggressively to intimidate workers into being afraid because they can’t do any better than that due to their own constant doubts, fears, and incompetence. The silver lining is Floaters don’t try to gain your trust through lies because they lack confidence from their constant doubts, they aren’t quite as malicious or manipulative as an Advocator.

Floaters are notorious for backstabbing and blaming others but they generally don’t plan it out in advance how to lie and who to blame like an Advocator.

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12. Favorite

In an abusive family environment, The Favorite is known as The Golden Child and they are an Egopath in training.

Not all succumb to it, but rest assured the Golden Child behaviors of abuse are not only dismissed but rewarded… as long as it isn’t against the Egopath. While rare, the Egopath may have a Favorite outside of the family, perhaps in the workplace as their “trusted” Go To Person or their Right Hand Man.

However Favorite/Golden Status is short-lived in the workplace, as the power dynamic changes constantly. It is not uncommon for the Favorite to be replaced and demoted to Scapegoat in the workplace. Egopaths are fully aware it is far more socially acceptable to replace you with a new Favorite in the workplace than replace their children in their family.

Any Favorite’s feelings of Betrayal give immense satisfaction to the Betrayer who is done using them (for a bit anyway).

The Egopath now wants to establish a new power dynamic where the ex-Favorite tries to gain back their status, forever chasing that carrot. An attempt to put you in The All-Giver role as a punishment to use you up. 

Just because you are being devalued doesn’t stop the Egopath trying to get the most out of you, in fact, devaluing you does the opposite, they now demand more and it’ll never be good enough. It’s safe to say the ex – Favorite will never get their status back because that’d be boring and a perceived loss of control and egopathic supply for the Egopath because they decided you are no longer their winning slave, their favorite slave.

Any attempts made to change back an Egopath’s opinion of you will only feed their ego. In their delusional mind, they have a logic loop constantly on repeat that goes something like: “Only I am allowed to decide, only I am in control, not you, there’s nothing you can do to change my mind, hah, work harder slave, work as hard as you can, but there’s still nothing you can do about my power because”.

The sooner the ex-Favorite understands they aren’t dealing with a rational, normal, and cooperative human being but a manipulative and malevolent individual abusing their position of power over them, the sooner they can spend their energy elsewhere on efforts that will benefit them in the workplace or otherwise.

The ex-Favorite CAN be promoted back to Favorite IF ALL of the following criteria are met.

  1. There is a vacancy for the Favorite role.
  2. The ex-Favorite has not deemed a threat, devalued supply means useless but that opinion changes like the wind because,
  3. You are the best option available and,
  4. The Egopath is out to impress someone by piggybacking on their chosen champion.

Please note no amount of effort on the ex-Favorite is needed to be promoted back, as no amount of effort from the ex-Favorite ever mattered. You can be kicked upstairs from circumstances alone, use that to your advantage.

I’m speaking from personal experience, an Egopath will pretend like nothing happened and you get to be the Favorite again. Ex. Your boss’s boss gets fired, you become ex-Favorite of the boss, you Grey Rock to remain as non-threatening as possible until a new boss’s boss is hired, when that happens the boss praises you to your bosses boss and now you’ve been promoted back to Favorite.

The Favorite is usually guilty of needing those in a position of power over them to have and continue to have a high opinion of them (employee to boss, student to teacher, child to parent). This desire alone isn’t a problem, but it should be a want and not a need.

When the desire is prioritized as a need it becomes a problem that an abuser exploits in order to manipulate the Favorite. Know with confidence that you can’t win them back because they’re using this drama to devalue you more and feed their ego. You can’t succeed as they don’t want you to succeed with them, they’ll move the goalposts again and again while hinting “if you only worked hard enough”.

When they try to covertly coerce or blatantly force you (ex. “Better do what I say or else!”) into this drama just remind yourself no matter how delusional, incorrect, uninformed, inaccurate, contrary to the evidence, or make-believe someone’s opinion of you is, that very opinion they hold so dear, IT SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AND NOTHING ABOUT YOU.

Now someone else’s opinion of yourself becomes far less personal when you realize they never gave you a chance, never tried to get to know you or understand you. Why? All because of their own flaws. Whether they intentionally chose to or not, the fact of the matter is they failed themselves, it’s on them to see your value and worth for what it is and they failed. If they can’t see your worth accurately even when it’s as plain as day and crystal clear, they never will.

Understand you know better, you know your worth because you are living proof of it. Don’t waste your time on changing the opinions of others, deprioritize them, and prioritize your efforts elsewhere. You’ll be much happier and less frustrated.

And more productive in case your bosses boss wants to know, it helps you by letting someone higher up you can trust know when your productivity is being negatively affected by the constant nibbling of a predator telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re not doing enough.

13. Scapegoat

A scapegoat is not guilty and is blamed. But Why? Scapegoats are required by the Egopath to keep their army of accomplices “fed” and Enablers fearful of being next.

Flying Monkeys must always be thinking they are fighting an enemy, or their Egopath Master will be seen as boring and lose control. The Egopath will not let this happen and will create chaos if they have to and blame it on the victim, the new scapegoat. For enablers, the scapegoat role is required by the Egopath to “make an example of them!” to keep this whole Slave Circle intact.

The Scapegoat title is constantly being assigned to victims and even between current victims. Always someone to blame, always someone to punish, and always someone to dominate over, my flying monkeys! Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Where there are Egopaths there are scapegoats.

