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The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath Narcissist Circle Of Slaves

This Circle of Slaves Euler diagram shows the relevant relationships of the Slaves of the Egopath. It represents a full power structure of the Egopath’s slaves and overall informs you what to expect when an Egopath has taken over a workplace (or country) and isn’t held accountable!

The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves
The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Imagine a chessboard with all the chess pieces at their starting positions. It can look quite different as the game goes on, lose a few pieces, an extra queen appears. Like Chess, I am not trying to show every single type of power structure. I am showing all the pieces on the board and what rules and roles they follow.

Egopaths have different/simpler power structures for smaller systems like a family but the overall game of control they play is the same. This will provide insight into the types of people and their weaknesses that Egopaths exploit.  Not just Enablers, but a fall guy. Not just flying monkeys, but unknowing pawns.

Please note it is possible for someone to be in multiple roles. Such as a Grade A Supply that makes Excuses for the Egopath knowing what the Narcissist did. However, there are certain roles you can only be in via the Egopaths approval, such as Flying Monkey, Favorite, and Advocator.

The Circle of Slaves Diagram helps show what kind of cult/culture is shaped and maintained by a destructive kidult!!!

All 18 Roles will be covered in the following order:

  1. Egopath
  2. Enabler
  3. Follower
  4. Supply
  5. Grade A Supply
  6. Flying Monkey
  7. Tongue Biter
  8. Unknowing Pawn
  9. Excuser
  10. Dismisser
  11. Floater
  12. Favorite
  13. Scapegoat
  14. Advocator
  15. Sinker
  16. Belonger
  17. All-Giver
  18. Broken Empath

The Egopath and Their Circle of Slaves: Here Are All The 18 Roles In Detail

1. Egopath

Egopaths are Ego Diseased. But they do not suffer from this ego-sickness for it is egosyntonic. This only makes them all the more irredeemable, incorrigible, and incurable.

The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves
The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

The Egopath is DEVOID of empathy, integrity, morals, and humanity. Anything and everything they do is to FEED THEIR EGO.  It is all they live for. Egopaths are always GUILTY of feeding their ego by controlling others as well as devaluing others to overvalue themselves. Egopaths desire and ultimately need everyone else to be their slaves.

Needing to be in control and needing everyone else to be a bigger loser than themselves is a lethal combination.  Therefore, an Egopath having authority over anything; teams, family, classroom, company, or country will ALWAYS END IN FAILURE.

They want everyone to be their slave but also not better than them in any way and yet the slave needs to do what the Egopath themselves cannot.  It is a complete contradiction resulting in a never-ending downward spiral until things get so bad the system they control and corrupt is abandoned or they are removed from power.  Or Both.

This Loser Complex within the Egopath means they need everyone to be a bigger loser than they are so they can keep deluding themselves into believing they are a winner. 

Egopaths believe life is a zero-sum game, if someone is winning, someone else must be losing. This is why they try to cause loss to others even if it means causing loss to themselves because it makes them feel like they are special and a winner. But in reality, they are total losers.

Egopaths are logical but completely IRRATIONAL. Criminal in mind, but not criminally insane. Opportunistic, predatory, and fully aware they are a predator. They are psychotic losers which only makes them even more dangerous. Anything that conflicts with their delusional beliefs must be eliminated.

They can’t handle other people succeeding more than them, they need to eliminate successful people who are actual winners. Egopaths create a maximum loss for someone in order to maximize feeding their own ego. Having anything to do with an Egopath can only lead to a loss.

Egopaths are psychological terrorists who are hellbent on the intent of causing loss to others. The Egopaths evil personality is one of weakness fueled by hatred. The Egopath lives to destroy so they can feel powerful.

No matter how many chances or how much power you give to an Egopath, it cannot change them into a Winner. They’ll only be a Loser with power; power that they will abuse and power that enables them to be even more of a loser and ultimately reveals their lack of character, integrity, and willpower.

