What Gender Should You Actually Be? QUIZ

What Gender Should You Actually Be

Do you think your gender does not reflect the way you think? Have you wondered what is your true birth gender? Find out with this quiz!

Gender is the basis of our personality. Yet there are many women who think more like men than a sweet girl next door. More than household activities they take interest in sports, biking, and can even turn Rambo at work. 

On the other hand, there are men who are not very competitive in sports or trying to be macho monarchs but are more women like. They are taking care of kids or doing housework happily. Being masculine or feminine is not anymore about being a man or male gender and women or female gender respectively. 

A female can be independent, strong, assertive and a male can be emotional, sensitive, caring, and nurturing. These are not traits we associate with depending on gender. It makes no sense that because of our gender we have to have specific traits. 

You might be a guy who has a good knowledge of women’s fashion trends and you might be a girl who hates makeup. You may be a girl who loves to watch action/thrillers than a romantic movie or a guy who is afraid of bikes. 

So, what is your true gender?

Female or Male?

Take This Quiz To Discover What Gender Should You Actually Be!

This quiz contains 11 questions related to your lifestyle choices, work preferences, things you like to do, and so on. There are no private or personal questions asked. So don’t worry and enjoy the fun quiz! Only when you answer all the questions, we will reveal what gender should you actually be!

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What Gender Should You Actually Be
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