What a strong word “karma”. What goes around always comes around. Do good and good you shall receive. Do bad and that’s the problem.

I am a true believer in karma and it always serves me well. Sometimes  people hurt us intentionally or unintentionally but since i believe in karma i know that it will serve me well.

What if we get hurt by the people we love the most? The person we thought loved us more than anything in the world and could never do anything to hurt us. Do we wish them karma? Yes they hurt us, yes they destroyed everything we had. But what if we see them draining in their own world. Should we pull a hand and help them after all what happened? What if they are not listening to us in the first place. Do we leave them in the middle on nowhere? We are hurt as well so we want to hurt them like they did to us. If we help them they will think that we are weak they will be thinking that we can’t live without them and if we don’t and we turn our back and leave will we be happy of what they have became? Those people once meant the world to us. We wished them the best things in life.. we cared for them. Can we accept to leave them and come back after few years telling them “see i was right”. You are going to tell me who are you to predict the future? who do you think you are a saint and nobody can touch you? No i am not a saint but i was hurt and i know that karma will do her job.

Should we step on our heart that was burned and help out the one who burned it or should we show no mercy?

Whether you decide to help or leave is up to you. The hurt will be back it depends on whether you are going to be watching closely or from far away.

And that my friends is called “Karma”


4 Clues to Spot Karma in Play and Dissolve it Spot On – Go Divine

4 Clues to Spot Karma in Play and Dissolve it Spot On - Go Divine

First things first. Were you to drop that karma of yours right away, what would you do today? I mean, what would your happy-ever-after look like?

Since this is a manual for getting rid of scenarios recurring unaltered in your life long enough and prominent enough for you to acknowledge them and realise your – somehow latent – original way

Since you want to live another story – go back to those two questions above and take five. Because karma is a way of life. And were you to drop your karma today, you are liberated to live your life the “divine” way. Now, let’s proceed and share some insight on how it’s done.

1. Your original way is present in your life

Being the silver lining of every story and event you enact. Focus on moments that feel/felt best biologically. Physical comfort is what emanates in moments of divine life. Say, if you have held someone’s hand and felt your heart echoing constant, strong and calm rhythm – this is a karma-free moment of an access to the current of your life force. Put romance, pretence and psychology aside and name five to ten moments that were comfortable in the deepest imaginable way. Big or small, but those quite brief would be the most accurate ones.

2. Enhance the comfort.

The most important thing about dissolving karma is that you do it by letting go of discomfort. The presence of physical well-being is something that goes unnoticed and unused. After one more cold, you realise that both nostrils are meant to be appreciated daily. Then you notice the perfume of the air around you and the movement of your chest. You spread your arms and stretch the ribs. You feel your spine and decide to have a brief walk. Imagine a life as a trail of ever growing experiences like this. You get curious, more open.

3. Welcome yourself in the events that follow.

Now, since you know your good place, you have a recollection of comfort and you live your life more through the moments of your contentment, embrace the next thing that comes to you. Something uncomfortable comes along and you only find yourself – moments after – in a state of discomfort? First, you’ve acknowledged your state, which is a sign of consciousness and second, you’ve estimated its better version – namely, the sheer act of discriminating comfort and lack of it on the basis of your experience. You see your self and the karma thing at the same time. You dissolve the karma part when you realise that you are something more.

4. Thoughts and emotions are experienced your way.

Your head-space and your heart-space combined are your warehouse. The moment you realise that the thought was less than pleasant, you get the operator seat. Here you realise that this self-judgement is less than comfortable as well. And now you want to think something else, more you-like. You do it. You have just found the source of thoughts that you can explore beyond infinity. The feeling is also a way of your expression. If you notice that uncomfortable feelings appear, you can feel something about that. Does a feeling cause you discomfort? Does taking notice of that discomfort push you towards feeling of emotional comfort you know?

Explore those every time – this is your eternal gate and you can re-open it any time and you are going to show us what you will find.

Never, strangers.

Never, strangers.

We meet people we’ve already met, not strangers. Never random ones. We met people so that our mind, body and soul can feel the warm touch of a pure vibration. Doesn’t matter the distance, nor the country, neither if you will or will not see them again. The only one thing that do matters is that they will always transcend, they will manifest through you, because each one of them changes our life forever, or just guides it where it should be lived.