A band of Flying monkeys is a reliable indicator the Egopath has successfully scapegoated others in the past. The bigger the cult, the more scapegoats needed to build it that big.

14. Advocator

PURE EVIL TIMES TWO! Because one high-functioning Egopath wasn’t enough! The Advocator is another Egopath lending a “helping” boot to kick the victim when they’re down. Sharing is caring, let’s share victims to spice things up! These soulless monsters play many roles such as Propagandists, Apologists, and Spin Doctors.

They are far worse than Excusers who foolishly give the benefit of the doubt… An Advocator KNOWS the Egopath is in the wrong and actively thinks and says/writes/does things to COMPLETELY ABSOLVE THE ABUSER.

But How?

They constantly consult not just with the Master Egopath but also try to get information from the victim to discredit their side of the story and make appropriate changes to the Master Egopaths side that would catch them in a lie and EXPOSE THEM.

**These Bad Actors/ill will pretenders will throw away their existing script to rehearse a better one. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story where they’re the hero/victim, but never the villain!**

Though an Advocator appears as a friend to the victim, they too are a spy for the Master Egopath… Just like a Flying Monkey, but more deceiving.

The one thing all Advocators are guilty of is PUSHING FALSE NARRATIVES to add credibility to the Primary Abuse-Givers Testimony and nothing but minimizing, trivializing, and malicious doubts towards the victim’s sanity and side of the story so that it cannot be taken seriously. 

Truly the sickest part of this Dark Triad Teamup™ is they get away with it preciously because it’s that unthinkable and just that unbelievable this would happen. It’s all the plausible deniability they’d ever need for committing the perfect crime of destroying a person and their credibility. Egopaths understand The truth means nothing when no one believes you.

 Advocators don’t just defend evil, they themselves falsely justify it with their own lies such as The Narcissist’s Prayer.

15. Sinker

The Sinker is someone who has good intentions but when it comes to sink or swim… There is an un-ironic reason for the name Sinker.

A Sinker is someone who causes losses to themselves and those around them. According to the Carlos Cipolla Taxonomy of Stupid, this means someone is STUPID.

“A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.” ~ Carlos Cipolla Law #5 of Stupidity

But a Sinker is not just any stupid person. A Sinker is a DETERMINED stupid person which maximizes the danger. The more determined, the more dangerous, and the more damage done.

The Sinker acts on emotion, what they feel is a good idea surely is! Get them emotionally invested and they’ll be easy pickings. Not once does critical thinking play a role in their decision-making process, only gut feelings, only emotion.

The Sinker wants to increase their social standing and so do things to help or to look awesome. But it doesn’t help, it hinders. The more they feel they need to do, the more they do, and the more damage these walking disasters cause. Hurricanes are named after human beings, Sinkers offer us a reason as to why.

An Egopath learns early on how to use people to determine their upcoming role. Play your part for Master! The Egopath will inevitably notice the Sinkers and will weaponize their stupidity to sabotage the chosen target(s) of said Egopath.

It’s a very deceptive and effective warfare tactic. With no risk to the cunning mastermind. Is a cannonball actually malicious? No, it is the Egopath who fired the cannonball TO SINK your ship.

What about a Bomb in your submarine, is it malicious? No, it is the Egopath that planted the bomb TO SINK you and to keep you down.

Are concrete boots malicious? No, it is the Egopath who chained you to them and threw them into the river TO SINK you.

The Egopath doesn’t need the Sinkers’ trust, all the Egopath needs are the Sinker to do what the Sinker does best. Take everyone around them down with them. In a work or school setting, guess who the Egopath is going to team you up with if they get this chance to drag you down. That’s right, a Sinker.

Sinkers are going TO SINK your chances of success. You will sink time, energy, and patience into them and it won’t change a damn thing. They’ll break things you need and do things at the worst possible moment.

You’ll find it easier to do their work for them because it’s less work than correcting and redoing their existing work. In case you’re wondering where you’re being sunk/dragged down by the Sinker, I offer you this hint: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And that’s Step 1 of an Egopaths plan! Oh no, it doesn’t end there, the Egopath knows the poison pill you’ve been fed, knows the disadvantage they’ve given you… the opportunistic predators will, without a doubt, strike while the iron is hot. While you are weak. Kick you while you are down. All is fair in love and war.

The Egopath is ready if you try to hold accountability to the Sinker so they can show up as the HERO to your wicked villainy, you Villain you!

The Sinker will, of course, feel the Egopath is right and certainly won’t take any accountability. The Sinker will see you as the villain, themselves as the victim, and the Egopath as the hero, as the voice of reason and justice.

The Sinker becomes a follower as they trust the Egopath on this. By doing so, the Sinker also gets to be what is known, in politics, as The Useful Idiot. All of this was planned from the start, the Egopath set you up to fail. Sink. Sank. Sunk.

The Egopath uses a Sinker to stack the deck. To look better than the competition through sabotage. While you’re busy being distracted putting out metaphorical or real fires started by the arsonist of accidents, the Egopath has been rather busy with their own free time.

Egopaths KNOW Sinkers only make things worse. The Egopath drops these human bombs on others to decrease their morale, productivity, and reputation. And while the opposition is overwhelmed by incompetence, the Egopath is busy enacting their slanderous smear campaign against the target they want going.

