How You Hold Your Phone Reveals Something About Your Personality: Phone Quiz


How Hold Phone Reveals Something About Personality

You know that tiny habits that we often overlook speak volumes about the kind of person you are. Right? Earlier I discussed how your style of writing’ X’ reveals whether you are ambitious, rebellious, or a perfectionist. This post focuses on how you hold your phone and what it says about your personality. Take this phone quiz now!

What kind of phone user are you? Carefully look at the image below.

How You Hold Your Phone Reveals Something About Your Personality
Four different ways of holding and operating a smartphone. choose how you hold your phone

There are four ways to hold your phone. Choose the way you hold your phone often.

Then read how you hold your phone reveals your personality type.

1. Holding the phone with one hand and using the thumb to scroll and type

The image about the phone personality test: if you hold your phone with one hand, you are a carefree person.

If you are comfortable holding your phone with a single hand, while using only your thumb finger to maneuver around your screen, then you – are a carefree, optimistic, and self-assured person. 

Based on how you hold your phone, it is indicated that you can accept what life throws at you and never complain. Being confident about your abilities you keep moving ahead grabbing every new opportunity in your path. And if required, you can take risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone to fulfill your goals and ambitions. 

Such an attitude brings you success in work, but not in relationships. When it comes to love and romance you tend to play safe and like to take things slow. Your partner may see you as detached or a person who is not serious about commitment. Once you are sure that your partner is one for you, there is no looking back. 

2. Holding the phone with both hands but using just one thumb to scroll and type

The image says if you hold your phone with both hands but use just one thumb to scroll, you are a pragmatic person.

If this is how you hold your phone, then you are pragmatic, intuitive, and wise.

You prefer to act in a cautious way, rather than take risks and suffer a huge loss. You are empathetic, caring, and brilliant at decoding other people’s characters. The ability to pay attention to details saves you from deception.

These qualities ease your dating life as you can pick the right partner for yourself on just one date. Once you have found the love of your life, you won’t take things slow. However, remember that haste makes waste. Think twice before committing to a relationship else you may end up with someone who is not worth your time, effort, and love. 

3. Holding the phone with both hands and scrolling and typing with both thumbs

The image says if you hold and operate your phone with both hands, you are an intelligent person.

This style of holding your phone says that you are intelligent, versatile, energetic, efficient, and a carefree person. 

You are quick at analyzing things and finding relevant solutions to any problem small or big. 

Survival of the fittest seems to be your mantra because you don’t resist change. You know how to adapt and tactfully handle the demands of different situations using a variety of skillset. 

At parties and celebrations, you are the most high-energy person. You maintain a carefree attitude in the company of children and a serious demeanor while having intellectual discussions. Yet, these qualities are not enough to attract whom you are dating. To spice up your romantic life you need to work really hard and prove your love.

4. Holding the phone with one hand and scrolling with index finger on the other hand

Holding the phone with one hand and scrolling with the index finger, on the other hand, means you're creative.

If this is your phone holding style, then you are a creative and spontaneous person.

Your rich imagination and unique ideas leave people spellbound. You can taste immense success whether you choose to be a painter or an author. Even though you are an outgoing person, you prefer solitude to re-energize yourself. 

In romantic relationships, you are shy and want your partner to make the first move. That doesn’t mean you lack interest in making new bonds. Once your partner realizes your unique and interesting personality, they will never leave your hand. 

How do you hold your phone? Could you relate to the smartphone usage patterns and personality traits mentioned above?  Let us know in the comments below.

If you enjoyed taking this phone personality test, share it with your friends.

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