How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

It’s an intolerable situation and you need to know ways to release yourself from Family Karma.

In Witchcraft, we believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything is a result of a known or invisible force, we or someone else has set in motion.


Probably many lifetimes before. Family Karma is real but is not what you actually thought. You see, we come in this World in conjunction with our Past Karma and our Current Wishes. What does this suppose to mean?


Shedding Light on Family Karma

Family Karma can be really unbearable. However, we should always remember that Karma can be changed. Why? Because we are powerful forces!


What is Family Karma?

Family Karma is the situations we face as children due to the current situation of the home and families we are raised into.


What is NOT Family Karma?

We are not forced to give into Family Karma.


Because, we are always responsible for our actions, and our actions only. This is why children born in poor families, can meet a completely different fate and vice versa.


How to Release Yourself From Family Karma:

1.  Understanding Why We ‘Suffer’

Karma is not here to punish us. Karma is Here to Prevent us from Future Suffering. Karma is a mechanism by which source is our Spirit itself. We are part of it.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s important to understand that we are brought on this World be parents we’ve chosen while we were preparing our next incarnation. During this process, we choose our experiences we need to ‘feel’ what is needed for our spiritual evolution.

  • YES! Our parents are our ‘spiritual’ and ‘karmic’ Choice.
  • NO! This doesn’t mean that we cannot break free from their mistakes!
  • Understanding the messages Karma brings us, is half the way we have to walk until we are released. We are not responsible for them. Only for ourselves and our actions!
  • Moreover, the actions of our parents cannot and should not affect us. Their actions belong to them and to consequences are theirs too.


What to do?

Meditate on your current situation and think of what this situation can ‘offer’ you as wisdom for the future. Use the Garunda Mudra to empower the procedure and Awake the True Force of Light in you!

Remember, you are never bound to any situation. You can always change your reality!



2.  Repairing Energetic Family Ties

Although Family Karma is not here to keep us trapped, for most of us, it may still affect us in a deep and profound way. But why does this keep happening?

Well, we humans sometimes tend to make ‘dependent’ relationships. We ‘depend’ for example on our mother as children to nurture and protect us. But this can actually go on many more years after our upbringing. As Adults, we should set ourselves free.

Love should be the only link between us and our parents and not any kind of dependence. Whatever we do for them comes from our Love and not from any kind of duty.

Dependence leads to imperfect relationships and often to parasitic ones. There are many people who feed on this suffering thus creating a vampiric cord, a sick energetic tie which affect both parts.

These invisible links, drain everyone although this is not obvious all the time. We see children being restrained from ‘family values’, or ‘religious teachings’ or any other form of ‘ethics’.

These people may delay their dreams as they keep feeling bound to their mother’s or father’s wishes.


What to do?

Love for our Parents should be unconditional as well as the love of our Parents for us. However, we cannot change the way others feel.

But we can change how we feel. Set yourselves free and keep love as the Ultimate Link which connects you with your family. Forgive yourself and your parents for all your and their mistakes. TIP!

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget (especially when it comes to criminal acts, abuse or violence). It means that you stop letting yourself get influenced by these past experiences.

Clean your path for a bright new future!



3.  Breaking the Curse

Karma can be collective. Although we are not always suffering from curses cast on our ancestors, sometimes this might be the case.

5 Reasons Why Smart People Don’t Take Revenge They Let KARMA Take Care Of It

5 Reasons Why Smart People Don't Take Revenge They Let KARMA Take Care Of It

Why smart people don’t take revenge? here are the reasons.

Why it’s always better to let Karma take care of things

Most people believe that they will feel better if they themselves work on getting the vengeance they feel they deserve.

But when a strong person is betrayed by someone, they are well aware that they should sit back and let karma do its job.

Everything you do will always come back to you so there’s really no point wasting time on some elaborate plan for revenge.


Keep reading to find out why waiting for karma is always better.

1)  You will get that much more satisfaction when karma makes that person suffer

What goes around comes around so if someone is hurting others, they’ll feel the pain they’ve inflicted on others soon enough.

Your own plan for revenge might have its pitfalls and loopholes but karma’s aim is steady and accurate. When karma strikes, the person will feel all of the hurt they’ve ever caused in one go.

You’ll get a lot more satisfaction when you get to watch them bring themselves down without you having to lift a finger or get your hands dirty.