Winners intend to cause wins and losers intend to cause loss. That’s the difference between a winners mentality and a loser mentality. Success and failure are not what make someone a winner or a loser. Success and failure come to all but it is the winner that won’t let any of it define their personalities. 

What is dependent on you being a winner or loser is if you can RESPONSIBLY HANDLE not just success but also a failure. Winners can and losers cannot. Egopaths cannot. Egopaths are Losers

Egopaths are pure evil and they will try to bring out the worst in you to make you more like them… a loser. Why? Egopaths cannot control winners. They need you to be a loser somewhere in The Circle of Slaves so they can rule over you as King of all Losers.  They are not a Ruler of Winners, they are a Loser King. All the losers who would have a loser for their king truly are losers themselves that vote against their own self-interest.

An Egopaths identity is the Mask of Perfection, a false perfect self that is perfect, always right, desired, justified, in control, and owed everything. They invent this false perfect self because they hate their real mortal flawed self.

Injuring their fragile ego exposes the truth to themselves and they will only hate themselves even more for being a fraud, for having a personality of lies upon lies. This is why the Egopath will get worse and worse throughout their life, they fear being exposed they are living their biggest lie above all else.

Underneath their Mask of Perfection is nothing more than a weak-willed, immature, hateful, self-entitled, egotistical, egocentric fraud who can’t deal with reality.

An Egopath also has a False Narrative that they want to subscribe to you. In this false narrative, they are in complete control and if they can get you to believe their false narrative is reality, they control you. You are to play by their rules in whatever role they assign you in their control game which always is to make them feel good about themselves.

Egopaths never want you to challenge their False Perfect Self or their False Narrative, if you try to correct them that it’s not real they will Ego Rage with all the fear and hatred they have to shut you up. They cannot handle any accountability or criticism.

Egopathy is the Prioritization of Feeding the Ego. The more the ego can be fed by something, the more desirable and important it becomes to have. This is why Egopaths tend to have all the Dark Triad/Dark Tetrad personality traits, each one aids in feeding their ego.

This results in the willingness and tendency to abuse others without any restraint, guilt, remorse, or empathy towards their victim(s).  And why would they have any of that?  None of that helps feed the ego.

Furthermore, Dark Triad Traits are deceptive in that they can express themselves as other traits we value by playing on your assumption everyone has some good in them. You think you see confidence, but it is arrogance. You think you see calm under pressure, but it is indifference. You think you see a person who will do the right thing, but they will do wrong if they feel they will not get caught or punished.

What you see advertised is both misleading and false. Again, The Dark Traits of Psychopathy, Machiavellian, and Narcissism can appear as positive or even altruistic traits that provide valuable deception to a psychological manipulator. Ex. Delusionally believing you deserve credit for someone else’s hard work and therefore able to take credit without actually lying.

There is nothing healthy about their Egopathy. They have no self-love, only self-hatred which they continually must direct towards others. Anything that conflicts with the false narrative or their false perfect self must be destroyed. That usually means the truth. These Egopaths try to destroy your life with lies and deceit because theirs is destroyed by the truth and evidence.

There is no real person hidden away in them. There is only the Egopath. Egopaths operate in either Overt or Covert ways depending on their situation, perception, and ability.  Covert == Mask On.  Overt == Mask Off.

The Mask is all about fooling others, that is its sole purpose. The Mask can be so convincing, victims end up trying to get that person back because Egopaths have had a lifetime of practice pretending to be something they are not. But that person never existed, it was bait to lure you into thinking they are a self-actualized human being capable of empathy or love.

They aren’t. Please understand they are committed to a personal relationship with their false perfect self and there’s no room for anyone else. There is no real person in terms of personality or identity. Take away their false self and there is NOTHING there waiting for them to look at, just nothingness. Only a black hole where some semblance of a soul or humanity should be but there is only the black hole.

