Shadow Work: How to Let Your Demons Guide You

Discovering and owning our demons is a vital part of our spiritual journey.

 June 14, 2018

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Shadow Work How to Let Your Demons Guide You (Without Going Crazy)

Shadow Self Test

As passionate proponents of Shadow Work, we have created a free Shadow Self test on this website for you to take. Like any test, take it with a grain of salt and use your own analysis to ultimately determine how ‘dominant’ your Shadow is in your life. Please remember that tests online cannot be 100% accurate, so see it as a fun self-discovery tool. And note: those who receive a “small Shadow Self” answer still need to do Shadow Work. No person is exempt. 😉

Here’s our free Shadow Self test.


Own Your Shadow and You Will Own Your Life

If you are looking for some serious, authentic and long-lived healing in your life, Shadow Work is the perfect way to experience profound inner transformation.

Remember that what you internalize is almost always externalized in one form or another.

Own your shadow and you will own your life.


Here are some final inspiring words:


The secret is out: all of us, no exceptions, have qualities we won’t let anyone see, including ourselves – our Shadow. If we face up to our dark side, our life can be energized. If not, there is the devil to pay. This is one of life’s most urgent projects.
— Larry Dossey (Healing Words)


If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.
— Gail Sheehy


Who has not at one time or another felt a sourness, wrath, selfishness, envy, and pride, which he could not tell what to do with, or how to bear, rising up in him without his consent, casting a blackness over all his thoughts … It is exceeding good and beneficial to us to discover this dark, disordered fire of our soul; because when rightly known and rightly dealt with, it can as well be made the foundation of heaven as it is of hell.
— William Law


To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light.
— Carl Jung

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Shadow Work How to Let Your Demons Guide You (Without Going Crazy)


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