Sometimes, even when they deserve it, you will feel guilty about causing someone else pain but when the universe itself works to make them feel the pain of their wrongdoings, nothing else can be better.


2)   You won’t have to get your own hands dirty if you let karma do your work for you

It is never good to get your hands dirty for the sake of revenge. There are times when you can take vengeance on a person in a legal manner that is not too difficult.

But every action has a consequence and a price. On the other hand, karma comes with no strings attached and you won’t have to worry about doing anything illegal or wrong.

Getting vengeance isn’t always a clean activity so karma doing it allows you to be guilt free. You will be protecting yourself and your conscience won’t be wracked with doubt when you let karma do what it does best.

Those who have strength and power know that they could lose all that they have worked so hard to build if they make the smallest mistakes. Seeing your enemy suffer won’t be worth anything if you have nothing left for yourself.


3)  There are always going to be wars that you cannot expect to win by yourself

Those who possess even a modicum of wisdom will be well aware that they can’t expect to take on forces greater than them and have a chance of winning.

They know that if you bite off more than you can chew, you will only end up choking. People tend to carry around their need for vengeance and all the hatred and animosity that accompanies it in their hearts, wherever they go, and for a very long time.

But at the end of the day, this is more harmful to them than to the person they want to see punished. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep holding on to that anger and when there is so much to do in life, it is simply not worth it.

Those who have done wrong will get what is coming to them when the time is right. In the meantime, those who have been wronged will simply get stuck in a rut if they keep holding on to the past. You can only move on by letting go and moving forward, keeping the focus on your own life.

7 Laws of Shiva Karma by Lord Shiva That’ll Change Your Life

7 Laws of Karma by Lord Shiva — the Highest Form of Existence Will Change Your Life

Lord Shiva which is a ‘Hindi’ term has originated from a beautiful concept of E + Shav = Shiva (Shav = Dead, and E = Energy). It means when energy flows into the dead body; it starts to live, hence called as Shiva. Which only denotes, we’re all born Shivas.


Shiva, the most important God in Hinduism and the crucial one in the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (another name of Shiva) who represent Creation, Preservation, and Destruction respectively. Shiva is a destroyer, not only the destroyer of the establishment when the judgment day comes but also the destroyer of misery and hurdles in life.

It is not me who is saying this, but everything which you’ll read here is an excerpt from a beautiful mythological book, ‘Dev Se Mahadev’ 

The author of the book reads the entire ‘Shivpuran’ to understand Shiva as religion, which is known as ‘Shiva Dharma’. He also researched well on the counterpart of mythology, science, to connect them both and bring in forth a concept which helps people understand different types of laws of ‘Shiva Karma’ to follow in their lives to attain the highest form of existence.

Have a look!


#1  Truth

The first law of Shiva Karma is the truth. This law asks the followers to follow the path of truth, justice and being true to themselves and those who are around. Remember the dishonesty, and false deeds may prevail the small battles, but the truth always wins the war.


#2  Knowledge is God.

A single person cannot possess the knowledge of everything, but everyone may possess the knowledge of something. We should find that seed of knowledge within us, and then do all our karma around it.


#3  Everything is an illusion.

No matter what life you’re living, at what place you are; if your happiness depends on the materialistic things you own, then happiness is an illusion for you, and it’ll be gone with that thing. The third law of Shiva Karma asks believers not to attach their happiness to earthly things.


#4  Beyond happiness.

The world we’re living in is growing more self-obsessed. Everyone is worried about their happiness and doesn’t care if people around them are happy or not. However, the real happiness is beyond limits, and it could be felt only when we have found the seed of knowledge within us, and we’re truthful with others and ourselves. Remember, happiness comes from within, not outside.


#5  Be formless.

If you may have noticed a happy person around you, you’ll see that the illusion does not control them. You put them in any situation at any place; they’ll be the same calm and content in their mind. So, the fifth and one of the most fundamental laws of Shiva Karma is practicing to be formless like water.


#6  Using all your senses.

When our mind is at peace with heart, and we walk on the path of self-realization, all our senses come together to work in proper synchronization. When you achieve this state in your physical form, the feeling you get is incomparable.


#7  Enlightenment is awakening.

