What Is Your Subconscious Mind Obsessed With? – Quiz

Subconscious Mind Obsessed

What Is Your Subconscious Mind Obsessed With?

Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of everything which your conscious mind cannot hold.

It tries to manifest itself in different ways like dreams and through intuitive signals.

Is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something?

What is your subconscious mind obsessed with?

Fear of losing someone? Nature? Sex? Food?

To know the answer, play the quiz.

Answer few questions wherein you have to look at image and choose the answer that best suits you.

We bet you will find out important things about yourself which you never knew before.

Share the result with your friends and enjoy the game.

What Is Your Subconscious Mind Obsessed With? - QUIZ
What Is Your Subconscious Mind Obsessed With?
Subconscious Mind Obsessed pin
Subconscious Mind Obsessed with pin

86 thoughts on “What Is Your Subconscious Mind Obsessed With? – Quiz”

  1. Whatever I do in the end it becomes wrong I always found my self sorounded by bad times ..fake peoples and financially I’ll … Doesn’t matter how much hard work I do its never get enough

  2. I think this is true but I also know that my mind both while asleep and awake…my mind is obsessed with finding true love and lust.

  3. Very true.. My subconscious is always obsessed with what other people think of me.. N thank you for the advice.. I will try to change it.

  4. Yaa I also think it’s true , I always have that kind of fear inside me.. I will take your advice and always keep that in my mind.

  5. nope . i and my subconscious are not obsessed with need for love . The first thing that i see as a constant in my life is the need to understand the mysteries that pique my curiosity . Secondly the thirst of knowledge . whenever i am not learning i am dying .there are few things i am obsessed with but love is not one of them . er , i am actually quiet non-emotional being .

  6. This is amazing! I really love nature and for me nature has a way of telling many stories that not everyone can see. That’s why I want to explore nature

  7. Need for love, for someone to believe in me, for my reality to make more sense, to stop comparing the worst side of me with the best side of people I meet. I just need love!

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