Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You

Choose A Celtic Sigil

A Celtic Sigil has always been strongly linked to magic. At the same time, a person’s choice for a Celtic Sigil can say a lot about them.

The Celtic knots, also called Icovellavna, are a variety of knots and stylized graphical representations of knot patterns, used for decoration and spiritual purposes since antiquity. Interestingly, various developments in the artistic use of interlaced knot patterns are found in Roman & Byzantine architecture and book illumination, Coptic art, Celtic art, Islamic art, Medieval Russian book illumination, Ethiopian art, and modern European artworks.

A Celtic knot can be seen as a Celtic Sigil.

Celtic Sigil and Celtic Knot Magic

The Knot Magic is a very ancient form of Witchcraft associated with the Element of Air. The Knot represents the continuity, the endless flow of energy.

As we can never find a beginning and the end of a knot, Celtic Knots represent the ultimate Magical Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future is one, it’s all now! It’s all about perception. What we perceive as the past, exists only in our minds as a symbol. This is why the Celtic Knots can also be viewed as Mandalas, the Hindu and Buddhist “version” of Celtic Knots.

The Celtic Knots can create powerful sigils with which we can cast powerful spells. The Key is your imagination and your ability to create such beautiful patterns. Of course, you can “borrow” ready ones and incorporate them into your Craft. There will be many articles about Celtic Knots in the future. For now, clear your mind, gaze upon the following 6 ones, and ask yourself.

Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means: 

1.The Tree of Life.

Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You
Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You

You hold a lot of promise in yourself.

There is great potential within you. Your roots are deep in the Earth and you want solid foundations in your life.

Grounding will be beneficial for you. The more you draw energy from the Earth, the more attuned you are with the world around you, and the more alive you will feel. (Click here to learn more about Grounding and how to do it).

Take good care of your spine and your waist. Connect with nature and always remember the saying “as above, so below!”.

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2. The Fire Within.

Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You
Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You

You are extremely ambitious and passionate.

You chose the Celtic knot which represents Fire and the Phoenix, the sacred bird of Fire (click here to read more about the Phoenix).

You are a very ambitious person, full of energy and passion. Fire burns within you brightly, however, as every fiery person should know, don”t over fuel your fire as it will burn quickly. Instead, fuel it gradually and you will see great benefits with your life.

The more you express your passion and creativity, the more fulfilled you will feel in your life.

3. The Great Dragon.

Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You
Choose Your Celtic Sigil And See What It Means For You

You are deeply connected to Nature.

The Spirit of Earth speaks to you with a clear voice through this Celtic Sigil.

Be one with all Nature, and the world, within and without. The power you hold is immeasurable and it can bring great joy to your life and the life of others. When you realize that true strength lies within you, and it comes naturally, the more you will feel ready to change the things that you do not like.

The Great Dragon, speaks of connection with Nature and our natural environment. You should spend more time in Nature which will help you cultivate your power in a more robust way.

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  1. Avatar of Maggie

    Thank you for posting this information. It is always interesting to see the sigils I am drawn to and how they are connected to the natural world. I am fascinated by the tree of life, but the great dragon speaks to my dreams. Probably a bit messed up! But thank you for your work. Have a wonderful autumn.

  2. Avatar of badasswitch69

    I would pick # 2 cause its almost like a tattoo I have on my wrist, but I’m more like #5.

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