With these laws of Shiva Karma, you achieve the enlightenment. The highest form of existence for a human. In this state of mind, you attain self-realization along with the proper understanding of nature and reality.

Enlightenment is the final state, and it can be achieved in this life only, without sacrificing the domestic life.

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7 Laws of Karma by Lord Shiva — the Highest Form of Existence Will Change Your Life

7 Things You Don’t Know About Karma

Karma, although a spiritual tenet, is also a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the Law of Action and Reaction. As the name itself means – Sanskrit: Deed / Action – is the reaction of what we have already done, thought or felt.

How Karma Works

Through the thousands of years we live on this or other realms, we have activated a series of events, like a chain reaction. Every moment that we breathe, we act, think and feel causing a change in the astral and physical plane. This change of energy will later – or instantly – be converted to actual events which will become our reality.

In other words, what we now call ‘Reality’ is merely the result of all our actions, thoughts, prayers and curses of our present and our past lives!

Well, let’s take a look at some valuable things you probably don’t know about the Karmic Law.


1. Karma is Here to Prevent us from Future Suffering

Karmic Law is not here to punish, is not here to judge. Karma is not an individual entity (like Jewish belief system) which weights our actions only to reward or punish us. Karma is a mechanism which source is our Spirit itself. We are part of it.


2. The Purpose of Karma is to Free us from this Realm

All the suffering, all the rewards, all the challenges are here to teach us the right way for us. Karmic Law is here to help us evolve and make sure we are free from this plane of existence.


3. Even the slightest effort counts!

You shouldn’t get disappointed when you feel you are on the bottom of the ocean. Even the slightest effort can help you change this chain reaction. Just a change of mind is enough to give to you what you crave.


4. Karma is Scientifically Proven

Doing good actually affects our brain. This stimulates positive retribution which can actually heal ourselves and affect our lives in unimaginable ways! 


5. You can Boost Karma Cleansing

There is an ancient Vedic Spell to boost karma cleansing and signify that you need a change in your life! It actually unbinds yourself from dark magic which you may have conjured intentionally or unintentionally.


6. Understanding Karma helps us release Anger

Once we understand that almost anything that is happening is caused by human thoughts and actions, it makes us responsible. Without this knowledge, we are lost in the Hell of ignorance, hatred, and anger caused by our misery. Understanding karmic Law releases us from this pain and puts us on the driving seat.


7. Karma Can Always be Changed!

Once we understand we are responsible for our past, present, and future, it gives us the opportunity to change it. Of course, we don’t have to change immediately but at some point, we will make the right move. Take your time and plan what you want. There is no limit in time.

This post is brewed by our Magical partner Magical Recipes Online.. For more such insightful, magical reads visit their website.


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If You Experience Any of These 5 Signs You are the Carrier of Your Family Karma

The karma of ancestral bloodline is called family karma. The most spiritually developed in the family will carry this ‘energetic blockages’ in the karmic family life from birth all throughout their lifetimes unless they release it.

This passing of energy could be done either physically, verbally, energetically or subconsciously.

Not getting along with your parents, sometimes, has to do with the energetic ties to past experiences.

You and your parents may have had karmic building experiences in the past by hurting another or refusing to learn a lesson.

Family patterns are handed down from ancestors to great-grandparents, to grandparents, to parents, then to you.

An example of this is, let’s say, your grandmother is overly benign. She took care of everybody to the point of being used by everyone including your alcoholic and chain-smoker grandfather.

Your mother then becomes a sacrificial energy, lacking focused attention and love to herself or her children. These traditions get passed down exactly as oppression and false truth, perpetuating the system and keeping the mass consciousness on a lower, dense level.

As a child of your parents, you carry the karmic DNA that has been passed down to you. It could either be incredibly mild or extremely intense.

5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of A Family Karma

The carrier of the family karma has these specific traits:

– You are the most spiritually developed and the most conscious among your parents and siblings.

– You feel you’re greatly different from your family.

– You suffer an inexplicable illness at times, and may even feel that the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.

– You’re caught up in bizarre family matters many times.

– You recognize the recurring family pattern in your parents and ancestors and have the desire to change it.

How To Cut The Energetic Cords?

To release the ties from the parental energy, you must release them first in your own mind and emotions.

Look within and find out to what extent you live by your parent’s rules and set of illusions. Learn that these are mostly based on fear and judgment.

