Who Would You Help First? Your Answer Reveals Your Personality


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Who Would You Help First Reveals Personality

Our choices reveal a lot about our personality, especially at times of stress. This personality test exactly does so. So who would you help first – the nurse, handicapped man, crying child, or old woman?

All you have to do is look into the picture and choose the person you are going to help first. Your response should be the first one that comes to mind. Don’t however think too much. Look at the picture and think if you’re in a difficult situation, what would you do first?

Now that you have chosen one, scroll below to read what it tells about you

Check your answer and you will be amazed how your choice in what would you do first reveals secrets about your dominant personality traits.

Who Would You Help First

Results To Know Your Personality – Who Would You Help First?

1. If You Chose The Nurse

If You Chose The Nurse
Who Would You Help First Quiz To Know Your Personality

Helping the nurse means you are a happy-go-lucky person

The nurse is probably the one in the picture who is not in need of serious help. Choosing to help her out signifies you are an easy-going person. You are not bothered about the serious problems in this world. You probably saw the nurse first and helped her by picking up her files.

You are attracted to bright colours of life and you are so optimistic in nature that you believe others around you will be just fine. You communicate easily. 

Having a laid back attitude, you have a strong belief that dark phases in life are just temporary. Being a happy-go-lucky person, you hate getting restricted in the 4 walls of a room. You are free-spirited and adventurous.

2. If You Chose The Man with the Crutch

If You Chose The Man with the Crutch
What Would You Do First?

Helping the guy with the crutch means you are a born leader

The picture shows the guy with the crutch falling down. Helping him first signifies you are a born leader.  You can see the guy walking with a crutch and you don’t want him to lose his time waiting for help. You help him get on his feet and leave.

This reflects your leadership skills. You are the heart and soul of the party. You help others and you attract strong people. Helping the guy becomes your priority because you appreciate he is trying to walk on his own in spite of his broken leg. 

You are dynamic in nature, organized, rational, and extremely focused in your life.

3. If You Chose The Crying Child

If You Chose The Crying Child

When you help the crying child, it means you are an empath

The child is crying and nobody knows the actual reason. Babies cry for a lot of reasons; some might be extremely serious and some might be otherwise. Helping out the baby signifies you are extremely sensitive and cannot tolerate others’ suffering.

You understand that the baby cannot express their pain and hence, crying was the only way of expression. However, what you don’t know is the reason of crying.

The reason can be anything. It can be a serious case of a lost child or it might happen that the baby’s mother is just nearby and the baby is crying because they don’t want to be alone and is merely seeking attention.

Jumping into helping the baby without knowing the actual signifies that you respond to anyone’s call for help. This has led to you getting hurt a lot of times.

‘Don’t let others take advantage over you,’ is probably something you hear often from your well-wishers. Your friends depend on you and find peace after talking to you.

You are affected by others’ emotions and have a strong sense of spirituality.

4. If You Chose The Old Lady

If You Chose The Old Lady
Who Would You Help First? The Your Dominant Personality Traits: Mind Game

Helping the old lady means you are optimistic with a high sense of morality

The picture clearly shows that the old lady needs help while walking. Since she is wearing dark spectacles, one cannot infer whether she is blind or not. 

Helping her out signifies that you have been brought up with a strong ethical sense. You cherish traditional values, and have a deep respect for culture and heritage.

Your respect for elders, and your willingness to help them knowing well that they cannot probably return you back the favor reflects your altruism.

You are optimistic in nature and understand that no matter how old a person is, they can still contribute to this world and you consider it to be your duty to help them. 

So what’s your dominant personality trait? Share this help first quiz with your friends and family!

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  1. Annu Avatar

    I chose 2 but not for the reason i memtioned, I thought he is falling and woll break more bones after that, so for me he was in the urgent need of help
    And after that, the baby, then the old lady, then the nurse.. Because nurse may not even need help

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