Which One is Not A Family? Psychological Personality Test

Not Family Psychological Personality Test

Which one is not a family? Take this psychological test to know things about your personality that you didn’t know before.

There are an array of factors that influence our health including relationships. According to a study on personality, relationships and health – our social relationships (e.g our spouses, our family) can influence our health.

Another study that investigated the impact of social isolation on health found that people who are socially isolated have the same risk of inflammation as those who are physically inactive.

The kind of relationships (with family members and others) we make right from our early years of life have a profound impact on how we view the world, our psychology and personality.

While healthy relationships facilitate self-expansion, unhealthy relationships might make you a worse person. 

The psychology test in this post will help you figure out how your relationships have shaped your personality.

You have to carefully see the given picture comprising of three families each having- a mother, a father and a child. And, then identify – which one out of three is not a family?

The results fall into three categories even though there is only one answer. Your answer reveals your thought process and personality.

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If Your Answer is #1

Then, you are someone who is not family-oriented and mostly prioritize friends and colleagues. The reason you have picked this family is probably you think that the father in the picture is careless about the child and the mother.

Or you may think that the mother keeps the child away from the father who seems irresponsible. Although you have picked this as a fake family, it is still a real family where the mother is found to hold the child and protect her from an uncaring father. 

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Your answer hints that you may have grown up without a strong father figure. Your interpretation also reveals that you are a caring person. You want to improve other people’s lives and enjoy that sense of happiness. You may not know what a real family is, but your motherly instincts drive you to protect others from the kind of pain you have suffered in your life. 

If your answer is #2

Then you are a family-oriented person and value loved ones more than anything in this world. You may have found this family as fake because the elders are too focused on themselves. Both the mother and father are ignoring the child and not even holding each other’s hands.    

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Your interpretation indicates that you believe family should be an important and first priority. Those who put their family needs first can build stable and long-lasting relationships. You come across as a person who always wants loved ones to be happy. Hence, you put the effort into establishing trust and sustaining commitment.

If your answer is #3

Then you may have a traumatic past or been into a dysfunctional family. Because family 3 is a happy and loving family. The picture depicts caring and loving parents as well as good bonding with the child. It’s hard to believe this family is fake!

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Your opinion hints at negative thinking and psychological illness and a lack of trust. Such perception may have resulted from bad parenting and poor relationships right from a young age. You may have witnessed abuse, violence, or parental separation in childhood, resulting in an improper understanding of what a healthy family is. 

Did you rightly guess?

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Which One is Not A Family
Not Family Psychological Personality Test Pin
Which One is Not A Family? Psychological Personality Test

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