Once you’ve cleared everything and let that go, you’re free and able to forgive your parents and instantly “leave the parental house.”

Severing the inner cords within and taking responsibility for your life is in a way, letting your parents be.

Saying ‘no’ to their fears and illusions is, at the same time, seeing your parents as not identical with their fears and illusions. Like you, they’re also cosmic travelers trying to fulfill their soul mission.

Once you feel this, you see them as innocent and need forgiveness. They did their best in loving you the way they knew how, even if their best wasn’t good enough.

You may appear to be a victim of your parent’s ego-based consciousness since your childhood and may have lived by their illusions, yet transcending from a victim’s role is a breakthrough you can give yourself.

Transform your family’s energetic patterns by doing the following:

1. Meditate and do self-introspection to get to the core of the recurring problems.

2. Understand the behavioral patterns and change it.

3. Choose to be your own master, your own energy soul, your own karma-carrier.

Source: lifecoachcode

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Family Karma: How To Release Energetic Ties From Your Ancestors

This article is on family karma, energetic ties and your family being your biggest trigger and teacher.

What is family karma?

Family karma is the karma of your ancestral bloodline, from your parents down to you. Say your father was the most spiritually developed within his family and he had five siblings, he would be the carrier of ‘energetic blockages’ in the karmic family line. He is carrying this burden from when he was born and will continue to do so his whole life unless he releases it. It is a passing down of energy either through physical and verbal means or completely energetic and subconscious.

It can affect the way in which you interact with your family on an unconscious level.

If you consider yourself sensitive and are born out of two spiritually burdened parents, it can seem like you’re carrying twice the load. Many of us don’t naturally get along with our parents, and sometimes this has to do with energetic ties to past experiences. Everything is fundamentally energy, so our consciousness exists beyond physicality and our understanding of linear time.

We have experienced life before this incarnation. Many of the people in your family are consciousness you have known before this life, and have chosen to come to Earth together. Depending on the path of your past, you may have chosen to take on a more intense life to balance out your karma.

We are Source consciousness projecting itself onto the 3D to better understand itself. From this perspective, there is no good or bad; there just is. So, many have chosen to experience a life as a killer, and the killed to gain more insight from both perspectives and better understand the nature of reality.

You and your mother may have had karmic building experiences in the past, anything from hurting another to refuse to learn a lesson. Everything needs to balance, so if you caused a lot of destruction in your past life, you may be at the other end of it during this life.

Family patterns get passed on from all the way back from ancestors to great grandparents, to grandparents to parents, to you. For example, your grandma’s theme was being too mild. She always took care of other people and let herself be used by everyone. Grandpa’s theme could be something alcoholism and smoking.

Your mother’s theme then translates to a self-sacrificial energy. This can look an unfocused attention, lack of love for oneself or her children. These traditions get passed down in the exact same way oppression, false truth and hierarchy do. It perpetuates the system and keeps the mass consciousness a lower, dense level.

You, as a child of your parents, have the DNA karma of what has been passed down to you. It could be incredibly mild or extremely intense. It is very specific to each of us.

Traits of you being the carrier of family karma:

– You are the most spiritually developed person and the most conscious one amongst your parents and siblings.

– You’ve always felt different from your family; you’ve felt a grave distance to who they are and how they behave.

– Sometimes you inexplicably fall ill and have the feeling you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

– You have been entangled in bizarre family matters more than once.

– You recognize family patterns in your parents and ancestors, and you actually understand it enough to change it.

So how do you cut all the energetic cords?

People may not resonate with the part of you that is “different” and at odds with their outlook on life. Releasing the ties to the parental energy means first and foremost to release the energy from your own mind and emotions. It is about looking within and finding out to what extent you live by your parents’ set of illusions, by their do’s and don’ts which were based on fear and judgment.

Once you are clear about this and you are able to let that go, you will be free to forgive them and really “leave the parental house.” It is only after you sever the cords on the inner level and take responsibility for your own life that you can really let your parents be.

6 Ways You Can Create Good Karma Everyday

Is karma a lifelong goal? 

The old saying rings a bell of familiarity all too well. What goes around always comes around. Indeed, say experts. The fact remains that how you behave with others comes back to you in return. If you give out positive vibes, chances of you staying happy in life are real. Many of us live on autopilot mode, not aware of how thoughts influence the reality. Most of the unrest in the world is due to the negative thoughts people emanate in their lifetime.

