Understanding Indigo Relationships: Things You Need To Know


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Understanding Indigo Relationships things

This cosmic world includes special individuals with strong intuition and spiritual connection. But what love? Take a look at indigo relationships and how to find the perfect soulmate.

Have you had nightmares that connect you to “old loves or relationships” and “things” that you believed to have been resolved in the past?

Do you believe that if you don’t have a “great connection” in your life, you may as well not exist since the emptiness in your heart already makes you feel like you’re going to die? Or do you frequently find yourself searching through the contents of the open refrigerator for something that “looks good” but doesn’t quite satisfy your cravings?

First Wave Indigos Relationships

Many First Wave Indigo adults (FW) are experiencing these symptoms, and it feels like things have been interesting lately. You need to be aware that others are experiencing this same pain and need to find a “Soulmate,” so please know that you are not alone.

According to statistics, the vast majority of First Wave Indigos are now “single.” Only around 6% of those who are married or in relationships are in satisfying, long-lasting, and caring relationships. The others wish they were single and free since they are trapped in abhorrent relationships with male dictators or spider, snake, or cat ladies who are making their lives a living hell!

This is not how things should be, and if we do anything about it, things won’t get any better any time soon.

Understanding that personal indigo relationships can only be genuinely rewarding if you are with another indigo who is also on your “wavelength” is crucial since UV-Realm Indigos are “wired differently.”

If you’re not, and if you “sell out” and become close to an “Earth Person” or someone else who is handy only to end your loneliness, this may be highly damaging to both parties.

First of all, you won’t receive what you need from the contact, and you’ll probably end up the unfortunate victim of some Kundalini Dumping, which is the act of consciously or inadvertently dumping one’s psychological waste, toxins, anxieties, and tensions onto a partner while sharing intimate moments. Clearing this up might take hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, especially if you have no idea what went wrong or how to fix it.

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Understanding Indigo People And Their Cosmic Relationships

Mutual respect, honor, and energy exchange that result from advanced Tantra, the practice of conscious love, are what Indigos are REALLY yearning for.

Tantra allows you and your partner to achieve higher states of knowledge and consciousness and to genuinely “know oneself” in a way that is unmatched by anything else the book, “Kryahgenetics: The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy,” it is one of the secrets that must be unlocked.

Tantra is in fact the gateway to higher consciousness, which is why organized religion has made so many rules and taboos to control it. In order to prevent you from being free to discover and express your True Nature, the genuine God or Goddess within, they have purposefully constructed so much guilt and sexuality lies.

First Wave Indigos, in their heart of hearts, know this to be true, and long for a “soulmate” …one they love and trust to explore “the God/Goddess within” and become “one” with their partner.

Magic happens when two people become one …..one heart….one soul…and if you know how to command and conduct orgone energy, (the power of the Orgasm…..the power of life itself) you can change your reality and the matrix of the entire hologram!

If you never discover the God or Goddess within, you will constantly search for “God” outside of yourself. Because you think they possess the plan and a connection to God, “they” are in charge in this situation.

They presented themselves as the Source’s intermediary because you NEVER want to break your connection to the “Source”….. They “OWN YOU” as a result.

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Initial Wave Indigos seek a “soulmate”—someone they love and trust to help them discover “the God/Goddess inside” and help them become “one” with their spouse. They know in their hearts that this is the case.

When two people become one, one heart, one soul, magic happens and if you are able to control orgone energy, (the power of the Orgasm) which can change your reality!

The most potent energy/force in the universe is orgone energy mixed with Divine Love. It has the ability to both create anything and destroy it!

We are aware of this, and THIS is one of the key reasons you have been kept so far away from the people in the Realm you care about.

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If you met your “soul mates” from the Realm and began practicing Creation and Re-Creation through Tantra, the story of this world would be very different. We would alter the social order, put an end to the oppressors, restore harmony, peace, and life energy to the planet, and restore the rule of justice and karma.

So, my advice is to endure, see the issue clearly, conduct your research and mindfulness, connect with other FW-Indigos, and resist the urge to succumb to the energies—no matter who, what, or where they are coming from! =

Connecting with my spirit guides and guardians from the Realm has proven to be quite good for me, and numerous times I have felt their arms around me, just holding me, and occasionally I cry. This has truly been a profound experience, and it has been a great assistance to me during some of these incredibly lonely times.

When one of your “beloveds” enters your life, you want to be in the finest possible shape—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically. Clear away as many of your implants as you can, and make sure you won’t participate in Kundalini Dumping. (Not a great way to begin a friendship or collaboration!)

Please be aware that we are also extremely aware of the various cosmic agendas that are currently in play and why FW-Indigos are so entwined in it all.

We also understand the causes of the escalating energies and the targeting of Indigos, and we are working around the clock to identify all the causes and address them.

 If any of you have some psychic hits on things that we might need to look at …..we are always welcoming your input. We also welcome any assistance you can render.

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May you find cosmic relationship, that you so deserve. May your passionate and orgone energy permanently change your life by bringing love, passion, prosperity and truth!

How was your experience with indigo relationships love? Leave a comment below.

Indigo Relationships
Indigo Relationships Love: Your Orgone Energy
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