You will never see their true human self because they don’t have one, all they have is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s behaviors. Both of those are products of their evil personality of weakness. A personality of lies upon lies to keep believing their false identity. Both are evil, one is simply faking being human while the other does not fake it. Dr. Jekyll is the Covert Mask. Mr. Hyde is the Overt Monster underneath the Mask.

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Egopaths are logical and all the same in certain tyrannical ways. An Egopath’s rules are as follows:

  1. I am the authority on everything (it really goes without saying, I’m the master).
  2. I am owed everything by everyone (because I am what matters most, your Master, the authority).
  3. I want it now (you owe everything to the master, remember? That includes all of your time, don’t keep me waiting).
  4. My business is ALWAYS none of yours. (I am the authority, I ask the questions and give the orders, you are the slave and it will always be this way).
  5. Be Grateful “It could always be worse” / Accept my punishment (I am justified because I know best, I am the authority, Do what I command).
  6. THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM. (I’m never to blame and I don’t have to help you EVER, you are the slave remember?).

And when they go full Dark Triad (Malignant) Egopaths there is one extra rule added

  1. You ask why…Why Not? (I will do what I want. All your reasons will be dismissed even if you answer my question. I SHIFT TO YOU NOT ONLY BLAME BUT THE BURDEN OF PROOF).

Egopaths prove you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. They would rather pretend they aren’t a loser by hurting others for the rest of their life than directly acknowledging they are a loser. Such absolute cowardice. Such self-defeat. If this isn’t what it means to be a loser, nothing does!!!

There is another word besides Egopath that is being used to describe these monsters.  Malignant Narcissist. However, the word ‘Narcissist’ does not cover the extremeness of something that is pure evil and also has nothing to do with loving yourself too much. 

‘Narcissist’ throws people off from learning and understanding. I look at it this way, I prefer someone saying “Egopath? Like some sort of psychopath?” resulting in them being open to learning about dangerous evil people. As opposed to “Narcissist?  Nah, that’s not what a Narcissist is.” which results in them becoming a teacher. And the teacher does not learn a damn thing and remains ever ignorant.

The best part of the word Egopath is the sheer self-descriptiveness of it which prevents unnecessary confusion, something the word ‘Narcissist‘ fails to do time and time again.

2. Enabler

Enablers allow Egopaths to get away with unacceptable things. Sometimes an Enabler is powerless to stop it. Most times they aren’t. There are a few defining types of Enablers, let’s dive in!

3. Follower

A follower is an enabler that trusts the Egopath. This results in siding with the guilty Egopath over the innocent victim(s). There are many types of followers the Egopath uses to have their way with their victim(s).

4. Supply

The Egopath maintains its massive yet fragile ego through dominating and receiving worship. It must be constant. It must be endless. Sadly, it will never be enough.

In a Family Environment, a child may decide to help the family, to make everyone feel better knowing full well they won’t be well received. They take on the family role of the Mascot/Clown. In return for being a voluntary scapegoat to make a peace offering (providing supply), they can and will gain confidence in their own abilities at making things go their way.

The Mascot role is an empowering one but depending on the child they may see it as a way to help others, or a way to manipulate others. Note that because the Mascot role is empowering to the role player, it does not belong in the Circle of Slaves, as all roles are only meant to empower one very very special entity, the great and powerful Egopath.

5. Grade A Supply

The Egopath is on their best behavior for Grade A. Initially. Then boredom sets in and a new Grade A is found, with the previous unknowingly becoming demoted secondary supply and slowly abused worse and worse.

The role of the Grade A Supply is to be lured into a false sense of security. Once lured, the Egopath grooms the victim to trust the Egopath over themselves.

The role of their victim is changing from Grade A Supply to The All-Giver. This amounts to the payoff in this psychological pump ‘N’ dump scheme, where the Egopath is done investing to earn trust, and now takes everything, including the very will to live, out of their victim.

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