What Kind Of Karma Do You Have? – Find Out With This Interesting Quiz

What Kind Of Karma Do You Have? - Find Out With This Interesting Quiz

What kind of karma do you have? 

I think the best explanation for karma I’ve ever heard was that it is kind of like a box. When you do something good, you put it in the box. When you do something bad, you put it in the box. Periodically, you’ll reach into the box and pull something out. If you do more good things, you increase your chances of getting something good out of the box. If you do bad things frequently, you’re more likely to get something less than ideal out of the box.

Make sense?

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You influence your karma with the things you do in your life. It can open doors for you or keep them closed tight. It’s all in your actions!

To better understand this watch out the video 

Are you interested to know what kind of karma you have?

Find out with the interesting quiz below:

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What Kind Of Karma Do You Have – Mind Game
What Kind Of Karma Do You Have? - Find Out With This Interesting Quiz

74 thoughts on “What Kind Of Karma Do You Have? – Find Out With This Interesting Quiz”

  1. glyn john jenkins

    amazing,i love to travel am not afraid to try new experiences, and i am a recovering cancer patient.My life is good had some real tough timesBUT i just crack on.

  2. Yes I found this karma in myself as … Whenever I talk to someone I always teach them something from my life’s lessons.

  3. I do feel that I am at my last life, I’m wise beyond my years too and many other idiosyncrasies that James describe! So it was an amazingly accurate reading

    1. No i don’t found a guru still but i love this website thank you so much for letting us know so much after ourselves… May this good deeds come back to you

  4. I’m learning from my ups and downs but it’s on a level 1 thru 10 my learnings being a 3 and my anger and the thoughts that makes me angrier on a 7 so it’s like I’m learning but I’m not paying attention

  5. Wow, this is the 3rd time I have been told I am a carer and the truth is I am. I use to work as a Health Care Assistant for Care of the Elderly at Lewisham Hospital, till I’ll health took its toll. I now work privately in the community

  6. You have the Giver Karma! You’re a beautiful soul and you’re here to make up for past mistakes. No room for ego this time around! You’re here to give to others and help whenever you can. Look deep and bring out your inner humanitarian, because that’s your key to Nirvana. You’ve missed missed some opportunities in past, but here’s your chance to change it all with love and kindness. What are you doing to help others? Let us know in the comments!

  7. no ,no , and no ! I have no life and zero chances of anything adventurous or rebellious at all ! like f* no ! I am an exuberant soul in a dead world that won’t let me out ! i’m stuck with this life of the dead at 19 years old , and forever ! i don’t have a wild karma this is so wrong ! thanks for confirming to me how much i have no destiny! thank you !

  8. Lover Karma . . .Sicilians enjoy life good or bad, love because it’s your choice nobody’s perfect, laugh inside when you’re burnt out we’re all crazy beautiful, and theres age . . . you’re not running so savor what is good . . grow a garden build a fountain relax


  10. School of Hard Knocks Karma

    You have the School of Hard Knocks Karma! Your karma has been a mix of good and bad and you’re here to learn from the ups and downs of life. You may not feel all that lucky, but life has given you an incredible opportunity to really learn this time around. Every struggle that comes knocking on your door is a lesson in disguise! Each lesson makes you stronger and wiser. Learn your lessons now and you’ll be a true expert in life with real experience. Are you learning from your ups and downs?

  11. School of Hard Knocks Karm…. I don’t WANT to learn anymore. Hey, just give me a Million Dollars, Good Health, a loving man, & some good friends.

  12. Got a Mama Karma..and it’s me! …always for the good of others that’s why I was used by my ex husband. Now I know 🙂

  13. lol!!! a lot of people hated gandhi. a little girl is starving in somalia. life is unfair and karma is the ultimate con. if you smile at someone, they may not smile back. if you help someone, they may try to destroy your life for no reason. good women get raped by strangers everyday.

    1. I think karma is on a much larger scale then your examples. For instance birth had a overwhelming joyous affect on all those involved. Where as death has a negative and painful affect on all those connected, yet most if not all touched by the death did not experience the elation of the birth. Also, it is interesting that death being one of the only absolute truths in life, possesses a quality that is beyond comprehension and preparation.

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