Which God/Goddess Are You From Celtic Mythology? Fun Quiz

Which Celtic God or Goddess are you? Are you Danu, Aengus or Camulos? According to ancient Celtic mythology, all of us have infinite power within us. Take this fun Celtic God quiz to reveal your ancient Celtic power hidden within.

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Gods & Goddesses from Celtic mythology

The rich Celtic folklore is pregnant with divine characters from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other places. These folktales offer us a glimpse of the power and greatness of the Celtic Gods & Goddesses and how they bless different aspects of our lives.

Although most of us know little about the Celtic beliefs, traditions, and customs, their Gods are some of the most powerful and unique characters you will ever know about. Whether it’s Morrigan, the goddess of war; or Aonghus, the God of love and youth; or The Good God Dagda, or even The Horned One Cernunnos; the Celtic mythology is deeply entrenched in ancient religion & tradition.

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As most of the Celtic writings were destroyed by the Romans, we lack a detailed understanding of Celtic mythology due to a dearth of historical documentation. Most of what we know about their gods and goddesses is an assemblage of local folktales and oral traditions from Ireland, Britain, Iberia and pre-Christian Gaul (now France). What is known, however, is that the Celtic pantheon is adorned with numerous and unique Gods and Goddesses, most of whom are based on Irish legends.

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So which Celtic God or Goddess are you? What divine Celtic traits and powers do you possess? Take this intriguing Celtic God quiz to find out.


Which Celtic God/Goddess are you?

Which God/Goddess Are You From Celtic Mythology? Fun Quiz

Most of us live our lives based on our own decisions. But is there a divine power guiding all your crucial life decisions? Is your destiny influenced by divine beings of Celtic origin? Are Celtic gods and goddesses embedded within you? Some of us believe the answer is yes. As a Celtic mythological figure, we are powerful and strong. The divinity inside us enables us to pursue our goals and help others live a better life.

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So if you are wondering which Celtic God or Goddess you are, then take this fun Celtic God quiz to find out!


Take the quiz

Developed by Celtic mythology experts, this fun and interesting Celtic God quiz are designed specifically to reveal which God or Goddess from the Celtic pantheon resides in you. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions with an open mind and an honest heart. Although we have developed this test purely as a fun exercise, you will still get the most accurate answers about your Celtic God/Goddess.

Now stop thinking and take this test as truthfully as you can. You might be pleasantly surprised by the divine answers you are blessed with.

Make sure to share your results with your friends and family.



Which God/Goddess Are You From Celtic Mythology? Fun Quiz
Which God/Goddess Are You From Celtic Mythology? Fun Quiz

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