10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers

Prophesized Lightworkers

Have you ever come across the term ‘lightworker’ and wondered what does that even mean? Well, in order to understand lightworkers and what they do, you need to go back to ancient times, and sacred texts. Evidently, our times have been foreshadowed hundreds of years back, in ancient and sacred texts, as to when the Light will be returning to the Earth. The Age of Light is slowly coming forth, and humankind is gradually progressing towards the Age of Enlightenment.

Now, this might shock you, but humankind has already entered the Age of Light back in 2012, but that year was horribly misunderstood by most people who thoughts that 2012 was the year when the world will be destroyed by several apocalyptic events. This is where lightworkers come into play. A powerful change has occurred, and after many years, several lightworkers are slowly waking up and understanding their destiny and purpose in life.

Who Are Lightworkers?

Lightworkers are people whose destiny is to come to Earth and help in driving out the Darkness plaguing it and ushering in the Light. This may sound fantastical and exaggerated, but in reality, this happens, and there are many lightworkers out there. They know how to take all the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings, and alter them into positive forces of light.

The more you absorb all the light into your body and use it as an anchor to do good, the more you will be able to help other people do that same. And by body, I don’t just mean your physical body, you need to anchor in all that light into your mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies too. As a lightworker, you were always meant to shine and impart light on everyone, and no matter what happens, make sure that nobody has the power or the chance to take away your light.

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Always remember not to underestimate your abilities, and know that the world and its people will need your light wherever you are. There are different ways you can use your lightworking abilities, but before you try to help someone else, you need to first heal yourself. Unless you heal and take care of yourself, you will never be able to help others.

A lightworker can be anything and anybody; they can be caring teachers, nurses, loving mothers, singers, athletes, and sometimes, they can also be consultants and secretaries. In short, lightworkers are everywhere, and they don’t just belong to one specific field; they are spread out all over the world, and belong to different cultures, genders, races, and ages.

There are a total of 144,000 prophesized lightworkers, who are supposed to work towards driving away darkness, and impart light wherever it’s needed. Do you think you are one of these lightworkers?

10 Traits of the 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers

1. You feel like you don’t belong to this world.

Every lightworker at some point feels like they don’t belong to this world, and most probably, so have you. Maybe you never really got along with your friends in school, or had a disturbed childhood, or did not have a lot of close people in your lives while growing up. You have a difficult time getting along with everyone, and opening up to them is difficult because being inauthentic does not come easily to you, and unfortunately, most relationships these days, are exactly like that.

You increasingly feel saddened by the state of the world, and try your best to destroy all the negativity plaguing it, since time immemorial. You wish you could break down all the old norms, rules, and structures that contribute to the darkness and pave the way for a more positive, and happy world, where happiness and decency don’t seem like luxuries, and exceptions.

Trying to fit in has always been a constant struggle for you, not just in your childhood, but also in your adulthood. You need to understand and remember one thing, and that is, you are special and unique, and your power comes from the connection you have with your heart and soul. Work towards attaining your higher self, and see just how amazing you can be.

12 thoughts on “10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers”

  1. Avatar of Jeffrey Chady

    Im a lightworker my name is jeffrey chady i was a facilities manager then wrote a paper in the fall proving that god needs to fix the ozone layer safely and resigned. Currently in world peace negotiations with putin. Sirius is the god of orion + pleiades = holy trinity. We will fly a spacecraft to orions belt. Really good shit coming soon from the top. God bless

  2. Avatar of Trisha Butler

    Oh my!
    I am a Lightworker.
    I’ve been having lucid dreams and astral projecting a lot recently and doing research, which lead me to this.
    It made me cry like a baby to read the ten signs because each one resonated with me so deeply.
    I’m so extremely humbled that I would be one of the ones chosen for this task.
    I have gone through the craziest life transformation and have recently been awakened.
    This is all so exciting and scary at the same time.
    I am committed to doing my part.
    Thank you for sharing this!
    Much love and light to you.
    Let’s do this!

