Are You More Of An Empath Or A Narcissist? QUIZ


a empath or a narcissist

Are you in the mood for self-introspection today? Trying to figure out whether you are a Narcissist or an Empath? Or do you have both traits? Here is a short, quick personality trait and narcissist/empath test to clear all your doubts and know yourself better.


An empath is someone who is very sensitive and connected to other people’s emotions, energy, motivations, and feelings.
They take into account the needs and desires of others and sometimes even take on other people’s emotions so that they literally can feel what that person (or animal) is going through.
When making a decision they do what is best for everyone around them, even if it means they may suffer or be negatively impacted.


A narcissist is someone who is more concerned with their own self rather than anyone else.
They put their own needs, wants, desires, and emotions first when deciding what to do and seek personal power and success over the greater good.

They do not take into account how their actions may hurt others in their quest for glory and social status, and they’re blind to the damage that they may, and often do end up causing.

Do you know both the above personalities are highly sensitive in nature? However, there is a difference. 
While Narcissists are sensitive only for themselves, empaths are sensitive to the whole world.
While a rare few people are complete empaths or narcissists, most others fall somewhere in between the two polar opposites.

According to Deakin Associate Professor in Psychology Ross King, narcissism is on rise. And this is evident from a longitudinal study in the US that found that college students have over the last 30 years show a rise in narcissism and a reduction in empathy. Four longitudinal and four cross-sectional studies conducted in China, New Zealand, and other places showed the same results.

Am I an Empath Or A Narcissist Quiz

How much narcissism is there in you can be measured by evaluating your answers to the questions posed in this quiz?

You need to answer around 8 questions about your lifestyle.
Relax! No personal or private questions asked.
So, don’t think much and answer each question spontaneously.

Take it now to figure out where you fall on the spectrum.
It’ll show you, in a different light, how you tend to view the world and others around you.

Click Let’s Start

Let us know your results in the comments below. We are happy to hear from you!
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Are You An Empath Or A Narcissist?
Are You More Of An Empath Or A Narcissist? - MIND GAME
Are You More Of An Empath Or A Narcissist? QUIZ
a empath or a narcissist pin
Are You More Of An Empath Or A Narcissist? QUIZ
a empath or a narcissist pinop
am I a narcissist or an empath quiz

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