Being ‘Boysober’: What This New Celibacy Trend Means


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What Is Boysober? Benefits Of This New Trend

In a world where dating and relationships are often considered essential pursuits, the concept of ‘boysober’ emerges as a deliberate departure from the norm. 

What Is Boysober Meaning?

The term was invented by Brooklyn comedian Hope Woodard. Boysober meaning is quite easy: abstaining from romance, irrespective of the person’s gender, as a way of having some rest from dating.

It is usually a year-long commitment to abstain from all aspects of dating, including intimacy, and challenges societal expectations and promotes a unique form of self-care.

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The Benefits of ‘Boysober’

Being ‘Boysober’: What This New Celibacy Trend Means

What is boysober like? Here are some of the benefits this lifestyle can yield:

1. Clarity and self-discovery: 

You can find yourself by ignoring love and dating. This is a time to think deeply about one’s life and change, thus getting to know what one wants in their life.

2. Emotional resilience: 

Sometimes dating is emotionally draining with its ups and downs that affect mental health. This celibacy trend however offers emotional steadiness during this time hence promoting stability in emotions as well as strength of mind.

3. Improved relationships: 

It may seem strange but when we take a break from seeking love, we end up having better connections with people around us such as friends or family members. More hours and effort go into non-romantic relationships since someone has them now.

4. Personal growth: 

Without being distracted by romantic affairs, you can fully concentrate on yourself which leads to personal development. This might include taking up new interests; working towards career success among others or just enjoying peace alone.

Drawbacks To Consider For This Celibacy Trend

But while there are many good points to boysober, there are also a few bad ones.

  1. Social stigma: This judgemental world often thinks it necessary for people to be in relationships or date frequently. Choosing not to be intimate might make someone look like they just don’t want to try or can’t find anyone else who shares their motivations.
  2. Loneliness: Abandoning romantic relationships could lead some individuals into deeper feelings of being alone, especially when they see their friends always with their significant other or going out on dates every weekend.
  3. Limited social opportunities: This is likely to restrict one’s chances of making new friends or finding love since dating is considered the norm for meeting new people and widening one’s circles of interaction.
  4. Cultural/ peer pressure and justification: In cultures that value love or expect everyone at a certain age bracket to be married, those practicing boy sober may feel compelled either to conform with societal expectations around relationships or explain themselves repeatedly vis-a-vis such decisions taken without seeking anyone’s approval to save their own conscience.

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To sum up this trend, it is more than just personal abstinence from intimate activity but rather an intentional break from romantic partnerships too to concentrate on self-improvement and self-care.

People should do what feels right within themselves based on self-reflection and growth needs. So, share your stand about this latest trend in the comments below!

Being ‘Boysober’: What This New Celibacy Trend Means

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