The wars and bickering, complaining and general unhappiness is all because of our negative energies and a skewed thought process. To counter all this negative energy, we can create good karma so that people in our lives make us happy and sets the vibration that keeps us happy.

Here are the 6 tried and tested ways of creating wholesome karma in our daily lives:

1. Utter The Truth At All Times: 

In case you lie to people, even if it is a small one, chances of you setting up deceit and hidden agendas in others minds is quite high. Most people will not trust you, once they find out the fact that you were lying. Telling the truth not only allows more people to enter your life, but it also helps you save time and effort to keep lying on a cover up!

2. Living A Purposeful Life:

 It all makes sense to set clear intentions in whatever you do. You should not be afraid of going after your goals. The journey of fulfillment is not just about reaching your goals but also helping others reach theirs. Try and put up the best face in front of the world. The universe sends you experiences and people that do just that.

3. Helping People: 

It takes a lot of good vibes to actually help people in their journey called life. A life lived for others, is a life well spent. You can use your unique talent and traits to help others who are in need of help. This simple act may help you make a mark for yourself and ease the pain of emptiness in your life. Most of us need a purpose in life; helping people out should be integral to that purpose.

4. Meditate Regularly: 

In case you need to quieten your mind from all that is upsetting you and making you depressed, you should meditate regularly! You should pay attention to all the thoughts and feelings that emanate in the brain. Continue to attract positivity as much as possible. Exuding good energy is a must these days.

5. Be Compassionate And Kind In Life: 

You need to seek your inner self and draw energy that helps others. Life works in a series of give and take. In fact, the more you give the better the results. We all fight tough battles in life and it is important that we empathise with the struggles and spread kindness.

6. Get A Grip Over The Bigger Picture: 

Most of our lives seem uncontrollable and a series of atrocious events on the surface. However, it makes sense to take into account the larger good of our lives and decide on what we will have in the future. You should invite positive events and check on the pure love that helps you change the direction of your life for good.

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Karma and Past Lives: based on Your Zodiac sign

Karma and Past Lives: based on Your Zodiac sign

What Your Karma Says About Who You Were In Your Past Life?

In his song, That’s Life, Frank Sinatra looks back on his life, and croons about who he might have been in a past life:

I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate
A poet, a pawn and a king
I’ve been up and down and over and out

And I know one thing
Each time I find myself flat on my face
I pick myself up and get back in the race

As we live our current life, many of us are haunted with a perplexing question: who were we in a past life? What karma have we carried into our current birth? What should we have learned? How can we use our past experiences to have a happier, more fulfilling life in our current life?


First of all, what is karma?




1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences; also: destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Understanding your Horoscope (i.e. birth chart) may give you the answers you seek about your karma and who you were in a past life.

As you can imagine, this can be a complicated discussion, especially for non-astrologers. Therefore, I will keep it simple. There are many ways to look at your Horoscope to learn about what might have been your past life. For example, some astrologers look to the planet Saturn, retrograde planets, and the North and South Nodes in a birth chart to interpret someone’s past life.

But there is another more basic way to learn about your karma and past life experience. It is by knowing your “rising sign,” which is also known as the “ascendant.” Keep in mind that your Horoscope is divided into 12 equal segments, called “houses.” Each house is ruled by a sign of the zodiac. And, each house represents a department of life, such as your personality, finances, communications, home, family, children, work, partners, secrets, education, travel, spirituality, friends, goals, hidden secrets, and your past karma.

The 1st house of your Horoscope shows your ascendant (or rising sign). The ascendant sign describes your personality and who you are in the outer world “in this life.”

However, if you imagine rotating the wheel of your Horoscope down by one sign, the result is that the 12th house now becomes the 1st house. By doing this – you now create a window into your past lives, your karma, what you’ve learned, and the issues you are meant to work on in this life.

Here’s an example to make sure this is all clear. Keep in mind that the order of the zodiac signs is always, ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER, LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, and PISCES.


(1) To find out your rising sign (or ascendant) you will need your exact birth time. Go to the FREE Transit Calculator and put in your birth information.

(2) You’ll see all the planets that are in your Horoscope. Find your rising sign. Then, look at the interpretation below to learn about your past lives and karma.