If the Egopath gets the Sinker back, the Sinker will quickly go back to being a Scapegoat for the Egopath. Gone will be the days/hours of the Egopath defending the Sinker. To any Egopath, Sinkers aren’t a rare commodity in the workforce.. go ahead, fire this one… you’ll just get another because The Hiring People will repeat the same mistakes, the hirers aren’t the people getting fired after all.

Double bonus if the Egopath already gets a say in the hiring process. Or who gets to bring in a Sinker who’s a Consultant. That’s always fun… for the Egopath.

16. Belonger

“True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness.  True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are” ~ Brene Brown on True Belonging

There were two reasons I chose the role to be named The Belonger.

  1. The role players desire or needs are exploited in a way where their NEED TO BELONG becomes their only priority. This leads to them ending up in a fantasy prison for their mind.
  2. And this is the real secret reason. Because you end up belonging to the Egopath. They own you after they destroy your original personality and shape your new one. A Belonger belongs to someone else. The very definition of a slave.

The Belonger role is meant to mind wipe the role player’s personality and to replace it with a more “compatible” personality. One that doesn’t questionOne that worships, lives for and lives vicariously through Master Egopath. 

Anytime someone ends up in a Belonger role, the Egopath is guilty of attempting Destructive Mind Control. The Belonger role is specifically made to maximize the attacker’s chances of success. Consequently, this also means maximizing the defender’s chances for FAILURE.

Brainwashing is a far less powerful form of mind control. Brainwashing is about instilling an “Attitude” in you that is to be the only attitude you have when needed. Usually brainwashing involves a trigger word or phrase like “Think Positive” or “You have a Negative Attitude”. Brainwashing is about forcing an attitude adjustment at will, to force your attitude into what the manipulator desires.

Usually, this means invoking an obedient and submissive attitude which will HUA (Hear, Understand, Acknowledge) and then execute any orders unquestioningly. But an attitude can be modified in every way: the behavior, who it is intended for, and even disable it entirely given time and effort. The personality of the brainwashed remains intact, as it was an attitude problem, not a personality problem.

Whereas Destructive Mind Control is WAY MORE than forcing an attitude. Destructive Mind Control is all-encompassing. Attitudes, Beliefs, Mentality, Mental States, Identity, Thoughts, Emotions, and overall Personality are targeted. The entire psyche is under attack.

No stone was left unturned. If it succeeds it will wipe out the existing personality and shape a new personality that is completely obedient without question.

Destructive Mind Control causes irreversible damage meaning it is impossible to go back to the original personality because it is destroyed. That’s the problem and it is far more severe than deprogramming an attitude and any trigger words to activate said attitude.

The end goal of Destructive Mind Control is they not only control your mind but on your mind too. They own you. For the rest of your life.  Owning you is about them being the ONLY ONE who controls you. No one else, just the Egopath to really stroke their ego.

Regardless of the range of variations, the complex attack follows the same three stages defined by Kurt Lewin who earned his status as the founder of social psychology. The Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze model. It provides the bare bones that so many other change methodologies utilize, like ADKAR by Jeffery Hiatt, a personal favorite of mine.

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Here Are The 3 Attack Stages of Destructive Mind Control

Stage 1

Goal: Unfreeze

Attack Class: Over-Engagement

This stage is all about finding, creating, and maximizing vulnerabilities. This includes putting you in a mindset that is more agreeable, more open to their influence.

This is achieved by overwhelming/over-engaging the brain. Our brains have a vertical hierarchy. And the r-complex is King. When our brain is overwhelmed/over-engaged, our brain starts eliminating wants and desires and focuses on needs such as survival. It’s an evolutionary trait we have that acts as a failsafe.

Ex. When the bushes made noise in the dark, those without a fear response would be curious and head on over to possibly be eaten. Whereas those that got spooked and hid got to live another day, even if it was just some harmless birds. Natural selection does not favor the fearless in this case.

Now, there is a sweet spot of over-engagement where the Neo Cortex “shuts down” but you aren’t in fight or flight mode aka your basic mammal emotions are very much prioritized. Think of it as binge-watching a TV show or riding on a rollercoaster, you are living in the moment and a common symptom is losing track of time. Time flies when you are having fun… Well, your perception of it.

Inducing the sweet spot mind state is necessary for the attacker to exploit said sweet spot mind state. This is why there is so much intensity or things that seem to be moving too fast, it gets the results the attacker is after which is reaching stage 2.

Stage 2

Goal: Change

Attack Class: Destructive Conditioning

This stage is where the manipulator starts destroying you on a personal level. Say goodbye to your hopes, dreams, and your very personality. This is as personal as it gets.

Usually, during Stage 1 you’ve been isolated from other influences. This may also include having your reputation slandered by the very person you still believe cares most about you. That is done to maximize the speed and success of Stage 2. The sooner you are destroyed the sooner Stage 3 can begin. Opposing influences must be eliminated to make progress.

The parts of your personality that NEED to be destroyed are your own willpower and self-respect/self-love. Forget about making your own choices, about being in control, or having an opinion, all you need to do is be able to take orders and believe whatever the manipulator says is the gospel truth.

In order to eliminate these things, the Manipulator will devalue every little thing that seems to have those qualities. The manipulator will never tire of doing this as they experience a predatory euphoria of killing.

