The Way You Write The Letter ‘X’ Reveals Something About Your Personality: QUIZ

how do you write the letter x

How do you write X? Do you know your style of writing this small alphabet speaks volumes about your personality? 

According to certified master handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight, your X-writing style can reveal whether you are ambitious, rebel, generous, perfectionist, and much more. There are 8 different ways of writing X and I prefer the 7th one. Read on to know, which one do you use more and what it says about you.   

8 Ways To Write X And What It Says About Your Personality

1. From bottom right to top left, then bottom left to top to right

Write X Reveals Something Personality kind genorous

If you write X like this, then you are good at heart, a kind, and generous person. You hate talking negative things about others and rarely engage in riots, making you a reliable person. People are drawn to you because of your positive outlook on life. No one can make you unhappy because you live in the moment and appreciate what you have in life.

You believe in  “This will also happen”, which makes you adaptable to whatever life throws at you. At times, you have both feet stuck in the past, which stops you from moving on in life. 

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2. From bottom left to top right, then bottom right to top left

Write X Reveals Something Personality hardworking

You are hardworking and know how to face the challenges of life. But, you don’t let pride and arrogance take over you. Because you are aware of your roots, which keeps you grounded. It’s your attitude of gratitude that reminds you of your past experiences and how they shaped your character and personality.

You love to maintain your true self no matter what comes your way. But, writing X in this second pattern also indicates that sometimes, your past controls you. People pleasing and crowd fitting is not your cup of tea as you have worked very hard to be the person you are today. 

3. From top right to bottom left, then bottom right to top left

Write X Reveals Something Personality spontaneous

If you write X in this style, you are hard to predict because you are a spontaneous person and don’t have any comfort zone. You love to explore and question everything because you hate conventions and believe that nothing should be taken for granted. Looks like you’re a rebel without a cause. 

Having quite an interesting nature, people are attracted to you. No one can feel bored with your company as you always have surprising and interesting experiences to share. In the quest to experiment with life, you may break rules and cross your limits and the outcomes become your life lessons. 

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4. From bottom right to top left, then top right to bottom left

Write X Reveals Something Personality kind intuitive

You are an intuitive and positive person. When stuck in a rut or in need to make important decisions, you follow your intuition. Your instincts never misguide you when it comes to judging a person or a situation. You focus on the positive side of a person and always believe that time will bring positive changes in you and those around you. However, sometimes you are tempted to move backward even when focused on the future.

5. From top left to bottom right, then bottom left to top right

Write X Reveals Something Personality ambition

You’re an ambitious person driven by high self-motivation and courage to go to any extent to get what you want. Your motto is “Never give up”. You don’t like people telling you what they think you can or should do. Because you are the master of your life, live by your own rules and have wisdom enough to pave the right path for yourself.

You are always against living life as per people’s expectations. And invest your time and energy doing things that will add value to your life. It is this attitude that people admire and respect you. 

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