10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

Signs Child Old Soul

Have you ever noticed that your child behaves way differently than other kids’ their age? Well, then chances are that your child is an old soul. 

It’s just that your child is specially gifted! Signs that show you have an old soul child.

One of the most beautiful things to witness as a mother or father is to watch the slow growth and maturing of a new soul, born into this world with fresh eyes and a playful, childlike understanding of life.

But what happens when, as a mother or father, you bring into this world a child who displays a variety of unusual and incongruous traits with that of being a youngster?

  • Instead of being wide-eyed and simplistic, your child is perceptive and complex.
  • Instead of being naïve and spontaneous, your child is sensible and knowing.
  • Instead of being fresh and uncomplicated, your child is experienced and intuitive.

All in all, instead of being young at heart, your child is undeniably and unmistakably old at heart.

The reality is that if your child does not fit the typical mold of his or her age group, you might have an Old Soul on your hands.

And if you didn’t fit the norm of the kids your age growing up, you’re most likely an Old Soul as well.

10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul In A Young Body

Signs Your Child is Old Soul
10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

Although strange and perplexing, the Old Soul child is one of the greatest unexpected blessings life has to offer not only because of their innate wisdom but also because of the level-headed stability they have to offer.

If you are struggling to relate to your child, understand where they are coming from, or simply want some closure, you might benefit from reading the signs below:

1. They are otherworldly.

You don’t know what exactly it is about your child but something about them seems out of place. The best word you can think of to describe your son or daughter is that they are “otherworldly”.

In short, they just don’t seem to be from this world, and often times they are very much in a world of their own making.

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2. They are pensive.

While the other parents are kicking balls, shooting hoops, and taking their little tykes to playgroup, your child seems to be withdrawn, dreamy and contemplative.

In other words, your child seems to be in a perpetually pensive state, quietly absorbed in their own meditative world. 

3. They struggle to fit in with other children their age.

Although they usually attempt to blend in with the children in their age group, if your child is an Old Soul they will gradually lose interest in the conversations, interests, and dramas of the kid’s their age.

Sometimes this can result in being bullied and picked on, especially in school, and so they can sometimes live their childhood and pubescent years as outcasts.

4. They can relate to people much older than them.

If your child is an Old Soul you will notice that they often gravitate towards spending time with older people.

For example, at school, they usually tend to befriend the teachers, and in the family social life, they tend to enjoy talking to older people (e.g. grandparents, adult friends, retirees). This is because psychologically, they are on the same level.

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5. They don’t like listening to authority and can be perceived as “smart asses”.

Far from being anarchic, Old Soul children are highly intelligent, astute and observant and so are not as susceptible to blindly obeying authority as childlike children are.

Instinctively feeling themselves to be equals to their adult peers, Old Soul children tend to get in trouble with figures of authority while growing up, easily seeing through the puerile, flawed and illogical demands they are often confronted with.

Therefore, in school and in-home life, the Old Soul child will often not hesitate to argue or wisecrack his or her way out of unreasonable punishments or requests.

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    I’m not sure if my daughter is one right now because she is not even 3 years old, but I know I’m an old soul myself. So, maybe there’s a chance she will be.

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