10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers


Traits Of The Prophesized Lightworkers

Have you ever come across the term ‘prophesized lightworker’ and wondered what does that even mean? Well, in order to understand prophesized lightworkers and what they do, you need to go back to ancient times, and sacred texts. Evidently, our times have been foreshadowed hundreds of years back, in ancient and sacred texts, as to when the Light will be returning to the Earth. The Age of Light is slowly coming forth, and humankind is gradually progressing toward the Age of Enlightenment.

Now, this might shock you, but humankind has already entered the Age of Light back in 2012, but that year was horribly misunderstood by most people who thought that 2012 was the year when the world will be destroyed by several apocalyptic events.

This is where lightworkers come into play. A powerful change has occurred, and after many years, several lightworkers are slowly waking up and understanding their destiny and purpose in life.

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Who Are Lightworkers?

Lightworkers are people whose destiny is to come to Earth and help in driving out the Darkness plaguing it and usher in the Light. This may sound fantastical and exaggerated, but in reality, this happens, and there are many lightworkers out there. They know how to take all the negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and alter them into positive forces of light.

The more you absorb all the light into your body and use it as an anchor to do good, the more you will be able to help other people do the same. And by body, I don’t just mean your physical body, you need to anchor in all that light into your mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies too.

As a lightworker, you were always meant to shine and impart light on everyone, and no matter what happens, make sure that nobody has the power or the chance to take away your light.

Always remember not to underestimate your abilities, and know that the world and its people will need your light wherever you are. There are different ways you can use your lightworking abilities, but before you try to help someone else, you need to first heal yourself. Unless you heal and take care of yourself, you will never be able to help others.

A lightworker can be anything and anybody; they can be caring teachers, nurses, loving mothers, singers, athletes, and sometimes, they can also be consultants and secretaries. In short, lightworkers are everywhere, and they don’t just belong to one specific field; they are spread out all over the world, and belong to different cultures, genders, races, and ages.

There are a total of 144,000 prophesized lightworkers, who are supposed to work towards driving away darkness, and impart light wherever it’s needed. Do you think you are one of these lightworkers?

10 Traits of the 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers

1. You feel like you don’t belong in this world.

Every lightworker at some point feels like they don’t belong to this world, and most probably, so have you. Maybe you never really got along with your friends in school, had a disturbed childhood, or did not have a lot of close people in your lives while growing up. You have a difficult time getting along with everyone, and opening up to them is difficult because being inauthentic does not come easily to you, and unfortunately, most relationships these days, are exactly like that.

You increasingly feel saddened by the state of the world, and try your best to destroy all the negativity plaguing it, since time immemorial. You wish you could break down all the old norms, rules, and structures that contribute to the darkness and pave the way for a more positive, and happy world, where happiness and decency don’t seem like luxuries, and exceptions.

Trying to fit in has always been a constant struggle for you, not just in your childhood, but also in your adulthood. You need to understand and remember one thing, and that is, you are special and unique, and your power comes from the connection you have with your heart and soul. Work towards attaining your higher self, and see just how amazing you can be.

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2. You can sense your purpose, but you don’t know what it actually is.

If you are indeed a lightworker, then you will have this persistent feeling within yourself that you are meant for something greater, and you have a far greater destiny than others.

You don’t exactly know what it is, but you feel a strong attraction towards it, and that’s why you keep on ruminating about what your purpose in life is, and what is it really that you are meant to do.

You have researched a lot, and read many books in order to understand, but you don’t. However, don’t be disheartened by this, because the Universe is pushing you to awaken and get in touch with your spiritual and enlightened side, but it cannot be forced, it needs to happen consciously.

You need to realize your purpose, work towards the greater good, and allow the light within you to shine bright. The moment this happens, know that you have started to fulfill your mission.

3. You feel an intense and unsaid connection with animals.

This is one of the biggest signs that you are one of the 144,000 prophesized lightworkers to walk on the face of the Earth. Lightworkers and animals have shared a powerful connection and bond with each other since the beginning of time because they understand each other and their languages very easily, which not a lot of people can; it’s as if both of you share a common language that only you understand.

Any kind of animal cruelty is painful for you, and you do everything in your power to protect them. When you see a hurt animal, it’s as if you can feel their pain within yourself, and look for ways to soothe them as much as you can.

Having a strong bond with animals is an extremely admirable and powerful quality to have, and as a lightworker, it’s not just humans you need to save, animals deserve your help and light too.

prophesized lightworkers
Prophesized Lightworkers

4. You are an intense and powerful empath.

Every lightworker is bound to be an empath, and if you are one, you know what this means. You know you are an empath when you can deeply feel everybody else’s feelings, be it happiness, pain, sadness, anger, or even emptiness.

Empaths always pick up the energy and emotions of other people, absorb them, and treat all those emotions like their own; sometimes they don’t want to, but they still do. Due to this, sometimes you end up with compassion fatigue.

And not just compassion fatigue, if things get too intense for you, it can also lead to depression and anxiety. Being an empath might be a beautiful thing to be, but too much of it can sometimes bog you down, and make you feel overwhelmed.

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5. You strongly believe in a higher power.

You might have gone through a lot of challenges in life, and maybe still do, but no matter what you go through, deep down inside you know that you will be fine; you believe that there is someone up there who is looking out for you, and will never let any harm come to you.

