7 Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey

Although being a lightworker is exciting, the lightworker journey is challenging.

Sometimes you wonder, especially in the beginning, if it would be easier to focus on daily life and be content with it.

However, you don’t choose your mission; the mission chooses you. You’re here to follow the lightworker journey because there is no turning back. Nothing else would be fascinating, and you know it.

A lightworker is a person who transmutes darkness into light.

Therefore a lightworker needs to understand all facets of darkness, and that’s why it so difficult at times.

The dynamics of the Lightworker journey

1. A difficult childhood

Since you’re little, you experience hardships. Especially with your family who doesn’t seem to get you or appreciate you. Often you wonder why you need to experience a lot of drama and trauma.

A lot is asked of you because you can handle it.

The reason is that you need to understand the darkness to know what others experience and your task is to find a way out of it.


2. Finding your expertise

The suffering you’ve been through, and not just in your childhood, isn’t coincidental. I know that you just want to get away all the negativity, but it’s your suffering that becomes your area of expertise.

The place where you suffered the most becomes your most valuable asset.

Look closely at where you suffered because this is the place you were trained for doing the light work the most. Unfortunately, some lightworkers will shut down and become unstable because of their pain.


3. Not all challenges are about you

Some of your challenges help you to grow so thus they’re your lessons to master. While some are not about you and the result of what people understand as “karma.”

As a lightworker, you also experience situations that help you to understand the pain that others go through. Yet these challenges aren’t yours.

You have them for a period to understand something that will help you to work with others.


4. Fast growth

On the lightworker path, your inner growth is enhanced. You’re always learning new skills, integrating new lessons, and shedding light to the dark corners of your mind.

Everything is designed to help you reconnect with Light.

Every day you become a new person because your perception of self and the world advances. Sometimes you think about your life just a couple of weeks ago, and you must wonder how much you have learned.


5. Energy vampires and narcissists

On the lightworker journey, you attract people with problems and who are far from being balanced. Moreover, it seems that the energy vampires and narcissists love to be around you.

As a lightworker, eventually, you must learn to work with those people. For them, you’re like a light for a moth.

You experience a lot of distractions in the form of other people, bad habits, or poor choices.

This teaches you how to use your energy and gifts responsibly without exhausting yourself but staying connected to the light.


6. The family karma

Although I have a different look at the term karma, let’s use it for its simplicity. On the lightworker journey, you may take on your family karma.

Before you freak out, I don’t think that every lightworker does it, so perhaps it’s not your case. But some lightworkers volunteer to clear up the karma of the whole lineages.

If this is your case, you might struggle with some issues for a longer time, and they will feel heavier.


7. Open up

The beauty of a lightworker path is that you’re not mean to walk it alone. Although most lightworkers (if not all?) don’t trust others because they fear to be judged and misunderstood. It’s the ancient remembrance that still may cause pain.

But the lightworkers are meant to work together and enhance each other’s growth. When you find your light family, you feel safe and protected.

It’s worth taking the risk to open up and trust when you feel that you met the right person.


The Lightworker Healing

I’ve been guiding lightworkers for years professionally and for decades without realizing that I was showing them the way.

For years, I waited for this moment when I invite you to receive the “Gold Light Healing” and “Crystal Light Healing” that will help you to clear out decades of emotional and mental blockages that stand in the way to your inner light.

Sylvia Salowhttp://sylviasalow.com
SYLVIA SALOW is a life coach, public speaker, and author. During the last 5 years, she has been working with people who are going through a life transformation which brings them on the path of their higher potential and life purpose. She also helps people to heal and understand their limiting beliefs, fears, and emotional pain. Salow also encourages others to find their true self and to express it in their unique way and connect with their inner guidance because she genuinely believes in embodied wisdom.


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