7 Different Signs That Show You Are a True Lightworker

7 Different Signs That Show You Are a True Lightworker

Have you always felt deep within that you were brought to this earth for a greater purpose? That your purpose reaches far beyond yourself; to others who are in need of the light that you have within you? Perhaps you have always been exceptionally aware and sensitive of other people and have an urge to raise the collective consciousness of human beings. Well, chances are you may be a lightworker

What is a Lightworker? 

Lightworkers are uniquely gifted, powerful individuals who have the capacity to change the world in fundamental ways. They vibrate on a naturally high frequency, are able to read others with ease, and have a life’s purpose that goes beyond mere personal growth.

According to a basic lightworker definition, such people have what you might call a “global mission”. So, in addition to having a purpose with respect to their own fulfillment, they have a mission to help other people or the world more broadly. Consequently, lightworkers typically feel a strong, constant urge to use their resources to assist others, and are better at doing so than average. They are often the default advice-giver in their group of friends and may be known for their healing skills. This is usually obvious even from a very young age; lightworkers are often recognized as unusually perceptive and loving beings even in early childhood. 

If you’re wondering whether you or someone you care about is a lightworker, you likely have a lot of questions about what this means for your life going forward.

For example, some people ask things like “Do lightworkers get married?”, concerned that having a global mission means that they can’t form deep relationships or build families of their own. In truth, most lightworkers can combine their mission with their personal fulfillment. It’s possible to meet the goals of a lightworker while having a full, happy life.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a lightworker, we can move on to specific signs you are a lightworker. Of course, lightworker traits can vary by type, but there are certain characteristics that most have in common.

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As we go through each identifying characteristic, we’ll look at some specific examples of how these traits might manifest. Think of this list as a lightworker test of sorts; the more items on the list you recognize, the more likely it is that you are a lightworker.

Here are the 7 Signs That Show You Are A True Lightworker: 

1. You Are A Healer 

Healing is a key attribute of lightworkers. The healing power of lightworkers can be remarkably phenomenal. This usually manifests in how well you relate to other people and how they acknowledge your empathy. Lightworkers need only to spend a little time with others in order to relieve others of their emotional pain. 

2. You Are A Natural Manifestor 

Unlike others who spend a whole lot of time, energy and effort into manifesting the things in life that they want, lightworkers find it much more natural to acquire techniques like creative visualization and positive thinking. The beauty of a lightworkers ability to manifest one’s deepest desires into their life is that they can use their gift to manifest incredible change for others as well. 

3. You Have Faith In Spiritual Practices 

Ascension to a higher plane is of much importance for the average lightworker. They have a firm sense of trust for spiritual practices which goes to show that they are skilled at lightwork. 

This doesn’t necessarily imply that all lightworkers are religious. Some may be committed to a certain religion, while others tend to follow a more individualized approach to spirituality. They tend to pick and choose different aspects from various religious traditions and teachings, adapting them for their own purpose in order to fulfill their own purpose. 

4. You Feel Close To Nature

Lightworkers feel at peace and are rejuvenated when they’re in nature. It’s common that they notice that nature responds to them as well, like wild animals approaching them and their exceptional talent in growing things. Lightworkers are deeply in tune with the natural environment and are deeply hurt by the ignorance of humans towards nature. They may feel inclined to campaign for the environment. 

5. You Are Sensitive

Lightworkers are sensitive to the world around them. They are able to tell if there is dissonance between what others say and what they feel. Similarly, they easily pick up on what people want from them. Consequently, people value them and naturally gravitate towards their intuitive behavior. Lightworkers are likely to be thought of as natural counselors. But at times they may feel used or drained because of their natural impulse to put others before themselves when it comes to emotional needs. 

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