Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius? QUIZ

Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius

Are you Genius or Schizophrenic? Here is a quick test to find out! No this is not a psychiatric or medical test, but an out-of-the-box quiz and you need to answer only two questions.

Sounds interesting?

We at MInd Journal are fond of mind games and have got plenty of fun, personality, love, trivia, lifestyle, intelligence quizzes; to entertain our readers, help them in time pass, assess their personality, find their talent, test their intelligence and much more. All our quizzes are mind-blowing and reveal results in just a few seconds.

Today’s quiz is specifically designed to have two questions that can be answered only by a schizophrenic or a genius person. 

Are you ready to find who you are?
Do you think you can answer these questions?

Please note, you need to observe the gif below each question and observe what you see. Be attentive, but don’t over analyse the questions or your responses. Answer in accordance with your feelings, if you want an accurate result. 

Are you ready? 

Here are the questions:

1. Is the mask convex on one side or two?

optical illusion - genius or schizophrenic?
Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius? QUIZ

2. Is the mask rotating in one direction or in two?

optical illusion test
Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius? QUIZ

Here are the answers:

Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius? QUIZ

1. The mask is convex only on one side.

2. The mask is rotating in the right direction.

This is called Hollow-Face illusion or Hollow-Mask illusion, an optical illusion that makes people perceive a concave mask of a face that appears as a normal convex face.

What It Means if:

1. You answered both the questions wrong? 

Then, you are a healthy person! Your brain inclines towards self-deceit. You can consider artificial forms and extra shadows or details correcting the picture. Whether you want or not you can swallow the hook of the illusion. 

2. You answered just one question correctly? 

Then it’s time for you to have a talk with a psychiatrist.

The brain of a schizophrenic lacks imaginative power and is bad at establishing connections between details. So, they see the face in the image as it is. They think it is concave and rotates in one direction.  People with schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms have a reduced tendency to interpret any kind of ambiguous 3D object as convex. 

3. You answered both questions correctly? 

There is not much difference between genius and Schizophrenic. Those geniuses have both types of thinking i.e they can think like a normal healthy person as well as like a schizophrenic. Genius personalities can switch between both types of thinking. So, they can see the illusion just like a normal or healthy person but also see the catch immediately. Their brain may stop perceiving the deceit if they want to. 

Who are you? Healthy? Genius? Schizophrenic?

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Are You Schizophrenic Or A Genius? QUIZ

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