How You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship: Fun Test


How You Hold Hands With Partner Reveal A Lot

When you love someone and are in a relationship with them, it’s the little things that matter, don’t they? Hugging, cuddling, holding hands with each other, going to sleep together at the end of a long day – these are the sweet, romantic things that make your bond stronger, and deeper. However, want to know something interesting? How you hold hands with each other can reveal a lot about your relationship, and the bond you share.

A small gesture like holding hands with your partner can say so much about how you feel about each other, and even the stage you are in the relationship. There are different kinds of hand-holding, and each one holds a different meaning and gives a glimpse into the kind of relationship you share with each other. So, ready to take a deep dive into this, and know more?

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How You Hold Hands With Each Other Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

1. Interlaced Fingers.

How you hold hands with your partner -interlaced fingers
How you hold hands with your partner

Couples who hold hands by interlocking their fingers have a strong, passionate connection with each other. You are head over heels in love with each other, and even if you have been together for a long time, that passion and excitement haven’t waned, even a little bit with time. Both of you have held on to that excitement from the initial days, and you still have eyes for only each other.

Interlocked fingers symbolize utmost happiness, immense passion, and exceptional romance. However, when you hold hands like this, it is important to make sure that both of you hold each other’s hands firmly because it’s not really a good sign if one of you is holding the other’s hand loosely, or in a very relaxed way.

2. Down-Facing Palm.

How you hold hands with your partner down facing palm
How you hold hands with your partner

If you hold hands with each other like this, it means that your relationship is mostly based on affection, and not passion. You have a happy, romantic, and emotionally healthy relationship, where things might not be red-hot and passionate all the time, but there is a strong understanding and love between you two. You know each other inside-out and are always there for each other through thick and thin.

Normally, in this kind of hand-holding, whichever person’s palm faces downward tends to have a more strong and more assertive personality, is more decisive, and tends to take more initiative than the other person. But this doesn’t mean they dominate the other person entirely, it’s just that their personalities are different, but the beautiful love is always there.

3. Loosely Gripping Hands.

How you hold hands with your partner - loosely griping hand
How you hold hands with your partner

When you are just starting to know each other, and are in the initial stages of falling in love, you loosely hold each other’s hands like this. When you softly grip each other’s hands, it shows that you are just getting to know each other, by starting a new connection, and there is still a lot of shyness between you two. There’s a certain kind of sweetness and romance, which is cautious and more subtle.

Try to notice who is initiating the hand-holding. The person who is reaching for the other one’s hand first is looking for a physical connection, and sometimes it also signals to others that you are ‘taken’ and ‘off the market’.

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4. Lacing Your Arms With Each Other.

How you hold hands with your partner - lacing your arm with each other
The way you hold hands

Couples normally hold hands like this, when they attend any kind of social and mostly, formal events. This is the ideal way of holding hands whenever you are socializing and mingling with other people at public events because it symbolizes sophistication and elegance.

However, if a couple tends to hold onto each other like this all the time, even outside of social events, then it means that the partner who is always seeking the other’s arm to hold on to is insecure about the relationship or is looking for safety and protection. Holding onto their partner’s arm is like holding to the relationship tightly, and never wanting to let go.

5. Holding Onto One Finger.

How you hold hands with your partner - holding onto one finger
The way you hold hands with your partner

When couples hold onto just one finger, it symbolizes their independence, despite being in a relationship. But this does not mean it’s an open relationship, it’s just that these couples value their personal space and independence, and don’t like sacrificing it in the name of love and commitment. Their privacy and individuality matter a lot, and they expect the other person to respect this.

The one-finger hold might also mean that the relationship is going through a sensitive time, and things are a bit fragile between the two partners because one of them wants to go back to being just friends with the other. Some feelings might be there, but it is not as strong as love.

6. Arms Draping Over The Shoulder And Holding Hands.

Arms Draping Over The Shoulder

Suppose you are sitting together on the couch and watching some Netflix, and their arm is draped over your shoulder and you are holding their hand. When you hold hands like this, it shows that both of you want to be as close to each other as you can, and want constant physical touch. You are kind of signaling that you are into this person, and want the world to know it.

Holding each other’s hands like this can also symbolize support and a strong emotional connection between you two.

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7. Putting Hands On Top And Bottom.

How you hold hands with your partner - putting hands on top and bottom
How you hold hands with someone you love

When you place your hands on top of your partner’s and also on the bottom of their hands, it shows that you are paying full attention to them, and to what they are saying. This way of holding hands also signals a kind of embrace where you are holding on to them with both hands. This is an extremely intimate way of holding hands, especially emotionally.

This physical skin-to-skin contact leads to a lot of oxytocin in your brain, and makes both of you feel loved, seen, heard, and understood. When you hold hands like this, you are telling each other that you will always be there for them, and at that moment, there’s nothing more important than the relationship you both share.

8. Not Holding Hands.

How you hold hands with your partner - not holding hands
How you hold hands says about your relationship

If both of you avoid holding hands with each other most of the time it means your relationship is not really in a good and happy place. If one of you doesn’t show any interest in holding hands with the other, it might mean they are not that into you. You might be together and in a relationship, but either it’s not progressing, or it has already run its course.

Another reason might also be that when your partner doesn’t seem very keen on holding hands, they are probably feeling shy or just want some space and privacy. This does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, because reserved and introverted people tend to need more space than people who are not introverted. Don’t immediately think the worst and take any rash decisions; maybe they are simply in a funk, and just want some time and space from you.

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So you see? How you hold hands with your partner can say a lot about what kind of a relationship you both share with each other, and also at what stage your relationship is in. Let us know how you hold hands with each other in the comments down below, and also don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about all this!

How you hold hands with your partner reveals a lot pin
How you hold hands meaning: What does the way you hold hands say about your relationship
How you hold hands with your partner reveals a lot pinop
Meaning of how you hold hands: The way you hold hands reveals secrets about your relationship
How You Hold Hands With Partner Reveal A Lot pin
How You Hold Hands With Partner Reveal A Lot detailed pin

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