Narcissistic Cult: The Roles We Play In A Narcissist’s Life

Narcissistic Cult: The Roles We Play In A Narcissist's Life

The Roles We Play In A Narcissist’s Life- Your role in the narcissistic cult can vary based on how your usefulness is perceived by them and how effectively you can meet their needs.

A narcissist is a weird and complex creature who needs excessive amounts of attention to survive.

They love to seduce, mislead, coerce and deceive anyone who is foolish enough to fall for their trickery. But you can’t be blamed if you have ever fallen for a person with narcissistic personality disorder and became a part of their love cult. After all, narcissists are master manipulators.

They have numerous manipulative tools at their disposal and these elegant and attractive vipers will easily suck you into their world to confuse, degrade, belittle and abuse just to boost their venomous ego.


A master of mind games

“Narcissists are angry, spiteful takers that don’t have empathy, remorse or conscience. They are incapable of unconditional love. Love to them is giving only when it serves them.” –  Shannon L. Alder

The narcissist will purposefully give you a lot of attention and make you feel as if you’re on top of the world to fulfill their own needs. And you won’t be the only one they will be using to feed their toxic ego.

A narcissist will have a group of people who will serve and cater to them and their every need. And despite feeling like a victim, you will silently play your role in the narcissist’s cult and fulfill your purpose until it’s too late.

The narcissist needs a steady supply of love, attention, and admiration and this usually comes from their group and followers and enablers, usually known as the narcissist’s love cult or harem. To them, people are like objects and collecting a large group of followers comforts them. You are either a narcissistic supply or nothing to a narcissist.


The narcissist’s harem

As a narcissist builds a collection of people whom he can use whenever he needs them, these people become a part of his harem. It mainly consists of ex-lovers, crushes, followers, admirers, potential lovers, enablers and victims. It may also consist of friends, family, coworkers, other sociopaths and anyone who a narcissist can use to their own benefit.

As long as you can make a person with narcissistic personality disorder feel superior, feed their self-esteem and offer them what they need, you will be a part of their cult. The moment you stop being useful, you will be immediately tossed out like broken furniture. Welcome to the narcissistic harem.

However, a narcissist will be very careful about who they choose as a member of their cult. They will mostly choose people who are overly giving and rationalize the narcissist’s bad behavior. Usually, the harem members are oblivious of each other as narcissists like to keep things secret. Moreover, it makes it easier for them to control the harem and it’s members.

He will not do anything that can hamper his narcissistic supply. Hence, he is always careful about throwing away people. Unless you’re completely useless to them, they will keep initiating friendship with you even though they have screwed you over a million times. This is how he offers membership to his cult.

But as a member you will not have any benefits or privileges as all the privileges are only for the narcissist to enjoy.  

However, all members can be easily interchanged and replaced based on what you can do for your narcissist. You will find yourself constantly competing to gain attention from the narcissist and prove your value and worth in their harem.

“You get discarded as supply for one of two reason: They find you too outspoken about their abuse. They prefer someone that will keep stroking their ego and remain their silent doormat. Or, they found new narcissistic supply. Either way, you can count on the fact that they planned your devaluation phase and smear campaign in advance, so they could get one more ego stroke with your reaction.” – Shannon L. Alder


What role do you play?

Your role in the narcissistic love cult can and will vary based on how your usefulness is perceived by the narcissist and how effectively you can meet their needs.

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