7 Common Traits Of Indigo Adults

Here are some traits of indigo adults. Read this to know.

A lot is being talked regarding Indigo kids lately since they have increased in number but has there been something spoken about the indigo adults?

It is true that the occurrence of Indigo people is not recent, they have been around for several years and as a consequence, we have an ample number of adults also.


You can know if you are an Indigo person by evaluating yourself under the following signs.

1.  There is no end to your curiosity and urge to know the reason behind everything

It is very hard for an Indigo to be okay with not knowing the background story of the things that happen around them.

They desperately seek to comprehend certain globally prevalent issues like disparity, poverty, hatred, and conflicts, struggling to digest the inhumanity of humans.

These gaps in reasoning trouble the Indigo adults and therefore they just end up questioning everything.


2.  You hate the conventional systems with redundant rules and regulations

Amongst several other things, what Indigo adults often find it hard to ignore is an authority.

They don’t believe that a person can never be wrong and hence they criticize how every common man’s life is ridiculously controlled by a few men who are in power.

Even at a young age, there is a possibility that an Indigo’s time was not as pleasant at school quarreling over their protocols.

So many a times, they would be perceived as rebellious and an agitator no matter how pure their intentions may be. They cannot just stop themselves from calling wrong, what’s wrong.

These issues can lead to them turning indifferent to all these social and political regimes.

Furthermore, creating new organizations is what’s usually preferred by them rather than spending time and energy on repairing, amending the existing ones.

They actively participate in addressing to the masses in order to spread awareness and help people see what they see.


3.  Others’ pain and troubles bother you more than your own

Indigos are the ultimate empaths. They need not make a conscious effort in order to empathize with someone.

Due to this, they generally don’t spend time in getting the whereabouts of the world not because they are ignorant but because it is just not as simple for them to watch something wrong happen and do nothing about it.

Although, it is not practically feasible for one person to take care of every problem the world has.

Indigos care about others so much that watching someone blameless suffer can cause them emotional pain, literally.

And for the situations where something can be done to make it right, it becomes unbearable to them seeing that no steps are being taken to help. The helplessness just gets to them.

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