Who’s the Real Mother of The Child? Your Answer Will Reveal Your Personality: TEST

Real Mother of The Child

Who do you think is the real mother of the child in this picture, and choose carefully because your answer can reveal a lot about your personality. The results of this quiz fall into two categories. As shown in the picture, there are two ladies in a room who are sitting opposite each other while a toddler boy plays on the floor.

Both the women sitting in the room seem like they can be the child’s mother, don’t they? But obviously only one of them is. So take a good look at the picture, and choose which woman you think is the real mother. And no cheating!

chose woman left Both

Here Is What Your Answer Reveals About Your Personality

1. If you chose the woman on the left.

chose woman left

This is the answer that 70% of the people chose. And it is wrong. It might be possible that you weren’t really in a mental state to discern the details of the image.

However, it also might be that some of the traits in you might be unique to you and you only.

You are a creative one. Ever since you were little, you were the one who made the best science model or had the most beautiful dollhouse. You also had imagination on your side: It was easy for you to visualize things in your mind before they even were penned down. A young Nikola Tesla! And thanks to this, you were also highly sought out as a friend because with great imagination comes unique humor.

You also have a very unique taste in music and art which makes your opinion very valuable in most social situations. Also extending from the things above, you possess great goodness and actual empathy which makes your advice very helpful.

You are a hard-worker and there’s a high possibility that your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Perhaps you did not stand out for superior intelligence, but your courage, tenacity, and effort have led you to succeed. To form a family is one of your priorities and we do not doubt that in the future it will be fulfilled if it has not already become a reality.

And last but not the least, you value money. After all, it’s okay to be sad in life, but it’s better to be sad in a plush apartment with a tub of good ice cream.

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2. If you chose the woman on the right.

chose woman right

When toddlers play, they subconsciously face their parents as an act of asking for approval. So dear friend, you have nailed the correct answer. The lady on the right side of the picture is one who’s the real mother.

This proves the existence of intelligence in you that is far superior to what you think.

Your brain’s left hemisphere is highly developed. This is the region associated with logic and reasoning. Don’t be surprised now about all the times you were the first to answer a question in class. Your rationality makes you a great practical adviser and you are also sociable because you know that is an important source of experience from which you can learn.

In addition to a more conventional sense of humor that is delightful, you are sincere with trust and are very good with secrets.

You also seem to have a sensual streak: when it comes to romantic endeavors, you were the one who was wooed; because simply, your practicality makes your personality scintillating.

Your dream trip would be with friends and loved ones but when it comes to introspection, you are a hermit.

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Do you agree with our results?

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Source:  Simple Capacity
Who’s the Real Mother of The Child? Your Answer Will Reveal A Lot About Your Personality
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69 thoughts on “Who’s the Real Mother of The Child? Your Answer Will Reveal Your Personality: TEST”

  1. I also chose #2 and it seems like #1 is looking straight forward towards #2 and #2 is looking at a downward glance to watch her child in case something unexpectedly happens.

  2. I chose the correct one not for your reason but because her legs are unfolded & she looks like she could move in an instant; you know how fast toddlers can move! P.S. Your word “feel”is misspelled. You wrote “fell”.

  3. I picked #2. The child is facing her and because of her flat shoes. Little kiddos are difficult to catch when wearing heels.

    1. shivshakti enterprises

      I also picked #2 bcz she is in sitting position ready to move for the child in deed help

  4. Cathy Southworth

    Right on the money.. i picked the mother on the right. Only because she was leaning forward.

  5. Karina Stroobants

    Ik koos de vrouw rechts omdat een kleuter wanneer hij speelt altijd naar zijn moeder kijkt om te zien of ze er nog is…oogcontact of te tonen wat zijn spelletje inhoud

  6. I chose the woman on the right because her foot was pointed at the toddler. Women tend to face one foot pointing toward people that are their mind is focusing On. Idk. Maybe my subconscious just knew

  7. I enjoy the quiz and am glad to have my intelligence affirmed. For the same reason given, I chose the lady on the right bcoz children always want to see their parents for security reasons also.

  8. Lucifer Morning star

    No , ans was right but description ia little bit wrong u see i am not intrested in telling the ans first

  9. I commented answer 2 because the way she was sitting. The mother will never sit in a comfortable position if she has a small child

  10. I chose 2 because she has the baby in sight. The 1st woman is clearly looking at the 2nd woman’s face. 2nd woman has also frowned, which provides *tunnel vision* on the part of the field she’s observing. And judging by the calm look on the 1st woman’s face, I can tell the 2nd woman is not looking at her, so she’s looking at the child.

  11. Prabhjot Aulakh

    I think it was 1 coz if the baby was in her lap ,she would make him sit with his back facing her mother as in the picture

  12. I thought it was mother 2 because of the hair colour , i had no other evidence to go on so i just went on the hair colour

  13. I thought #2 was frowning based on her eyes and I thought she was irritated and not the mom

  14. I choose #2.

    Look at the drawings of the body language.

    In #1, the leg is left over right, eyes looking in front. Suggesting that her body is away from the child.

    In #2, the left leg is geared towards the child. The eyes are drawn like a slit becos this is an angular side profile which many has mistaken for bitchy eyes.

  15. I see a Grandmother, on one side. Going by her dress, shoes and patient, calm, relaxed demeanor. I see a young Mom, on the other side. Tense.

    Real Mother is the one on the edge of her seat.

  16. 2 because her body is facing the child, and the child is facing her, her body language shows that she’s very attentive to the child, look at the direction her legs are facing and her sitting position and she seems to be happy.

  17. I think is the number 1. Because 1. The child and the woman have the same color, 2. her face is looking down on the child, and 3. the position of the child how he was sited is showing also she is his mother.

  18. The drawing is wrong. It should be the same mother (face) on both sides in order to judge in the point of view explained here. In fact, I see a bitchy face and a gentile face as mothers, in this sketch. Of course, ppl would choose the motherly face. So this question is a kind of joke.

    1. I agree that there are 2 different facial expressions. I made my decision based on that and that alone. I didn’t like the idea of a mother with a bitchy looking face so I went with the softer looking face. It had everything to do with facial expressions for me.

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