7 Red Flags Of A Future Faking Narcissist: Beyond The Façade

Red Flags Of A Future Faking Narcissist: Beyond The Façade

Have you interacted with someone who promises you the world, but when the time comes to do good on their promise, they leave you high and dry? Chances are you might be dealing with a future faking narcissist.

Future faking narcissists are charming and diabolical at the same time, and are experts at lying through their teeth. They will paint a picture-perfect image of themselves in front of you and will promise you a beautiful future. However, it’s all smokes and mirrors.

In this article, we are going to talk about the signs of future faking narcissists, so that it’s easier for you to understand when someone is genuinely interested in building a future with you and when someone is simply playing you.

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What Is Future Faking?

Future faking is when someone makes all sorts of grand promises and plans for the future, but they’re basically just blowing smoke. You will notice that they’ll always talk about how they’re going to take you on the best vacation of your life, buy you clothes from luxury brands and or even propose marriage.

But when it comes down to it, they never actually follow through with these grand promises. It’s like they’re selling you this dream world that they have no intention of making real.

Future faking narcissist

Now that we know what is future faking, let’s find out the signs of future faking narcissists.

7 Signs Of A Future Faking Narcissist

1. They make really, and I mean, really grandiose promises.

Almost everyone knows a person who talks big but can’t back it up. Odds are, you’re facing off with a future faking narcissist who only knows how to lie and make things up. They’re really good at getting your hopes up, making you think that they’ll share an amazing life with you.

But the truth is, it’s all just an act. For instance, they might promise extravagant vacations, expensive gifts, or a luxurious lifestyle without any realistic means to fulfill these promises.

2. They love bomb you in a way as if the world’s about to end.

Suppose you meet someone new, and before you know it, they burst into your life like a hurricane of love. They will make you feel as if you are the only person in this world, and you’re the center of their Universe. They work overtime to make sure you feel absolutely amazing.

They’ll send messages constantly, bombard you with praise, and come up with lavish dates. You might think you’ve jumped right into a romantic movie. However, here’s the twist, it’s not real at all.

It’s just a trick to draw you into their world and sell you on an illusion of what’s ahead. Once they’re confident that you’re all in, they begin to back off – suddenly, the shower of love dries up. What this boils down to is a textbook case of someone hurling love bombs only to fake promises about your shared future.

3. They are chronic excuse-makers.

You know you are dealing with a future faking narcissist, when you call them out on their lies and instead of owning up to them, they make hundreds of excuses. They will never admit to their false promises like a mature adult, they will open their book of excuses and manipulate you further.

“Things are really bad at work”, “I am not in the right headspace”, “I am struggling with my mental health, you should understand that!”, “I have trust issues because of my ex”, and the list goes on. They might even try to pin it on you by accusing you to be very demanding. They’re experts at avoiding blame for their unreliability.

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4. They are impulsive decision-makers.

Imagine this: you are chilling together, spending some much-needed quality time, and suddenly the future faking narcissist drops a bomb saying they just quit their jobs to live in a farm and rear chickens.

This leaves you puzzled and thinking maybe they’ve gone a bit crazy. These folks who make grand plans without warning, they act on whim. They jump into these big ideas without considering the risks or how it might impact others.

It’s as if they’re on their own adventure and dragging everyone else along without caring. Honestly, it’s just asking for trouble, and is one of the biggest signs of future faking.

5. They are known for their inconsistent behavior.

So, you suspect you are dealing with a future faking narcissist? One minute, they’re all sunshine and rainbows, pouring on the charm and making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. They’re promising you the moon and stars, painting this beautiful picture of the future together.

But then, wham! They go cold and act like you don’t even exist, breaking those very promises. You feel like you’re on a wild ride without any safety straps. It’s unpredictable, you are never sure which version of them you’ll face, and it really messes with your mind. They do this to reel you in and make you crave their approval.

Future faking narcissist

6. They lack empathy.

Imagine you’re really opening up to them, telling them all about your hopes, dreams, goals and fears. But instead of really tuning in and listening to what you have to say, they are either zoned out, or they are simply nodding along, waiting for you to shut up so that they can start talking about themselves.

Future faking narcissists don’t understand what empathy is, which is why it’s hard for them to understand your feelings. People like this are basically emotional vacuums, they take all your energy without returning any of it. It’s as if they’re completely focused on themselves and can’t be bothered with anyone else’s life.

You end up feeling like you’re not there, like your emotions don’t matter at all. They are not the ones you should run to when you need emotional support.

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7. They are always chasing the limelight.

One of the major signs of future faking narcissists is this. They just love being the center of attention; they crave it, and always want to be noticed and praised as if they need it to survive.

These narcissists who promise you the world? They dominate any stage they’re on, making sure everyone’s looking at them. They’ll do anything to remain in the spotlight, even ignoring you or forgetting about working together. To them, applause is everything, nothing else counts when they’re soaking up all that attention.


When it comes spotting a future faking narcissist, you need to be a good observer and should always trust your instincts. Their grand but empty promises, and manipulative tactics can leave you feeling hurt and disillusioned.

Future faking narcissist

By recognizing these signs and prioritizing your well-being, you can break free from their illusion and choose to be with someone who respects you and never tries to manipulate you for their selfish gains.

Have you ever encountered a future faking narcissist in your life? Let us know in the comments down below!

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