Who Dies if E Pushes The Stone? Brain Test


Who Dies if E Pushes Stone

Brain Test: As you can see from the picture, all you have to do is analyze it and guess who dies if E pushes the stone to the slide on the slope. This fun quiz is sure to boost your cognitive function!

First, you need to keep in mind that the rock will roll down normally despite its crescent shape. Also, keep in mind all the physics and the terrain while you analyze things.

Who Dies if E Pushes The Stone?

who dies if E pushes stone
Who dies if E pushes the stone answer

Here are the possible answers to who dies if E pushes the rock in this puzzle:

Answer 1: D and C

Answer 1 D and C
‘E’ pushes the stone

“D” may die first as it clearly appears from the above scene that E has some grudge against D and has planned to kill him. But what if the crescent-shaped stone rolls down and hits the balance under which C is lying? In that case, C may die too (provided the rock is very heavy)!

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Answer 2: D, C, and E

Answer 2 D C and E
Who Dies if E Pushes The Stone Puzzle

As per the above interpretation if both D and C are killed, then it is highly likely that the first stone pushed by “E” hits the balance, thereby, causing other stones on the balance to jump upwards and hit E in the end.

So, by pushing down one stone, D, C, and E – three are killed. However, this is possible only if the first rock was heavy enough to fling the big rock on the other side of the seesaw.

Answer 3: D, C, and B

Answer 3 D C and B
Who Dies if E Pushes The Stone Solution

It may also happen that the second stone on the balance surge upwards and hits “B” instead of “E”. If this is true, then there will be three casualties – D, C, and B. But, this is possible only if the rock is heavy enough!

Answer 4: Only D

Answer 4 Only D
Riddle answer

Only D and possibly C die!

Keep in mind that the crescent rock does not have the same mass as the rock on the seesaw. Despite both rocks having the same diameter, the crescent rock has a huge missing section. Therefore, when E rolls down the crescent rock, it will not have enough mass to fling the big rock on the other side of the seesaw.

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The only other person who could possibly die is C, but that is only if the crescent rock is heavy enough to lower the seesaw’s plank. 

Going by the logic, answer 4 is the correct answer!

Did you guess it right as to who dies if E pushes the stone? Let us know in the comments down below. 

Who Dies E Pushes Stone pin
Who Dies if E Pushes The Stone puzzle
Who Dies if E Pushes Stone pin
who dies if e pushes the stone solution

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  1. Dave Marlowe Avatar
    Dave Marlowe

    This whole question is full of red herrings. Here are, hopefully, reasonable assumptions:
    1. Both rocks are made of same material. One is lighter due to the piece missing.
    2. E just pushes just enough to start the roll downhill. No vengeance, no running start.
    3. D does not duck.
    4. Seesaw is strong enough NOT to snap and the wedge, on C’s side, will stop the rock 1 from rolling over to rock 2’s side.
    5. Rock 2 is narrower than the pit that B is in.
    D will die as the opening in rock 1 does NOT align with D’s head. Even though rock 1 is lighter it has momentum but NOT enough to launch rock 2 into the air. It will cause the seesaw to raise rock 2 to the point that it will spill over the wall and kill B. As rock 1 raises rock 2 the spikes will lower and kill C. When rock 2 completely leaves the seesaw the weigh of rock 1 will insure that the spikes are thoroughly embedded into C. C will die a second or 2 before B does.
    But like I said, this is a bogus scenario as there are no details or assumptions provided. There could be a few correct possible outcomes and many crazy, wildly impossible outcomes. If the author was looking to see the maximum width and breadth of solutions they have achieved that here (including mine).

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