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7 Unique Traits Of Indigo Adults That Make Them Special

unique traits of indigo adults that make them special

Are you one of the Indigo adults? See for yourself whether you can identify with the unique traits of Indigo adults discussed below!

Recently a lot is being talked about regarding Indigo kids since they have increased in number, but nothing much can be found about Indigo Adults. Indeed, the occurrence of Indigo people is not recent. They have been around for several years and as a consequence, we have an ample number of adults also.

Are you an Indigo person? To know the answer to this question you have to know what are the Indigo Characteristics. So without further ado, take a look at these signs of Indigo adults.

7 Unique Traits Of Indigo Adults

These are the signs you are an Indigo adult from a different dimension.

Indigo Adults
7 Indigo Adults Traits

1.  There Is No End To Your Curiosity And Urge For Knowing The Reason Behind Everything

It is very hard for an Indigo adult to be okay with not knowing the background story of the things that happen around them. They desperately seek to comprehend the globally prevalent issues like disparity, poverty, hatred, and conflicts, struggling to digest the inhumanity of humans. These gaps in reasoning trouble the Indigo adults and therefore they just end up questioning everything.

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2.  You Hate The Conventional Systems With Redundant Rules and Regulations

Amongst several other things, what Indigo adults often find hard to ignore is authority. They don’t believe that a person can be always right and hence they criticize the fact that how every common man’s life is ridiculously controlled by a few people in power. They actively participate in addressing the masses in order to spread awareness and help people see what they see.

There is a possibility that an Indigo’s time was not much pleasant at school, with them fighting with the authorities over the protocols. Often they would be perceived as rebellious and as an agitator no matter how pure their intentions may be.

Indigo adults cannot just stop themselves from calling out what seems to be wrong to them. These issues can lead them to turn indifferent to all social and political regimes.

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3. Others’ Pain And Troubles Bother You More Than Your Own

Indigos are the ultimate empaths. They don’t need to make a conscious effort to empathize with someone. Due to their empathy, they generally don’t spend time knowing the whereabouts of the world. This indifference stems from the unbearable pain they suffer. It is not easy for them to watch something wrong happen and do nothing about it.

Although it is not practically feasible for one person to take care of every problem the world has, Indigos care about others so much that watching an innocent suffer can cause them emotional pain. And for the situations where something can be done to make it right, it becomes unbearable for them to see that no steps are being taken to help. The helplessness just gets to them.

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4.  You Are An Animal Person

Indigo adults have a deep connection with both flora and fauna. Empathizing with animals comes as naturally as breathing to them. Their notion of equality is not just limited to humans. They want to see every creature be treated equally and have the right to live with dignity. There is nothing more satisfying to them than watching animals and forests living peacefully in harmony.

Seeing how naïve and oblivious to the world animals are, they always make sure to protect and fight for their interests and even rescue them whenever possible. Not only do they love spending time in the fresh environment and living close to nature, but they also are huge National Geographic and Discovery Channel fans.

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5.  You Have Feelings Of Existential Despair

While going through the tough time of assimilating human greed and all the harm they bring to one another, it doesn’t come across as a surprise that their helplessness and ability to feel others’ pain make them spiral into problems like depression. It often occurs to them early during adolescence and it takes some time for them to cope with their emotional state.

Feeling so deeply about everything makes them question why life exists at all. What is the point of taking birth if we have to get destroyed someday? However, once Indigo Adults find a purpose in their life, they rise above these issues and become capable of bringing about a huge difference in the world.

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6.  You Have Experienced A Few Uncommon Mystical Happenings

Indigo adults can get very inclined towards spirituality quite early in their lives, leaving the people around them astonished. Devotedly, they like spending time praying and worshiping, even if they come from a non-religious background. Their spiritual side grows with time until they reach maturity.

Although their approach is more spiritual than religious, they often have supernatural encounters and have at least once in their lives felt the presence of a different dimension of reality. There is one other thing that they have a special connection with, that is synchronicities like the time 11:11. An Indigo would notice whenever the clock hits that time.

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7.  You Strive To Look For A Purpose In Life

The feeling of listlessness and lethargy can very easily come to Indigo adults, which is why to keep their act together they are on a mission to find their life’s purpose.

Usually, people devote their time and energies towards becoming more and more successful and advancing in their professional careers, whereas, Indigos have a clear objective of making the world a better place to live, especially for the future generation.

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Indigo Adults Appearance

Here’re the possible physical appearance traits of Indigo adults.

  • Blue or green eyes
  • Light skin tone, irrespective of their ethnicity
  • Look ageless or youthful throughout their life

Life Is Not A Walk In The Park For Indigo Adults

The continuous struggles that Indigo Adults face can lead to frustration within them. They feel this deep need to achieve their potential but cannot find the structures to support them.

If you too have been struggling with an existential crisis and can identify with the above-mentioned signs, chances are that you have been asking yourself ” Am I An Indigo?” We hope this article will bring some insights to you and make your journey easier.

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Are you an Indigo adult? Could you relate to these traits? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Indigo adults?

According to New Age spiritual beliefs, Indigo adults are the grown-up Indigo children who possessed special psychic gifts and abilities, such as heightened empathy. They retain their supernatural traits even in adulthood.

What do Indigo adults look like?

Some argue that Indigo adults have deep-set blue or green eyes and have a light complexion. They look young even when they’re old in terms of age.

What are the types of Indigo adults?

There are 4 types of Indigo adults; Humanist (who work as doctors or teachers or lawyers), Conceptual (who work as scientists or engineers), Artist (creative people), and Inter-dimensional (whose third eyes are wide open)

Indigo Adults
Traits Of Indigo Adults: Indigo Adults Psychic Abilities
Indigo Adults
Indigo Adults Characteristics Test
Indigo Adults
7 Unique Traits Of Indigo Adults That Make Them Special
Indigo Adults
Indigo Adults


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