10 Signs To Spot A Manipulator and Stop The Exploitation

Signs Spot Manipulator Stop Exploitation

Do you know someone who is a manipulator, liar and abuser? Manipulators and sociopaths love to pressure and control others. Unless you learn to identify the signs of a manipulator, you will fall victim to their exploitation and doubt yourself.

The thing about manipulators, liars and abusers

Psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists are not always the sickest serial killers or maniacal tyrants. Most of the time, they look just like you and me. They can be abusers, controllers, pathological liars and expert manipulators, yet they may seem like the most charming, caring and passionate people you will ever come across. But behind that pity-seeking yet passionate mask lies a vicious predator.

Yes, they may be wildly exciting and unbelievably charming. Their natural appeal may blind you as they focus all their attention and energy on you. But just when you feel like the most important person in the world; when you start getting attracted to their deceiving charm; when you start getting attached to their toxic passion, that is exactly when they will strike. And you won’t even realize it. It will start in the most subtle way. But as their mask begins to slip and their reality starts to surface, you will begin to realize how terrifying, controlling and menacing they truly are. As you spend more time with them, you will slowly begin to identify the signs of a manipulator. But you won’t let yourself believe it as you are still blinded by their charm. Or maybe you have stepped too deep into the narcissist’s trap.

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10 Signs To Spot A Manipulator and Stop The Exploitation

The victim-savior game

Now they have manipulated you to get attached to them. Even though you constantly feel on edge when you are with them, you will desperately seek their company. They will own every aspect of your life and eventually you will begin to lose your sense of self-worth and your self-respect. You will become increasingly insecure and you will lack self-esteem making you a puppet in their hands.

Even though you may realize that they are a sociopathic narcissist, you will keep justifying their behavior. Even when you will identify the signs of a manipulator in them, you will accept their unacceptable behavior. Why? Because you will believe you can help them change. You will believe you can cure their narcissism. You will believe you can make them a better person. Believing that your love will soothe their pain and transform the savage beast into a charming prince, which you falsely believe they truly are, you will set out to rescue them from their pain. 

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And as you will set out on your epic journey of love and transformation, you will fall deeper into their abyss of abuse, lies and manipulation. Sociopaths thrive on pity, compassion and sympathy. They will use your compassion against you to get things their way. Not only will they compel you to justify their abuse, they will make you doubt yourself and feel sorry for them. Now you will fail to notice the signs of a manipulator in them. You will break down all healthy boundaries that protect yourself and your rights. And you will wholeheartedly believe that their toxic and abusive behavior is meant to help you be a better person. This is what pathological liars do. They make you believe that this is how they show you their true love for you. But all this is nothing but their manipulative scheme to have you as their source of supply to feed their brittle ego and feeble self-esteem.

The game of lies and deception

The sociopath will make you believe that you are the only one for them. And the abuse is a form of their intense passion they feel for you. Sociopathic manipulative predators can say and do anything to keep you from realizing the truth and leaving them. They will shatter your sense of self and savagely destroy your self-worth. But you need to realize that you cannot rescue them. They are not victims. They are not tortured. They are not in pain. You ARE. You need to rescue yourself first and foremost.

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10 Signs To Spot A Manipulator and Stop The Exploitation

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  1. Avatar of LizA

    No contact! Quarantine is the only way until we switch on the microwaves and fry their brains!

  2. Avatar of Alex

    50 shades og grey did not come out Feb 13 th. 2016….. That was dead pool… 50 shades was ado 2015. Once you put the wrong date i look at you as a dishonest person like a liar. You just trying to be important repeating or copy and pasting someone else’s words… That’s why there’s a wrong date.

  3. Avatar of Dyrhl

    alright…so what you say makes sence..but what you do is being discriminating because you think every sociapath or psycopath is like that.
    you said theyve got no conscience which would make them unaware…so theyre unaware that they are one of the above at first.
    Being a sociopath or a psycopath is prettymuch uncurable and for people that know that theyve got this problem the world is just a dark depressive little shade of grey cause they have no fucking idea how to communicate with people cause there are people like you that push them into these shadows.
    You can judge a book by its cover and you are one of them.

    1. Avatar of Maria

      Sociopaths are not interested in communicating , they are interested in controlling ,manipulating and getting their “supply” no matter what the consequences for other people might be . People who don’t have a ” fucking idea how to communicate” have all sorts of other problems , they aren’t sociopaths and certainly not the personification of evil like sociopaths are! You are trying to make sociopaths seem like the are “victims ” of society.( sociopathic trait!). It is THEY who put themselves in that position ,only to serve their own selfish purposes and obnoxious behaviour , not the other way round. The TRUE VICTIMS are the people who are fooled to let them in their lives and go through HELL with them , not the consciousless , cold-hearted sociopath!

  4. Avatar of Lisa Patron

    I do think that the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is glorifying a narcissistic, passive aggressive, psychopath. But this article was written a bit immaturely. In my honest opinion.

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