How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

 May 12, 2018

How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

It’s an intolerable situation and you need to know ways to release yourself from Family Karma.

In Witchcraft, we believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is a result of a known or invisible force, we or someone else has set in motion.


Probably many lifetimes before. Family Karma is real but is not what you actually thought. You see, we come in this World in conjunction with our Past Karma and our Current Wishes. What does this suppose to mean?


Shedding Light on Family Karma

Family Karma can be really unbearable. However, we should always remember that Karma can be changed. Why? Because we are powerful forces!


What is Family Karma?

Family Karma is the situations we face as children due to the current situation of the home and families we are raised into.


What is NOT Family Karma?

We are not forced to give into Family Karma.


Because, we are always responsible for our actions, and our actions only. This is why children born in poor families, can meet a completely different fate and vice versa.


How to Release Yourself From Family Karma:

1.  Understanding Why We ‘Suffer’

Karma is not here to punish us. Karma is Here to Prevent us from Future Suffering. Karma is a mechanism by which source is our Spirit itself. We are part of it.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s important to understand that we are brought on this World be parents we’ve chosen while we were preparing our next incarnation. During this process, we choose our experiences we need to ‘feel’ what is needed for our spiritual evolution.

  • YES! Our parents are our ‘spiritual’ and ‘karmic’ Choice.
  • NO! This doesn’t mean that we cannot break free from their mistakes!
  • Understanding the messages Karma brings us, is half the way we have to walk until we are released. We are not responsible for them. Only for ourselves and our actions!
  • Moreover, the actions of our parents cannot and should not affect us. Their actions belong to them and to consequences are theirs too.


What to do?

Meditate on your current situation and think of what this situation can ‘offer’ you as wisdom for the future. Use the Garunda Mudra to empower the procedure and Awake the True Force of Light in you!

Remember, you are never bound to any situation. You can always change your reality!



2.  Repairing Energetic Family Ties

Although Family Karma is not here to keep us trapped, for most of us, it may still affect us in a deep and profound way. But why does this keep happening?

Well, we humans sometimes tend to make ‘dependent’ relationships. We ‘depend’ for example on our mother as children to nurture and protect us. But this can actually go on many more years after our upbringing. As Adults, we should set ourselves free.

Love should be the only link between us and our parents and not any kind of dependence. Whatever we do for them comes from our Love and not from any kind of duty.