You strongly believe in a higher power and have the conviction that all the challenges you are facing today or have faced in the past, are pushing you toward your actual purpose in life.

This belief helps you stay strong, and motivates you to get back up every time you fall down. Life might not be a bed of roses for you, but you have a feeling that the world was created for a far greater purpose, and so were you. You have never questioned or doubted the unknown, and have always let this higher power guide you toward greatness.

6. You constantly have the feeling that you are wasting your time.

One of the most prominent things about being a lightworker is most of the time, you will feel as if you are wasting your time, and you need to do something important, but you don’t exactly know what.

This has been happening since you were a little child, and you felt frustrated and anxious, but could never explain why. Deep, down inside, you are convinced that you are meant for something greater, and you are meant to do great things, but you just haven’t figured it out.

This constant feeling that you are wasting your time really bogs you down at times and makes you restless. It takes over you completely, and you don’t rest until you have found the answers you are looking for. However, this is the very reason why you were chosen to be a lightworker; this feeling always keeps you on your toes, and constantly reminds you that you are here to do something that a lot of people cannot. Cruising through life isn’t really your destiny.

7. You have experienced a lot of darkness in your life.

The primary purpose of a lightworker is to dispel all the darkness that the world holds and transform it into light. However, you must have gone through your own darkness in your life, so as to be entrusted with this very important job; it is only when you know what darkness feels like, you will be able to fight it and defeat it. Everyone wants a normal and happy life, and so do you, but unfortunately, you never got that ever since you were a little child.

Maybe it is intergenerational trauma or traumatic childhood, but you always tried your best to deal with all of it, and make everything better. However, sometimes you succeeded, but other times, you did not. Keep in mind that before you help others, you need to help yourself, and most importantly heal yourself. It is only when you are fully healed, will you be able to use your lightworker abilities to it’s fullest.

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8. You feel drawn to troubled and emotionally unavailable people.

You are always feeling drawn to people who are troubled, unhappy, and emotionally unavailable because you believe that you will be able to fix them, solve all their problems and bring happiness back into their lives. Dealing with someone’s pain and unhappiness, and helping them feel better is what makes you a powerful empath, and one of the most powerful and prophesized lightworkers out there.

On the flip side, you also tend to attract a lot of toxic people in your life, such as narcissists, sociopaths, and energy vampires. Such people know what they can get out of you, and try to exploit you as much as they can for their own abhorrent purposes. They take and take from you, but never give anything back. And the worst part is, no matter how hard you try to escape from them, somehow they always tend to find you.

9. You have unusual and vivid dreams.

Unlike other people, you have really vivid and strange dreams, and not only that, you tend to remember all of them after waking up.

The two probable reasons why you might have strange dreams are because you experience lucid dreaming or you have the ability to manipulate and control your dreams. Another very interesting reason might be that you travel through the Universe when you sleep, or to the astral plane.

While dreaming, you get glimpses of your childhood and other periods in your past; it’s like you are revisiting all those times that were significant for you, and played a major role in helping you bloom into the person you are today.

You might also dream of going to places where you are given the right training on how to use your psychic and spiritual abilities. Just like the other lightworkers walking on this Earth, your dreams too always hold deep and special meanings.

10. You are emotionally volatile.

If you have frequent mood swings and consider yourself an emotionally volatile person, then there’s a strong chance that you are a lightworker. Lightworkers’ moods keep on changing, even for the smallest of things, and it gets hard sometimes for them to control their ever-changing emotions and feelings.

When you are in a good and happy mood, everything seems perfect and content, but in case, you feel any kind of negative emotions, your emotional and mental health comes crashing down.

You withdraw from everyone and everything and slip inside a cocoon, and this leads you to feel even more hurt and disturbed. Negative emotions completely take over you, and sometimes you let it and this goes on for days, weeks, and even months sometimes.

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If you see all or most of these signs in yourself, then there’s a strong chance you are one of the 144,000 prophesized lightworkers out there. Dive deep into your heart and soul, and focus on the purpose you were born with; your destiny of protecting the Earth, and ridding it of all the darkness plaguing it. Know who you are, know your power, and work towards fulfilling your greatest destiny!

10 Characteristics You Might Be One Of The 144000 Prophesized Lightworkers To Save The World
Lightworker Meaning
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Lightworker Traits
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Characteristics Of Lightworkers
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What Are Lightworkers: 144000 Prophesized Lightworkers
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10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers
Prophesized Lightworkers Traits pin
10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers

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    Yes I am a light worker Beyounder Star Seed, I never knew anything about it I thought about it even though it’s extremely different as a child I always knew things assaulting and dream things could heal things was connected to the Earth and animals loved all people loved all people especially old people I grew up and became a nurse I’m also a Reiki master I read your articles in your spot on thank you for printing this it was extraordinary to read it I am now 72 yearAnd I still have a lot to learn I barely scratch the surface this world is so chaotic so I do everything World meditationsWhich we just did one all over the world about a month ago I do what I can I leave a normal life but in 2012 I woke up and I received some papers from the government saying I want to be under because of the time I was born so I’m at the stars and where I was born I never thought much about it till years later it has proven to be true thank you so much for this extraordinary article love and light and blessings to all earth Earth Angel Nancy,

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