What Is Your Secret Dream About Love? Find Out With This Optical Illusion Test

what is your secret dream about love

What do you often dream about dating, falling in love, or marriage? Sometimes people have secretly hidden dreams about love and they themselves are not aware of it. Find out with this optical illusion test!

Every person in this world is unique. No two people undergo the same experiences in love and relationships, therefore, we all have different visions and dreams about love and romance. 

So, here is a personality test based on an optical illusion to help you know your private dreams about falling in love and how far or close it is to our day-to-day reality. 
Knowing this will help you figure out what is and is not working in your relationship and how to handle it when your partner doesn’t meet your expectations. 

All you need to do is carefully look at the image below and note what catches your attention first. 
Once done, read below your most secret dream about love.

What Is Your Secret Dream About Love? Find Out With This Optical Illusion Test
Oleg Shupliak

1.The Flowers

If flowers catch your attention when you first looked at the image then your secretly hidden dream is that romance never fades. 

But, in reality romance is never constant. Some days your partner may be so romantic that you feel like living a reel life, while other days you may miss even basic chivalry. 

You can’t always expect your partner to profess his love for you the way your favourite onscreen couples do. It’s wrong to consider your relationships negative if they don’t shower you with gifts, chocolates and flowers all the time. Rather cherish those beautiful moments when they are very romantic. 

2. The Butterflies

Seeing butterflies, when you first looked at the image, means  your secret dream about love is that it conquers all.

You fiercely believe that love can conquer all the obstacles in its way, despite past failures in love and parental separations.  Being optimistic is always beneficial, but you need to remember the reality. Your dreams and plans for your relationship may not coalesce with the person you love. And that’s the case with many married couples as well. 

Even if you and your partner have two seperate ways of living, what matters most is spending time together in a loving way. 

3. The Sky

If the sky is the first thing you see when looking at the image, your secret dream about love is intimacy in the bedroom all of the time. 

No matter how passionate your relationship is, you can’t expect to be wrapped up in your partner 24/7. Lfe gives both roses and thorns, so your physical side of love too will have its high and low periods. 

You need not doubt your relationship, because it’s quite normal to experience change or shift in desire from time to time.  

4. The Woman’s Face 

If this is what you saw first in the image, then your secret dream about love is that it will complete you.

Now, if you don’t feel complete in your current relationship, don’t think of ending it. Just like you can’t clap with a single hand, you can’t strengthen your love life all alone. You and your partner should pour in equal efforts and time, to strengthen your bonding and relationship. 

Life is not a fairy tale, no hard work will surely doom the relationship! 

What did you see first?

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What Is Your Secret Dream About Love? Find Out With This Optical Illusion Test

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