12 Ascendants:


If you have Aries rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Pisces. So, in your previous life, you were likely spiritual and deeply introspective living a dutiful life in service to others. Your Aries rising says you are ready for a new beginning, learning to live a life that is free and independent where you serve yourself not others. Your challenge will be to avoid being too selfish. Your karma is to avoid being a victim. You may have been a poet, a mystic, priest, healer, a shaman, or even someone imprisoned or battling some addiction.


If you have Taurus rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Aries. You are coming out of a life of having been aggressive or even a fighter. So in this life, you’re initiating, creative and even a bit impulsive in your drive to achieve material success, enjoy creature comforts, and the sensual pleasures of life. Your karma is to avoid being domineering. You may have been a warrior, a general or a successful merchant running your own enterprise.


If you have Gemini rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Taurus. In that life, you had an earthy nature and were consumed with sensual desires. You are now looking for a life that is mentally stimulating, filled with interesting experiences that keep you engaged. Avoid losing your grounded nature and becoming vacillating and “flaky.” You have the opportunity to be a great communicator through teaching, writing or some intellectual pursuit. Your karma is to avoid being too rigid. You may have been a painter, musician, gardener or a wealthy businessperson.


If you have Cancer rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Gemini. In that life, you were intellectually, but not emotionally expressive. Your easy-going nature allowed you the freedom to flit from one activity to another with no commitment. In this life, you’re ready to pay more attention to your inner emotional nature. Now you are focused on a more responsible life that includes a home and family. Your karma is to balance your emotions with your intellect. Avoid letting your mind overrule your heart. In a past life, your superior skills as a communicator allowed you to be a great salesperson, orator, teacher or writer.


If you have Leo rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Cancer. As a Cancer you were filled with deep emotions, fears and insecurities about not being fully loved. Now, you are feeling self-confident, romantic, and desirous of sharing a passionate love with someone. While you tend to be egocentric, you generously give of your heart. Your karma is to avoid being egocentric, and to overcome your fears of being abandoned. You can do this by freely loving and knowing you are worthy. In a past life, you took care of others, perhaps as a Mother Superior or a superior mother.


If you have Virgo rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Leo. In this past life, your focus was on yourself and being the center of attention for all to cater to your needs. Now you are drawn to being responsible and of service to others, and doing for them. In this life, make sure to not do so much for others that you forget to pay attention to your own needs. Your karma is to focus on a life of service where you give back to those, who in the past, sacrificed for you. In a past life, you were of royalty, be it a king or queen, or a court-jester or wealthy landowner.


If you have Libra rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Virgo. In that life, you labored tirelessly to serve others, often at the extreme sacrifice of your own needs. In this life, you seek to find a balance where you can please yourself and your aesthetic needs while still giving of yourself. Your sense of fairness and justice is what drives you to serve others. Your karma is to avoid living a life where your main focus is being a pleaser. In a past life, you were a nurse, a chef, craftsman, technical writer.


If you have Scorpio rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Libra. You lived your past life trying to find balance, often superficially, with a focus on satisfying your sensual desires. Now you are only interested in deep and intense encounters. You look for opportunities to dig deeply into the mysteries of life and the people you meet, even though such encounters bring emotional conflict into your life. Your karma is to bring a balance to your past tendency to be superficial and current one to be too intense. In a past life, you were a diplomat, lawyer, judge, painter, or a beauty contest winner.


If you have Sagittarius rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Scorpio. The deep thinking and investigation you did in your past life now gives you the ability to share your knowledge whether through philosophizing or teaching about what you’ve learned. Your deepest need is to be totally unrestricted so that you can continue your journey in a quest for new adventures. Your karma is to not allow your free spirit to keep you from enjoying the intimacies of a one-one-commitment. In a past life, you were a scientist, mystery writer, psychologist, sex researcher or criminal.


If you have Capricorn rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Sagittarius. In that life, having fun, traveling and experiencing adventure were of paramount importance. Now you are ready to be serous and take responsibility for achieving your lofty career goals. Unlike in your past, you are committed to working hard in a disciplined fashion to achieve your ambitions. Your karma is to not let hard work and your desire for material success stop you from travel and adventures that help you grow as a person. In a past life, you were a professor, attorney, ship captain, world traveler or comedienne.


