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13 Rare Traits Of An Indigo Child

indigo child

Synonymous with crystal or star child, an indigo child is “a person who has come into this world destined to create change and spiritually awaken humanity.” These children are believed to have special abilities and unusual deep thoughts, they are the seeker of truth and a strong drive to change the course of life, as we know it.

indigo child

Epistemologically, the idea of Indigo Child initially came up while addressing the Aura Colors of various kids. The kids with Royal Blue or Indigo color were thought of as change-makers in the course of humanity. They are here to create greater peace and harmony for all. Isn’t that amazing?

So, Who Are The Indigo Children? Let’s Find Out.

These are the kids who change the course of humanity. They arrive on earth as the ‘Gifted Souls’ and have a very clear mission which is to reshape reality and to challenge the present belief system.

It is not very uncommon that the Indigo child is diagnosed with behavioral problems like mood disorders, ADHD, etc.

This only goes to prove one thing which is that they are largely misunderstood and thus are given medication for problems that they don’t even remotely have. These medications (obviously) have an adverse impact on the brain of the Indigo child.

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Thus, it results in the loss of contact with their true nature which is not only a loss to them but it is a loss to the whole civilization. These Indigo kids first began appearing in the 1970s and there are two generations of them now.

You might very well be among one of these Indigo Kids, destined for greatness. It is very indeed pertinent to understand your value and to work hard to achieve your destiny.

13 Common Traits Of An Indigo Child

13 Rare Traits Of An Indigo Child
13 Rare Traits Of An Indigo Child

1. They feel entitled.

They believe strongly in the idea that they are someone special, but at the same time, they work hard to achieve that same sense of entitlement from others also.

They are a person who’ll go to any limit to achieve their goals and they are not bothered by the criticism done by other people. Their single-minded aim is to achieve their aims!

2. They are an old soul.

From their very childhood, they have behaved in a much more adult fashion than their peers. They feel that they somehow possess some old wisdom that others don’t.

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3. They question authority.

They are not bound by their faith and they don’t feel constrained because of the pre-established ideas. They like to question everything. Sometimes they even cross the limits and become the much dreaded by society: rebel.

4. They have high expectations from themselves and others.

They hate mediocrity and want to achieve excellence in their personal life. Also, they are self-critical, not just of their own self, but also of others. They expect others to bring out their best and this critical attitude of indigo children often results in challenging situations at home and at work.

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5. They have strong connection with nature and animals.

Indigo children are very empathetic and compassionate, so they are quite inclined to nature and animals. It helps them escape from the chaos and pretension of humanity.

13 Rare Traits Of An Indigo Child

6. They are perceptive.

They can grasp difficult ideas easily. They also have the perception to understand the truth about the human condition.

7. They are highly intuitive.

Based on their instincts, they are often able to decide the best course for themselves.

8. They want to overturn the man.

What is normal to most people is foolish to the indigo child. They feel bad about the way this world works and have ready solutions for the most basic problems. They hate rigid systems and support freedom of all kinds.

What drives them every single day is their idea to bring a positive change in the world. They want to see it become a better place to live in.

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9. They are idealistic.

Although, ideals are what they live for but being an idealist comes with its own set of problems. They often overlook the practical problems of the world while being an idealist.

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