Are You a Psychopath? Lets see if You Can Pass This Test

Are You a Psychopath? Lets see if You Can Pass This Test

Are You a Psychopath?

A psychopath is a person who displays a psychopathic personality. That is a type of personality disorder that is marked by a lack of empathy for others, little to no inhibition, and general behavior that is antisocial in nature.

Individuals who are easy to anger, and who are quick to resort to violence without thinking about the future implications of their actions, are representative of such a personality. They often act aggressively to get what they want and along the way they fail to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others.

Here’s a test that will help you conclude if you are a psychopath, a narcissist, both or neither of them.

For a psychopath, the ends always justify the means, but only if that means it turns out that they get what they desire.

Whether or not an individual falls under this category, and to what degree, can be determined by a number of different diagnostic criteria.

Each test looks at a person’s choices, actions, feelings, and mindset to see whether or not they display the common characteristics attributed to a psychopathic personality.

Check out what Jon Ronson says about the psychopath test

This quiz uses one of those psychological tests to examine the taker’s degree of psychopathy, as well as their level of narcissism. Work through it to see if you can pass, and in the end, it will tell whether or not you are a psychopath.

Are you a psychopath? let us know if you passed the test in the comments below!

Are You a Psychopath Lets see if you Can You Pass This Test
Are You a Psychopath? Lets see if You Can Pass This Test

95 thoughts on “Are You a Psychopath? Lets see if You Can Pass This Test”

  1. Kristen, I was in the same situation in my marriage! Married to the biggest psychopath, narcissistic, physically & mentally abusive man, I’ve ever met, or had to deal w/ for over 3 years & I only tried that long, because we had a daughter, plus, he was so good at manipulating everyone around him! Thsnk God I never hsve to speak to or see him again, since my dsughter is grown! I’m glad you’re out too, it can really take it’s toll after a while!!

  2. I am not a Psychopath! I wonder how many people answered honestly(if we got the same questions?), that they’ve never shop lifted, or taken anything that didn’t belong to them? I did answer that question honestly, even though it wasn’t something I did often, or less than a handful of times when I was much younger, like when I was 4-10yrs old, a few times in my teens, but my degree of taking things that didn’t belong to me was not something I did on a regular basis & I’m ashamed to even have to tell people that I’ve done it, now that I’m older. Even though it may have been minor compared to what some people have done, for instance I took some change on occassion, that wasn’t mine to buy a soda, because I was so thirsty, or when I managed a clothing store, I took a couple tops & a pair of jeans, with all intentions of paying for them out of my next checks, which I know was wrong. I didn’t shop lift from stores, I was always terrified of getting caught, even though I was with other people doing it & trying to talk me into it, but held my own, I never a habit of stealing, & as an adult, I haven’t done it since. Some of the questions, like the true & false can be a bit tricky, even if you did 1 thing wrong, you have to answer True, or False, depending on what they are asking! I didn’t go into the test thinking I was a Psychopath, but I do know a few people who most definitely are, & not just Psychopaths, but also w/ Narcissistic personality disorders as well! Boy, weren’t they a real hoot to be around! .. NOT!

  3. I scored “absolutely not a psychopath”!
    They asked why am I even taking the test. I took it because even though he has not been diagnosed because he doesn’t need to see a doctor, I am as sure as I am a woman that my husband is about the worst kind of a narcissist! Married now 26 years and I’m finally realizing why our relationship is such a pile of .

  4. A psychopath? Me?! Come on!

    I am the nicest, most happy-go-lucky person out there!
    I always have a smile on my face, always have positive thoughts, LOVE helping others and surrounding myself with friends and family. What am I even taking this quiz for?

  5. Smart, assertive- but not a
    Psycopath – now ..why did I take this test? Do we all have something to be guilty about.. in our past, maybe? –

  6. Not a phycopath. I was a little because my life had not been perfect, but I guess no one’s is.

  7. Yes, I am an empathy – the complete opposite of a sociopath. Just took the test to see what it said.

  8. My result was a complete opposite of a psychopath – which I already knew.

    I do have a couple of psychopaths in my life which is challenging me.

    1. Same here. They drive me nuts but as soon as I identify them, I cut their asses off! They’ll make your life so miserable!

  9. I am not a sociopath!!:Good news!!! Just split with an ex who attempted to try tell me I was!!! To see later..she is!!!

  10. lol well I didnt think I was. but I did take the test honestly even admitting to stealing as a teenager 🙁 But I guess if someone was a psychopath they could not answer the questions truthfully if they wanted, they are very manipulative


  12. “Not A Psychopath”. Well, I’m not sure what different types of results were available, but I can hardly say I’m elated–LOL! I mean, I knew it was dime-store quality test, and most likely intended to be patronizing, but such an analysis makes me wonder if, according to their standards (I never had ANY doubts or misgivings, just took it for grins and chuckles) I’m just barely “Not” ….(lol) or are there other degrees of passing. Either way, I don’t need an internet quiz to indicate to myself my mental fitness. Ha, and this was with accidentally clicking one response improperly — “Have I ever shoplifted or stolen something” (or some similar such question). I intended to click “Yes” but my touch pad was too sensitive. Quite honestly, I think anyone that says they NEVER took something as a child that didn’t belong to them is just not being honest with themselves — although that’s based upon my experiences; I’m sure there are many that haven’t (maybe?). I disagree completely with the responses and mentality of the question ” Cheating is not fair to other people”. I think any anti-social behavior hurts OURSELVES primarily, besides hurting others. I don’t “Not kill, or Not steal, cheat, lie, etc…..ONLY because of the effects it will have on others; I believe it belittles OURSELVES and takes away from our OWN self esteem, whether or not it harms others. AND…the guilt I’d feel of hurting someone else would also be unbearable.
    Oh well, how can I get a copy of the results. My boss wants to know that I’m certifiable. LOL!

  13. Complete opposite! What a relief! After being in an emotionally abusive marriage where I was made to feel like everything was my fault and I was crazy, the result actually brought tears to my eyes. I know it’s just a quiz but the result was comforting. Emotional abuse is the worst no visible scars and you don’t realize it’s happening until its taken its toll. Somehow your abuser makes you feel responsible and it’s so hard to explain. It makes you feel stupid and crazy.

  14. Complete OPPOSITE!
    A psychopath? You?! Come on!

    You are the nicest, most happy-go-lucky person out there!
    You always have a smile on your face, you always have positive thoughts, you LOVE helping others and surrounding yourself with friends and family. What are you even taking this quiz for?

  15. Spot on. Like a lot of the other ladies I too wish I had not blocked my soon g o be Ex husband so quickly. He is a true Sociopath! Wow!

  16. I took this quiz because I thought it would be interesting, not just some self validating bull crap.

  17. "Complete opposite" too, but most psychopaths won't take the test, and if they do, most likely they will know what NOT to answer, especially since the description is given.

    1. A childhood acquaintance would score extremely high! However, like you blocked. Some ole feces should not be drudged up to find out what we already know without the rehash. lol

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