If you have Aquarius rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Capricorn. You are now tired of the discipline and hard work that has restricted you from experiencing life in a more free-spirited way. You don’t like being conservative since you prefer living your life as an individual – in an unconventional manner with no rules or boundaries. Yet, you want to make a discovery that will allow you to give back to the society you live in. Your karma is to not operate your life as a “rebel without a cause.” Work toward a practical purpose. In a past life, you were a politician, policeman, a doctor, or president of a company.


If you have Pisces rising on your first house now, your most significant past life was associated with Aquarius. In your previous life, you enjoyed your freedom to be an individual who makes his/her own rules. You made discoveries that improved society for future generations. Now, in this life, you want to change your focus to connect with others on a more spiritual “heart” level. You feel called to be of service to those who are suffering and need your healing abilities. Your karma is to realize that you must “serve or suffer,” (for not serving). Yet, you must also take care not to ignore your own needs, lest you become a victim. In a past life, you were a technology genius, politician, a tv star, or a scientist.

Karma: It’s Not About what we Do.

Karma: that word that gets thrown around a lot.

People talk about “good” karma versus “bad” karma, or “your” karma versus “mine.”

But despite the term’s popularity, it seems like everybody has a different idea about what it actually means. If karma is truly one of the Buddha’s most important teachings, as he himself repeatedly emphasized, then to follow in his footsteps, we need to be clear about its definition.

The Problems with “Agricultural” Karma

Probably one of the most popular misunderstandings about Buddhist Karma is the idea that everything that happens to us is our karma. If we win the lottery or have an attractive partner, it’s because we performed good deeds in the past—we have “good” karma. If we get hit by a truck or our partner cheats on us, it’s because we misbehaved and have “bad” karma. And, of course, what we do now will determine our future results. Let’s just call this the agricultural view of karma: we reap what we sow.

So, what’s wrong with this idea? Well, whether we’re Buddhist or not, it creates lots of intellectual problems.

The first is that believing we reap what we sow simply seems to contradict a great deal of our experience. We act with kindness, maybe dropping a few coins into a homeless man’s can, only to have him call us a cheap yuppie. Or our chronically underperforming co-worker who spends most of the time surfing Facebook and pilfering office supplies gets a promotion.

In other words, the wicked very often seem to prosper, even thrive, while the good seem to get a goodly portion of crap.

How can this apparent contradiction be resolved? Proponents of agricultural karma will often use time as a rationalization. They will claim that just as a seed takes time to fruit, so do the fruits of your actions take time to ripen. Certainly, this helps. However, some things in life are still hard to explain.

Why, for example, do innocent infants die? They’ve barely had enough time to learn how to digest food properly, let alone perform some wicked deed. (Of course, we need to leave Stewie from Family Guy out of this equation, as well as the idea of the infant proposed by famous psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, who viewed it as a viscous and greedy succubus bent on completely draining the mother of her vital energy.)

I’m sure you’ve already come up with the answer: we must be dealing with more than one lifetime. In fact, the claim is that we have an infinite number of lives extending into the past. With this explanation, all the rewards and atrocities of life fit together like a skillful game of Tetris. We have an account for why infants die, or why we can be completely loving and faithful to our partner, only to end up alone; it’s just our karmic comeuppance from cheating in a previous life.

Sure, we still might feel unhappy because our partner is now dating a princess from Bhutan, but at least we can mourn with a sense of ease, knowing there is some order to events in the universe, and that these personal painful events are just the fruits of old, bad karma. We can also rest easy because in the future, we’ll also reap the rewards of our fidelity—it just might take time.

If we stop here, then all is well.

However, if we push a little further beyond this logical seal, then we confront what we call “the administrative nightmare.” How can all those good and bad deeds possibly be kept track of? And not just in one lifetime, but across infinite lifetimes? What conceivable cosmic ledger could account for all those transactions? It seems like an administrative impossibility to coordinate that vast amount of information and organize events so everything unfolds correctly, and justice gets served to the right people, at the right time, in just the right way. The organizational details are so complex that it leads people to say that karma is some infinitely subtle, ineffable cosmic order, inaccessible to even the most sophisticated minds.

An even bigger problem is that, with infinite lifetimes, absolutely everyone would have enough karma for nearly anything to happen to them. Put it this way: we all have everything coming.