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What Kind Of Lightworker Am ITest: Find Out Whether You Are An Indigo, Crystal, Or Rainbow

Are You an Indigo Crystal Rainbow Child

Have you ever felt that you are different from the people around you? You feel things differently. You see things differently. This post will help you understand what kind of a person you’re. Are you an indigo child, a crystal child, or a rainbow child? To give an answer to your question of “what kind of lightworker am I?”, you need to take this test!

Many people believe that there has been a wave of individuals being born in order to change the old ‘Iron’ and industrial way of life into more ‘enlightened’ and spiritual. You’ve probably heard about ‘Indigo Children’ and ‘Lightworkers’ across the internet.

Lightworkers are just a consequence the ways of the modern world have brought to the human psyche.

What Kind Of Lightworker Am I: Find Out Whether You Are An Indigo, Crystal, Or Rainbow

What Kind Of Lightworker Am ITest: Find Out Whether You Are An Indigo, Crystal, Or Rainbow
What kind of lightworker are you

Let me explain.

A Lightworker

A Lightworker is a person who can sense that there’s a lot of healing to be done on a large scale to the world. The modern ways of life are disharmonious and harmful to ourselves and Nature, which we are all a part of.

This results in a subconscious awareness that something needs to be done, especially in people who are born into modern society.

Newer generations are unbound from ‘the chains’ people who were constructing the modern society have been imprisoned with. The chains I am referring to are actually their investment of energy, their mindset, and character developed in a different era, with far less available information.

These new generations can clearly see the bigger picture and what doesn’t work. That’s why they have a heightened sense to fix the world.

Just like there are popular terms in the science community addressing these new generations as ‘generation x’,‘generation y’ and ‘generation z’, there are terms in the spiritual movement addressing these generations as ‘Indigo Children’, ‘Crystal Children’ and ‘Rainbow Children’.

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What Kind Of A Lightworker Are You? Indigo Child Quiz

Check what kind of lightworker you are. What aspect has the most traits that describe you?

Indigo Children

  • Born between the 1960s and the 1990s;
  • Rebellious and warrior in spirit;
  • Despises the system;
  • Loves to isolate;
  • Fond to addictions;
  • Stubborn;
What Kind Of Lightworker Am ITest: Find Out Whether You Are An Indigo, Crystal, Or Rainbow
Signs You’re An Indigo Child

Crystal Children

  • Born between the 1980s and 2000s;
  • Strong and pure-hearted;
  • Highly developed imagination and creativity;
  • Extremely empathetic and emotional;
  • Passionate about supernatural phenomena and superheroes;
  • Easygoing;

Rainbow Children

  • Born after the new millennium;
  • Positive and happy;
  • Technologically advanced and easy in understanding new gadgets;
  • Loving and hard to contain;
  • Loves animals, Nature, and possibly vegan;
  • Free;

Indigo Child Test: This Is What These Labels Mean

Indigo Children

Indigo children are born between the 1960s and the 1990s really similar as the baby boomers of generation x.

They are rebellious and unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They are warriors in spirit. They want to rage against the corrupted system that governs society and this trait projected itself into the art, the music, the movies, the movements, and the lifestyle of their youth.

They experimented with psychedelic substances, they forced their mind to be opened. All of this resulted in the creation of new businesses and inventions that changed the future forever, like the internet.

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Crystal Children

Crystal children are most likely to be the children of people from generation x.  They are born around the 1990s and 2000s slightly differing from generation y which addresses people born between the 1980s and 2000s. However, the characteristics of crystal children and generation y individuals are almost exactly the same.

They are intuitive, spiritually aware and passionate about supernatural subjects. They have highly developed imaginations and creativity. They understand things easily, they are extremely empathetic and very easygoing. This contradictive schism between their emotions forces them to use drugs, to visit psychiatrists, feel high levels of anxiety, have panic attacks, and sometimes even more serious issues with their mental health.

They are born in a transition time, in a period where humanity made its biggest leap with technological advancement which affected all areas of society. They grew up in times without the internet and times when you cannot imagine how you lived without the internet.

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