The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

They really have no choice, only the illusion of choice to buy into. It’s all false hope. It’s a fraud. But that doesn’t matter, all that matters is feeling like you’re worth anything again, that life is worth living again. Anything to escape reality.

Stay in Stage 3 long enough, live the lie long enough. Your role as Belonger is over. You finally have the personality the manipulator wanted you to have all along.

These evil manipulators will bring out the worst in anyone, and they’ll make it permanent if you let them. The Belonger role is how they can take a person and make them ready for the role of their lifetime, their very own Flying Monkey role.

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The Egopath’s personality is one of weakness and self-hatred. The Egopath wants to make your personality also into one of weakness and self-hatred, so you will be dependent on the Egopath forever. That is why they need to destroy your willpower and self-love/self-respect and to make you doubt and hate yourself so much you’ll listen to them.

This is why the Belonger role is downright psychologically horrifying as it is the MOST DAMAGING role to remain in.

And I don’t make that statement lightly, I rank it even beyond ALL-GIVER and Broken Empath which can result in suicide when remaining in those roles too long. The deciding factor is not pain caused, but the sheer amount of DAMAGE the Belonger role does to a person’s psyche because of the very fact it’s not nearly as painful. No pain means no resistance to fight back and stop the damage, this can only result in more damage being done. Destroying enough of someone’s personality essentially kills the person they once were and creates a new person. This is irreversible. Once you lose this, you’re done, forever, no continues, no retries, game over.

Advantages win wars. A psychological war is no different. As a defender, you must win at all costs or you have lost. The attacker has unlimited tries and only needs to master one attack that will be successful. This means by default the defender is at a massive disadvantage and requires advantages of their own.

Being assertive and having strong boundaries alone doesn’t mean you’re protected. Have as many strong boundaries as you like, they are all useless if they aren’t specific Anti-Slave boundaries. Ex. “I won’t stay up past 10 PM” isn’t a boundary that is going to help you here, no matter how strong it is. You need boundaries/rules/advantages specifically designed to combat being taken advantage of.

So I’ve made an advantages list that is designed to help you win any psychological war that has been forced upon you, especially if it involves defending against Destructive Mind Control.

  1. The Advantage to Ask Questions Anytime.
  2. The Advantage to Think and Decide For Yourself.
  3. The Advantage to Say No.
  4. The Advantage to Reserve Judgement / Take all the time you need to decide.
  5. The Advantage to not give the benefit of the doubt because it’s reckless to do so.
  6. To Advantage to Stay Quiet and Answer To No One (sometimes silence is golden, do not betray yourself or your weaknesses).
  7. The Advantage to Have Differing Opinions.
  8. The Advantage to Have None, One or Many Opinions.
  9. The Advantage to not participate or play along.
  10. The Advantage to place the burden of proof on those making the claims.
  11. The Advantage to Limitlessly Search elsewhere for Answers / Get Unlimited Second Opinions.
  12. The Advantage to Prioritize Yourself.
  13. The Advantage to Value Yourself.
  14. The Advantage to Make Time for Yourself.
  15. The Advantage to Trust Yourself.
  16. The Advantage to Forgive Yourself.
  17. The Advantage to Be Happy with Yourself, alone or otherwise.
  18. The Advantage to not pay the price for someone else’s mistake or problems, both physically and mentally.
  19. The Advantage to treat others as they DESERVE to be treated. No rewarding Negative behavior.
  20. The Advantage to choose to quit. Losers can’t quit because that requires willpower, they can only give up. Quitting is taking action and responsibility while giving up is avoiding action and responsibility. Quitting is facing reality, Giving up is doing nothing in reality.

If ANY of these advantages are at risk, you are being put at a disadvantage. Be alert of these advantages being challenged, chances are it’s the start of a manipulation attack. Especially if anyone wants you to change your mind these advantages as disadvantages you are 100% under attack and they very much want to change your mind, all of it in fact.

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