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6 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

Six Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

You may wonder what is an old soul child? You may notice that they’re different from other children their age. But that’s not all, below are some unique traits and signs your child is an old soul.

My mother used to say I was born an old man. As I got older, my personality fit the bill perfectly. I was born an old soul and I still am, well into my 20’s. What were some attributes of my childhood, and the childhoods of other kids with old souls?

How To Tell If Your Child Is An Old Soul? 6 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

How To Tell If Your Child Is An Old Soul
6 Signs You’re Raising An Old Soul Child

1. They don’t fit in with other kids

I like kids quite a bit now, but I never fit in with kids my own age when I was younger. It’s pretty common to see that among kids who’re old souls. Childish stuff doesn’t do it for them.

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2. They get along well with adults

Probably pretty predictable that they’d get along with adults if they don’t like kids their own age, right? These old souls laugh at adult humor and enjoy deeper levels of conversation that adults can provide.

3. They think authority is stupid

Everyone reaches that point where they realize that adults are just as idiotic as other kids are. Old souls tend to get there first though. They’re able to see pretty clearly when adults and figures of authority are wrong and they rebel pretty routinely.

4. They question everything

And it’s not out of the question that they should be able to. Old souls like to have it explained to them. “Because I said so,” is not a statement that will fly with them. Authoritarian behavior won’t be respected.

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5. They enjoy time alone

Child Is An Old Soul
Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

Old souls tend to be more introverted. It has to do with being wise beyond your years. Kids with old souls don’t like hanging out with other kids too much, so they spend a lot of time alone. They’re not necessarily antisocial, they just being on their own.

6. They underachieve

Old souls tend to be D students. The goals given for them to strive to are completely uninteresting and understimulating. It’s not that they’re smarter than everyone, so it’s important to keep on them about their education, they’re just not motivated by the things everyone else is.

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If these relate to how your child is, then you definitely have an old soul child with you. Raising an old soul child can be different, all you need to do is embrace their uniqueness.

10 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul
6 Signs My Child Is An Old Soul
Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul
Old Soul Kids: 6 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul
Six Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul pin

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