They are killing the parts of you they don’t want around. They don’t want it to be merely disabled, they want it permanently destroyed. The manipulator’s pupils will become noticeably dilated during intense devaluation, betraying their innermost desire they fully enjoy killing you. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

So they won’t stop and you won’t leave them because you are their psychological prisoner, they have you believing you need them no matter how much doubt they give you. It’s much harder to escape prison when you don’t realize it’s a prison… no awareness means there are no attempts being made to escape.

If you no longer benefit the manipulator, you will be discarded as a failure to the manipulator. In cults, those that become psychotic from psychological abuse are discarded, they were broken but not in an expected way. If you won’t obey you are no longer useful.

The devastating result of a successful attack means your willpower and self-respect are replaced with fear and doubt while thinking the manipulator will help you.

All that remains is Stage 3.

Stage 3

Goal: Refreeze

Attack Class: Fraud

It’s important to realize mind control attacks can alternate between stages, if the target no longer trusts, back to stage 1, if the target is too distracted, back to stage 2 to ruin and eliminate the target’s reasons for doing something of their own volition.

Stage 3 is all about selling the final fantasy that isn’t real. It’s about keeping you in a never-ending fantasy that is really a prison for your mind. Once inside the mental model, you are a prisoner of your own mind.

The target is desperate at this point, and low and behold, the manipulator offers “The Solution” when it’s needed most. How convenient.

The target is all too ready to live the lie. To subscribe to the False Narrative the manipulator presents. Anything to feel good again. To not be who they are anymore, this destroyed shadow of a person they once were that they no longer love.

They really have no choice, only the illusion of choice to buy into. It’s all false hope. It’s a fraud. But that doesn’t matter, all that matters is feeling like you’re worth anything again, that life is worth living again. Anything to escape reality.

Stay in Stage 3 long enough, live the lie long enough. Your role as Belonger is over. You finally have the personality the manipulator wanted you to have all along.

These evil manipulators will bring out the worst in anyone, and they’ll make it permanent if you let them. The Belonger role is how they can take a person and make them ready for the role of their lifetime, their very own Flying Monkey role.

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The Egopath’s personality is one of weakness and self-hatred. The Egopath wants to make your personality also into one of weakness and self-hatred, so you will be dependent on the Egopath forever. That is why they need to destroy your willpower and self-love/self-respect and to make you doubt and hate yourself so much you’ll listen to them.

This is why the Belonger role is downright psychologically horrifying as it is the MOST DAMAGING role to remain in.

And I don’t make that statement lightly, I rank it even beyond ALL-GIVER and Broken Empath which can result in suicide when remaining in those roles too long.

The deciding factor is not pain caused, but the sheer amount of DAMAGE the Belonger role does to a person’s psyche because of the very fact it’s not nearly as painful. No pain means no resistance to fight back and stop the damage, this can only result in more damage being done.

Destroying enough of someone’s personality essentially kills the person they once were and creates a new person. This is irreversible. Once you lose this, you’re done, forever, no continues, no retries, game over.

Advantages win wars. A psychological war is no different. As a defender, you must win at all costs or you have lost. The attacker has unlimited tries and only needs to master one attack that will be successful. This means by default the defender is at a massive disadvantage and requires advantages of their own.

Being assertive and having strong boundaries alone doesn’t mean you’re protected. Have as many strong boundaries as you like, they are all useless if they aren’t specific Anti-Slave boundaries. Ex. “I won’t stay up past 10 PM” isn’t a boundary that is going to help you here, no matter how strong it is. You need boundaries/rules/advantages specifically designed to combat being taken advantage of.

So I’ve made an advantages list that is designed to help you win any psychological war that has been forced upon you, especially if it involves defending against Destructive Mind Control.

  1. The Advantage to Ask Questions Anytime.
  2. The Advantage to Think and Decide For Yourself.
  3. The Advantage to Say No.
  4. The Advantage to Reserve Judgement / Take all the time you need to decide.
  5. The Advantage to not give the benefit of the doubt because it’s reckless to do so.
  6. To Advantage to Stay Quiet and Answer To No One (sometimes silence is golden, do not betray yourself or your weaknesses).
  7. The Advantage to Have Differing Opinions.
  8. The Advantage to Have None, One or Many Opinions.
  9. The Advantage to not participate or play along.
  10. The Advantage to place the burden of proof on those making the claims.
  11. The Advantage to Limitlessly Search elsewhere for Answers / Get Unlimited Second Opinions.
  12. The Advantage to Prioritize Yourself.
  13. The Advantage to Value Yourself.
  14. The Advantage to Make Time for Yourself.
  15. The Advantage to Trust Yourself.
  16. The Advantage to Forgive Yourself.
  17. The Advantage to Be Happy with Yourself, alone or otherwise.
  18. The Advantage to not pay the price for someone else’s mistake or problems, both physically and mentally.
  19. The Advantage to treat others as they deserve to be treated. No rewarding Negative behavior.
  20. The Advantage to choose to quit. Losers can’t quit because that requires willpower, they can only give up. Quitting is taking action and responsibility while giving up is avoiding action and responsibility. Quitting is facing reality, Giving up is doing nothing in reality.

If ANY of these advantages are at risk, you are being put at a disadvantage. Be alert of these advantages being challenged, chances are it’s the start of a manipulation attack. Especially if anyone wants you to change your mind these advantages as disadvantages you are 100% under attack and they very much want to change your mind, all of it in fact.