  3. Avatar of Jay todd Krieg

    Ive been having abilities hearing conversations healing powers and so much more please help me be best person i can be so i can be at my fullest potential to help others that is my dream

  4. Avatar of Heather

    I AM a Light Worker, I see what I should/shouldn’t. Love life still through the fullest each and everyday when My Anxiety and anxiousness comes and goes though I learn to Clear My Mind, just Breath and Let God do the rest:)

  5. Avatar of Nicole

    I haven’t heard of this! I answered yes to all and although I’m not sure exactly why yet, I have no doubt in my mind that I’m supposed to be here for everything that’s going on right now!! Does anybody else feel that way

    1. Avatar of david farrell

      I hadn’t seen this particular thing before, and I answered yes to all the questions, but I didn’t need it to guess if I might be. I already know I am. I know I have a mission and I work at it everyday. Blessings on your journey, and if you need assistance on that journey please ask. I will be honored to help you

  6. Avatar of Waterz4u

    I feel most Sencertives, Empaths,lightworkers , Have some form of addiction ,And early Trauma, Food Sencertives , Stomach issues, depression anxiety, So what I find helpful is Meditation early morning each day manifesting Unconditional divine love bringing through the body and Grounding the Energy thought form ,So 10 to 20 minutes should do ,remove negative vibrations out of your field as soon as possible, Keep Hydrated,and bless water ,Make Holy water for protection. A gluten and dairy free diet helps,Plant base diet . Exercise daily,No alcohol or drugs.Pets if you live alone, Learn to say no , Have good Boundaries ,Be aware of your own Energy, Practice Gratitude , Forgiveness , Love for yourself and others.

  7. Avatar of Amber J. Frausto
    Amber J. Frausto

    Just wanted 2 connect with you as your story inspired me 2 try an get a fellow light workers attention an see if I can get a response back cuz I am in need of some guidance right now as I’m a newly awakened soul in need of some much needed advise without having 2 keep searching the internet so much. So if you think that you may be able 2 be of some assistance 2 me at this time can you pls reach out 2 me on my gmail account as I’m not very good at computer skills an need help by just talking 2 a real fellow light worker 1 on 1. I just have a few questions of you think you may be of some assistance 2 me tytyty Namaste….

  8. Avatar of Crystal Potter

    Since I was a small child I have known that there was more to me then I could understand. I tried to run from this knowing, I have blocked it out, fought it and I have faced the tests and lessons which forced me to accept and embrace it. Two years ago I was finally ready to take faith and trust to the ultimate level, I quit my job, moved into my car with my two children and let go of everything and everyone who was no longer meant to walk beside me at that point in my journey. Since then, every choice I make comes from my connection to the source and I have learned ultimate trust, I have learned true forgiveness and absolute unconditional love….I still have not managed to find the HOW of my purpose here, but little by little more of what is needed falls into place. I no longer see things through my physical eyes which has actually changed my ability and how I see, but I now see through my heart and through the energy around me. some times I am drawn to things, much like this article and I am compelled to respond, the words flowing through me from some other place and I may not even know the message myself until I have completed it. I see pieces of what is yet to come and I know when more of my fellow lightworkers reach a new level of awakening because the pieces change. I dont see these as images or words, but as energy. it is like hearing something that has no sound, and answer with no words, a picture on an empty canvas. My path led me through an addiction to methamphetamines, a toxic and emotionally destructive relationship, the death of a man I loved, the understanding that I create everything in my life and learning to love everyone at the level they are on, learning that I can offer tools but I control nothing but myself. Allowing others to be exactly who and where they are. I hope this message reaches even one of my fellow lightworkers. I feel you, you are not alone, you can do this, you have more inside of you than you can see. trust in your intuition, we are waiting for you

    1. Avatar of Shawn

      I know I have a calling. I’m being awakened. Your message spoke volumes to me.

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