What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This MBTI Quiz


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Mythical Creature Personality Test: Charming Personalities

Do you find stories about mythological creatures fascinating? Does history and adventure make you feel alive? We have a fun quiz that will find your mythical creature personality based on the popular Myers–Briggs Type Indicator.

Enjoy this mythical creatures personality test to unleash your inner strength.

Mythical creatures are real or just mere imaginations, it is a never-ending debate. Multiple research on mythological creatures has found that there were instances of giant-sized animals that went extinct much earlier. 

These creatures are believed to have superpowers and most of them can take any adult to a fairyland with their imaginative beauty, and charm. 

So, are you also a mythology lover who gets lost in the world of ancient mythological creatures? Why don’t you find out which characteristics of these creatures you possess?


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Mythological Creature Personality Test: Which Creature Are You?

Discovering your mythical creature personality can offer fascinating insights into your character and how you approach life. Are you a mermaid dragon, unicorn, or phoenix? Let’s find out with this MBTI quiz!

1. If You Have ENFP Personality Then You’re A Mermaid Or Merman

mythical creature personality
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

Element Associated: Water

Personality Traits: Imaginative, strong, ruling

Mermaids are romantic and inventive creatures that have been unwavering symbols of freedom in fairy tales and mythology. If you find yourself imaginative and adventurous while taking a mythical creatures personality test, then you have similarities with a mermaid and a merman. 

People who are of ENFP (Extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving) personality type usually resonate with mermaids. However, mermaids are also associated with mythological stories where they used to scare the sailors often. 

It also symbolizes the powerful nature, ruling capabilities, and a strong sense of individuality. They also adhere to their ideals and won’t compromise them for anyone.

2. If You’re An ENTJ Personality You’re The Dragon

mythical creature personality
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

Elements Associated: Fire

Personality Traits: Strength, Courage, Determination

Dragons are powerful and majestic creatures often depicted as guardians of treasure and ancient wisdom. People who face every challenge with fiery determination usually resonate with this powerful, amazing, and controversial creature. This creature is associated with ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) personality types.

Your association with the fire element represents your daring, passion, and unflinching bravery. Dragons are born leaders who encourage people through their authority and can defeat any barrier.

In addition, your strength and ability to recover quickly from setbacks make you greatly influential in everything you do.

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3. If You Identify With INFP Personality You’re Most Likely The Pegasus

mythical creature personality
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

Elements Associated: Lightning and Thunder

Personality Traits: Brave, powerful, intuitive

A well-known representation of liberty, bravery, power, and beauty is Pegasus. Originating from Poseidon’s neck and infused with Medusa’s blood, Pegasus was a majestic white horse possessing flying abilities.

He became a symbol of divine guidance or the ascent to heaven because of his ability to go to enormous heights. INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving) personality type people relate to Pegasus and they have brave souls and large hearts.

Their imagination is boundless, and their impassioned thoughts frequently take them on fantastical journeys. 

4. If You Have a ENFJ Personality Type You are a Unicorn

mythical creature personality
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

Elements Associated: Earth

Personality Traits: Kindness, Purity, Imagination

According to this Mythical creature quiz, unicorns are mystical and enchanting beings symbolizing purity and grace. If you are also a peace lover and try to bring harmony to your surroundings, you might be one with a unicorn personality. Generally, ENFJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) people relate with the unicorn type.

Unicorn personalities are connected to the earth, making them grounded, kind, and imaginative. They bring magic and wonder to everyday life with a creative spirit that seems limitless. Their optimism and desire for peace make them a bright light to those around them.

5. If Your Personality Type is ESTP You are a Phoenix

mythical creature personality
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

Elements Associated: Air

Personality Traits: Transformation, Resilience, Adaptability

The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and transformation, rising from its ashes to begin again. If you’re like a phoenix, you are resilient and adaptable. Moreover, you are connected to the air and you are thoughtful and open to change. 

People with ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality types resonate with Phoenix. These personalities see every ending as a new beginning, showing an amazing ability to overcome difficulties and reinvent themselves.

Your ability to change and grow inspires those who see your constant evolution and strong spirit.

So, Which Mythical Creature Personality Are You?

So, did you find your mythical creature personality from this mythical creature quiz? Check out your personality type and find out which personality matches you the best. Let us know your soul mythological creature in the comments.

mythical creature
What Is Your Mythical Creature Personality? Let’s Find Out With This Mbti Quiz

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