Your reptilian complex deals in seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, so this r-complex is great for remembering these things, all you need to do is convince your primal lizard brain that each of these is actual advantages.

I recommend you eat your favorite food while memorizing these advantages and envisioning a practical scenario where each advantage will help you. Additionally, search “Why should I ADVANTAGE” where ADVANTAGE is each advantage. Ex. Why should I reserve judgment?

These advantages are specifically designed to ensure you always achieve the goal of being your own master and knowing “I am no one’s slave.”.

Remember, what ultimately wins wars are advantages!

Let’s talk about Hard Truths. 

The kind you may find either empowering or depressing. Here Are 11 Hard Truths That You Need To Believe

1. You need to embrace your individuality. 

You can think for yourself, and that is a strength, not a weakness. A feature, not a flaw. Without this self-respect, you will fail to be the best version you can be.

Even without, you can still be a good person and please many people, but your life will be unfulfilled. You went through life, but you didn’t live it on your own terms. Embracing your individuality means you’ll fight for yourself because you care enough about yourself.

2. Your consent isn’t needed to destroy your soul. 

If you think your personality or soul is safe as long as you don’t sign it away …Think again! Destructive Mind Control involves destroying the willpower in your personality. This weakens your personality.

Your personality becomes easier to destroy and shape. It’s pure evil, a personality destroyed means that person is effectively murdered. You don’t have to sell your soul to anyone for them to take it away from you bit by bit.

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3. Willpower alone is not enough. 

No amount of willpower will make your willpower immune to being slowly and completely dissolved away by destructive mind control. The only thing more willpower gets you is more time and effort on the manipulator’s part to destroy it.

4. Assertiveness/Confidence alone is not enough. 

No matter how assertive or confident you are, doubts are constantly entering your mind, courtesy of the Destructive Conditioning in Destructive Mind Control. The only thing more confidence and assertiveness get you is more time and effort on the manipulator’s part to destroy it.

5. Leaders produce leaders. Bosses produce Followers. But Evil … Evil turns others into slaves.

6. Just because someone is being friendly doesn’t mean they’re really your friend. 

7. Forgiveness is only right when waiting for what we’re owed comes at too high a cost. 

8. Strong Boundaries that do not directly combat being taken advantage of being useless. 

Yes, if it’s not specific Anti-Slave boundaries, it will be allowed or circumvented and overall be 100% useless.

9. Brainwashing is reversible but Destructive Mind Control is Irreversible.

10. People on their deathbed regret Belonging over embracing their Individuality. 

When a survey was done about the regrets of the dying, people regretted what they didn’t do in life. The number one regret was “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”. All these people wished they were more of an individual. More of a Leader and less of a Follower.

I speak from my personal experience, once you embrace your individuality you really don’t worry about trying to belong. You become your own Master. And this brings to light the next truth.

11. The truth is you shouldn’t be anyone’s slave. 

Because no one deserves to be your master except you. That is what being an individual is, and to lose that is to lose everything.

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Let’s talk about Willpower.

Willpower is generated from self-love. If you don’t care about yourself, you cannot fight for yourself as you lack the willpower to do so.

Egopaths put an enormous amount of effort into being the biggest losers ever possible.

It is easy to assume someone’s amount of effort is a reliable measure of their willpower. But that assumption proves false. From this assumption, we draw a false conclusion, that an Egopath can change if they only redirect all that misguided effort. But the choices behind the efforts are the problem. These choices all lack or are devoid of willpower.

  • How much willpower does it take to not face the truth?
  • How much willpower does it take to be an addict?
  • How much willpower does it take to abuse someone that can’t fight back?
  • How much willpower is needed to abuse your position of power over others?
  • How much willpower does it take to feel you are owed everything?
  • How much willpower does it take to feed your ego by devaluing others to overvalue yourself?
  • How much willpower does it take to never admit you were wrong?
  • How much willpower does it take to backstab someone you pretended to care about?
  • How much willpower does it take to keep hating someone FOREVER and endlessly think about ruining and attempting to ruin their life?
  • How much willpower is needed to have your word mean NOTHING?
  • How much willpower does it take to be immature or unprofessional or both?
  • How much willpower does it take to never be personally responsible and personally accountable?
  • How much willpower is needed to not take action on what you don’t feel like or want to do?
  • How much willpower is needed to be a complete and total loser?
  • How much willpower do you need to be evil?



That is the secret. That they have no willpower.  Because they have no self-love to generate willpower.

Believe it or not, anyone can become evil because being evil requires no willpower. And I think that is the secret, once your willpower is gone, you cannot stop yourself from being evil when tempted.

Let’s talk about Collectivism.

Collectivism is inherently evil due to the mandatory slavery it enforces.  Collectivism requires sacrificing your individuality for the group as if they’re owed to collect this from you. A glorified mob rule.

“If you look at all forms of collectivism, be it communism or fascism, people are reduced to animals.” ~ Jack Larson

Yet another reason Flying Monkeys is an accurate label… Animals are something we consider ok to own, like property. Think about what that means. Collectivism has to dehumanize individuals to falsely justify ownership of said individuals, it must also convince followers they are doing the right and altruistic thing by sacrificing their individuality, usually, this involves trickery like cult-loaded language to “repent for your sins” of being a human being.

