How Much Common Sense Do You Have? Personality Test

Common Sense Do You Have

How Much Common Sense Do You Have?
Common sense is a sound, practical judgment that a person gains through different life experiences. Practical decision-making based on strong knowledge of your culture, surroundings, and people around you and the ability to imagine the consequences of something you do.

Nobody is born with this skill. It simply manifests itself as you grow up! You don’t need any formal training to develop common sense.

It’s not rocket science and can be learned easily by being more mindful and self-aware.

Every person is unique and has a varying degree of natural common sense in their personality. Irrespective of the level of your child’s common sense and intelligence, you can still teach him to make most of their abilities and help them develop it wisely and thoughtfully.

Living in present and reflecting on situations before you make decisions, will help you go a long way. It stops us making irrational mistakes and makes it easier to make choices on what to do.

Most of us are so scientific when we think, that our harsh logical reasoning often gets us in trouble.

We need to often take things at the face value and not read between lines and past the surface.

Do you get distracted by other irrelevant stimuli while focusing on the target stimuli?

Check yourself with this tricky quiz.

Click start and you will need to answer around 12 questions. After completing all of them you will get to know how much common sense you have.

Be relaxed and don’t rush as there is no time limit.

Play this game right now and share the results with your friends.

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How Much Common Sense Do You Have? Personality Test
Common Sense You Have
How Much Common Sense Do You Have? Personality Test

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  1. Avatar of Andrea

    Yes honestly that’s so true I was like that from little and was also very shy or very bold so to speak

  2. Avatar of Andrea

    Thanks for believing in little old me .l only have one suggestion .if I don’t know the answer just allow me to honestly say I don’t know lol

  3. Avatar of Andrea

    But im just an average person trying to survive like everyone out there its just that I love and appreciates everything and everyone around me so we all should try to be positive and expect the unexpected

  4. Avatar of infranscia .

    A bit hand-holdy in some ways (the answers can sometimes get clues), but a got ‘perfect.’ I’d argue the Noah’s Ark question is phrased wrong, given what the ‘correct’ answer apparently is. XD

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