It turns out The Belonger role is a product of Collectivism being enforced by the manipulator. That’s their cult ideology they attempt to have you follow no matter the flavor.

All Flying Monkeys are Belongers, but not all Belongers are Flying Monkeys. Think of it like religious people and religious extremists. Neat how the word ‘people’ is removed when we describe extremists….

Collectivism is needed to keep someone weakened and therefore trapped in the Belonger role.

Collectivism is the notion that giving away responsibility for our lives to some group or somebody of authority as if we must belong to a cult, is the way to make sure everything will be OK. Belonging always feels so good at the start.

But you end up belonging to a Master. Instead, be your own Master and embrace your individuality.

“No man is free who is not master of himself” ~ Epictetus

In an Egopath controlled abusive family environment, The Belonger role can be fulfilled by children taking on their own child roles, but each child role remains detrimental to their personal development as an individual as they must remain easy prey for idealization to further manipulate them which means never achieving individualism/self-respect/self-love.

  1. Hero/Responsible Child – sacrifices her emotions, even happiness, for the group.
  2. Caretaker/Placater – sacrifices self-respect and boundaries for the group.
  3. Mascot/Clown – despite being empowering to the role player, developing self-love and self-respect are neglected and punished due to the mandatory collectivism. The child puts too much self-worth on the group being happy instead of themselves, never prioritizing themselves first.
  4. Mastermind/Manipulator – sacrifices their empathy and integrity, likely to never become a self-actualized person, a Predator that is likely to be an Egopath.

It really is about control with Egopaths, even when it comes to their children. If children developed self-love then they are able to empower themselves and have a strong will of their own.

The Egopath cannot allow that as they lose control and feel it’s a loss for raising a child that becomes an independent adult with healthy self-love. Where a good parent sees that as a success, these EVIL losers see that as a failure.

“I failed to help you” is a manipulator code for “I failed to control you!”

And these very monsters can fool the courts and get custody of the children to keep doing this to them. Pure evil enslavement of the human mind.

The Belonger role allows Egopath ownership of you. They make you emotionally dependent (not co-dependent, that’s reserved for Flying Monkeys) to control how you feel, to control you, to own you.

The Belonger role conditions the role player to have overdependence and overreliance on and trust in the Egopath. This intended weakness will be exploited anytime and repeatedly by the Egopath. Egopaths want to make you their slave to do with as they please. They are perfectly happy owning you and using you as they see fit.

The Belonger is Supply. The Belonger is a Follower. The Belonger is a Slave. The Belonger is guilty of sacrificing their individuality in order to belong. BEING A BELONGER, BEING A SLAVE, IS NOT WORTH IT. NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.  EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY AND SELF-LOVE WILL COME NATURALLY.

17. All-Giver

“A Narcissist is someone who demands you give up everything in order to be their nothing. ” ~ BarbedWireNarcissism

The Egopath assigns roles to control the behavior of another. The All-Giver role is carefully utilized by the Egopath to secretly “promote” the love-bombed Grade A Supply.

It is also used as a punishment role if the Egopath deems you a threat to their fragile ego. The desired behavior the Egopath wants is what best defines this discreet role of The All-Giver and brings their nefarious ulterior motive into a clear view. Spoiler, the Egopath wants to use you up.

The name of the role All-Giver was inspired by “The Giver” or “The Naive” in Carlos Cipolla’s Taxonomy of Stupid. The All-Giver benefits others but never themselves, only losses for themselves. Most importantly, The All-Giver must incur losses in their sense of self which includes self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-identity. 

On the Circle of Slaves Diagram, the T WHMIS symbol is present on the role because The All-Giver role is toxic to your mental health. The effects are not immediate but likely to harm you in some way & may cause death if repeatedly exposed.

Egopaths are like a black holes. Egopaths take take take, and it’s never enough, EVER. Knowing this, the Egopath realizes what would benefit them is someone who will give, give, give. An All-Giver for them, the All-Taker!

If you do not behave/play this role, you have healthy and strong boundaries and the Egopath will be unable to wear you down. The Egopath NEEDS to worsen the abuse to get their next high and you won’t stay with them if you don’t lower your standards and ultimately doubt yourself.

This manipulation tactic involved here is pure evil. Here’s how this trust-betrayal abuse cycle works:

  1. The All-Giver trusts the All-Taker over themselves.
  2. The Trust is Broken by the All-Taker. The All-Giver feels betrayed.
  3. The All-Giver is blamed they aren’t giving enough. If the All-Giver says “I am trying!” then the All-Taker responds with the equivalent of “No! You aren’t trying hard enough!”. Doubt is inflicted onto the All-Giver which was the All-Takers goal all along.
  4. The doubt becomes an argument from ignorance, the king of all logical fallacies. “I don’t know if I could do more… Maybe I could’ve done more?”. The All-Giver doesn’t trust in themselves.
  5. The All-Giver is being Destructively Conditioned.

All of this amounts to one dark twisted psychological game of “King of the Mountain” that the Egopath plays. Also known as King of the Castle or King of the Hill, it is a children’s game where The King stands on higher ground to literally be above everyone else. The King must push down others to keep themself above the others. And at the end of the game, the King “wins”.

The entire relationship, any relationship, is just a game to them. Even you, you’re just a game to them. Brings a bit more understanding of the phrase “you got played”. You were played, manipulated into being an All-Giver.

The All-Givers are always guilty of prioritizing the Egopath and the toxic relationship over themselves including their mental health. The All-Giver literally gives it their all, again and again, and again and again and again ad infinitum.

But it was never enough and they keep giving. If they knew they were playing this role and its consequences, they’d undoubtedly stop their self-defeating and self-destructive behavior.

The Egopath has to win all these one-upmanship-type games. When they have “won”, they no longer have any reason to stick around a “loser” like you. The Egopath immediately claims their trophy which is stealing the credit for trying to save the relationship as they move onto their next victim within a matter of nanoseconds, discarding you (usually temporarily) out of boredom now that their game is won and now you’re no fun, you’re just a crazy paranoid ex of mine, nyah nyah nyah boo boo!

You gave up everything over and over to be there nothing. They’ll be back to see if you have something worth destroying by playing the same game again. In their eyes, you are to remain nothing forever, with them ALWAYS making sure of it. Don’t allow yourself to think you didn’t give your all, you did, you were an ALL-GIVER! If you’re giving your all to someone and it’s not enough, UNDERSTAND you’re giving it to the wrong person.

If you find yourself fighting for someone or your relationship and are still being blamed for everything. Realize that’s not healthy, you need to get away from that toxic person. You need to examine what you’ve been sacrificing so you can stop sacrificing it.

This helps you stop being lost in the role and allows you to see the true nature of someone that doesn’t really love you or even care about you. It hurts. It hurts a lot. But it’s better than hurting as a Broken Empath. You must prevent becoming a Broken Empath at all costs, no price is too great to save your very soul. Be a winner, see the gain, not the pain.

If you find yourself in the role of an All-Giver, trying to be a rescuer, rescuing them, and the relationship… I have words for you which I believe you’ll find liberating, freeing you from your mental servitude:

Egopaths aren’t broken, THEY ARE EVIL. A broken person can be fixed. An evil person cannot. An evil person causes pain, they hurt others. They do this deliberately, the chaos, the torment, the lies. A Broken person would never do any of those things because they know how it feels to be on the other side of those actions.

In short, a broken person can be saved, but an evil person CAN NOT. An evil person cannot be saved and furthermore, you will need to be saved from them. You put up with evil too long, you now owe yourself a favor, the favor is you need to save yourself. Fight for yourself.

These All-Takers won’t set limits on what they take, you must set limits on what you give. Don’t let your feelings for the person you WISH they stopped you from setting these limits. If it helps, do you really think the person you WISH they were wouldn’t be ok with you having healthy limits on what you give? Face it, they’d be happy you respect yourself. Stop being an All-Giver.

The only person you need to forgive is yourself for not knowing such evil losers existed. The Egopath tries to turn you into a loser, they don’t feel sorry, they aren’t hurting over this, they don’t deserve any of your forgiveness.

Your feelings are real but the person you loved was all an act to gain your trust only to betray you over and over. The only thing real about Egopaths is that they are a real piece of crap. So much so that we’d all be better off if this black hole incarnates buzzed right off to infinity and beyond! So beyond they are exiled out of our existence, never to take from anyone ever again with their psychological warfare.

18. Broken Empath

The Broken Empath is the Egopath’s ABSOLUTE, BIGGEST, AND ONGOING VICTORY. Egopaths are not below killing people, but murder isn’t the most satisfying victory to the Egopath.

Huh, it’s not?

The truth is when you are dead, what more can this monster do to hurt you? The answer is nothing. The Egopath can no longer hurt you. This is a loss of control to the Egopath. It’s still a win but with losses attached.

Now, with that in mind, what could make an Egopath happier than exterminating their enemies??? How about making their every moment of existence depressing, painful, humiliating, powerless, and terrifying. Their enemies would be alive, but not well. Not well at all.

And they want to die, they want it all to end. The Egopath can taunt and tease them about it. Tempt and Torment them to it. Of course, if the enemy commits suicide or is “mercy” killed it’s the end to having more fun, but until then Mmmmm tasty tasty supply…

Broken Empaths try to cope with their living hell by trying to numb themselves to their pain. They try to become Apathetic, Nihilistic, and any other way to not care anymore. They fear that if they do, it’ll just be more painful.

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome / Narcissist Victim Syndrome is a very soft language way of saying: 

You’ve been so badly screwed over, you have been broken over and over until you can no longer be put back together. You believe you are dead and empty inside because you gave up everything for a dream that in the end, you had to give up on as well because it wasn’t real, ever. Giving up is all you can do now because it is all you have left, everything else has been taken from you.

They give up feeling. Too Painful.
They give up trying. I’m Powerless.
They give up hoping. I’m Terrified.
They give up being themselves. I’m ashamed of who I’ve become.
They give up on happiness. Depression sets in.

The Egopath wins their biggest victory when an Empath is Broken by them.

The Broken Empath has a loser mentality, the extreme version of a victim’s mentality. Unable to heal from all the abuse taken, they remain a broken mess unable to help anyone including themselves. Doomed to walk the Earth without ever being happy again.

The Broken Empath is a power supply for the Egopath. But the benefits for the Egopath don’t end there. Broken Empaths are also an effective example to keep others in the line. Look what I did to them, yeah, I’ll turn you into that if you anger me.

The Broken Empath only ends up confirming the Egopaths made up a story that a Broken Empath is just a crazy person, maybe one of many Crazy Exs! The Egopath knows how the Broken Empath reacts and will fabricate a story with ease when needed. In this tragic way, the Broken Empath is being used to strengthen the deceptions of the Egopath.

The Broken Empath warnings are repurposed by the Egopath into an invitation for their new prey, showing off what a heart of gold Master Egopath has looked after someone so paranoid and crazy.

The saddest truth is the Broken Empath is living proof you can’t help people that can’t help themselves. Who has given up on themselves?


I want people to laugh but I also want people to know I’m not joking when I say Egopaths are soulless meat suits. They are devoid of empathy, integrity, morals, and humanity. Again, Broken Empaths are living proof my words are true. Only a soulless evil monster could break someone so badly to never be happy again.

I completely agree with Xavier from Laughing at Narc’s website that Broken empaths are in every sense the Egopaths Greatest Invention.

If only they knew sooner what they were dealing with and that Egopaths deserve nothing. Give them nothing.

I personally believe anyone can come back from rock bottom if given the support to help them back, to give them something to fight for. Like fighting for themselves, to encourage them to fight for themselves because they’re worth it, they deserve to forgive themselves. This is the badly needed self-love and self-respect they deserve but are so hurt they need help from others getting there.

To any Broken Empaths reading this: You did all in your power but you didn’t know they were an irredeemable loser. You are here because you fought ONLY for them and NEVER for yourself.

You might think not giving up was the problem, but no, you didn’t give up because you are strong. You just didn’t know they weren’t worth your time and effort. If you did know, you would have quit like a winner quits doing bad things.

Losers can’t quit because that requires willpower, they can only give up. Quitting is taking action and responsibility while giving up is avoiding action and responsibility. Quitting is facing reality, Giving up is doing nothing in reality.

You might be convinced you should give up, but that was never the solution. What you really needed to do all along was forgive yourself for not knowing what you know now. Don’t worry about trying to prove it, you know what happened. You owe yourself a favor now. You need to take care of yourself now. Take that chance to live again.

Egopath’s Goals

For those curious how I went about the diagram and definitions:

Behind each role lies Egopath’s goals. That’s the point of having a role, to achieve one or more goals. Think of the roles as ways to empower or enable or feed the ego of The Egopath. Without these roles, The Egopath loses MUCH of their power over another.

I created strict criteria to help define each role:

  • Each role must benefit The Egopath
  • Each role must be unique in the way it benefits The Egopath
  • Each role includes being guilty of doing “something”, this key identifier serves as a red flag or reliable indicator to know if someone is guilty of being in this role. Generally, the guilty deed is also unique to the role.
  • Each role can represent a false positive, but you are to treat each false positive as real. This ensures quality control on picking a key identifier to ensure as few false positives as possible. Too many false positives mean you have a flawed role defined and the role needs to be redefined or eliminated.
  • A person can be in multiple roles but some roles contradict each other so you CANNOT BE IN BOTH CONTRADICTORY ROLES AT THE SAME TIME. Again, this ensures quality control to ensure roles are flexible enough to be overlapping rather than excluding other roles
  • Some roles require Egopaths approval. Where only the Egopath can put you in that role such as Favorite and Grade A Supply
  • A Role only needs to exist in at least one power structure (or manipulation tactic) to qualify for The Circle of Slaves. Not all Egopaths have Flying Monkeys but that role is VERY REAL.
  • All roles must be based on personal experience and/or overwhelming evidence. No making up roles just cause they sound kewl, yo! Quality over Quantity baby!
  • Yeah, I’m not gonna top that last one there… oh, the roles need to be explained in such a way in which a child could understand. It’s not necessary that an adult will understand as adults are far more sophisticated in their delusions than a child.

By knowing these roles, you can now understand the odd behavior of the Egopath. They are always trying to put you in a role and attempt to modify your behavior to play a said role. This allows you to understand and expose an Egopath’s goals like never before. Which is really important to identify these toxic predators.

You need to amass evidence if you can, make friends with the higher-ups, don’t try to convince the Enablers, that’s what they want…. put yourself in as much of an advantageous position as possible. If you just let them think they’re winning, they won’t change tactics in response to being called out, use that to your advantage. They have a deadline and it’s being enforced by their ego. Everything they do is to feed their ego.

What I do know is we now have this power at our disposal. To expose an Egopath quicker than ever before!!! To never be taken advantage of again by these manipulators!!! To never play their game of control!!! My purpose behind making The Circle of Slaves was to empower the good guys for a change instead of an Egopath.

Judging by the extremely positive feedback on the work, I’d say it’s working not just as designed but most importantly, as intended.

Why learn about this game of control?

Know the rules, know your options, and know how to use the system to your advantage — Imagine the Narcissist is your toxic competition and the game is their game of control… now this advice makes perfect sense.

I think I’m in a game of control, what now?

Do not play into their game or play by their rules. In an Ego War, these losers win by you going to war in the way they expect you to, this only feeds their ego. Don’t feed their ego.

What is the most important thing to learn?

All of it is equally important to avoid being taken advantage of. These predators are opportunistic and you need to avoid giving them even the slightest opportunity because they will take advantage of it.

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves Pin
Egopath Narcissist Circle Of Slaves pin

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