What Is Your Deepest Fear: Discover With This Visual Personality Test


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Visual Personality Test Reveals Deepest Fears

We all may have some of the deepest unconscious fears buried within us. This visual personality test has the ability to reveal a person’s unconscious fear, which they might not even realize themselves. What is your deepest fear?

Fear is a natural response toward potential danger. However, our psyche might associate strange symbols with potential danger just because we have unresolved emotions in our unconscious mind.

The picture that we are going to show you is a perfect picture of psychoanalysis of your deepest unconscious fear.

The picture itself triggers your unconscious mind to link figures with fear because it shows a subliminal message of a skull, the symbol of fear. It gives your unconscious mind a note of fear. The first figure you see reveals much about your biggest fear as it is the first thing you associate this unconscious trigger with.

The psychoanalysis test is quick and easy. Its effectiveness is astonishing. All you have to do is read about the first figure that caught your eye. Take a look:

What Did You See First?

What is your deepest fear
What Is Your Deepest Unconscious Fear: Psychoanalysis Test With The Picture Itself

Do not overthink it! Check below your results

Results: If You Noticed First

1. Little Girl

Deepest Unconscious Fear
What Is Your Deepest Fear Quiz: Discover With The First Thing You See

If the first figure you saw in this picture was the little girl, your fears stream from repressed emotions that come from your childhood.

There are numerous types of events that can mark a child’s mind. If they are not properly elaborated, they can surface in adulthood in the shape of fears, addictions, cognitive patterns, and inappropriate desires.

The relationship with your mother is crucial to your emotional development. If the child had to spend too much time away from the maternal figure, or if the mother has given little or no affection during early childhood, it is possible that everything is projected unconsciously through fears.

This way the child might develop a fear of making decisions or taking responsibility.

The trauma doesn’t have to be in childhood, it can be immediately in the infancy, or even in the perinatal phase, during gestation or delivery.

2. Butterfly

What’s The First Thing You See In This Picture Reveals Your Unconscious Fear

The butterfly is one of the symbols that is usually linked with a positive meaning. However, there is a deeper unconscious meaning to this symbol that derives from a darker place.

According to the interpretation of dreams, the butterfly is a sign of changes and beginnings.

A bright and colorful butterfly is a sign of good hope, a new happening in one’s life while a colorless butterfly is linked to the unrealized opportunity that would have served us.

The spiritual meaning of this symbol is a conveyor of souls in the afterlife. It leads the butterfly to the world of the dead.

If the first thing you saw in this picture was the butterfly then your unconscious fears stream from the fear of death or the other side that is the fear of not living, missing chances. You could also resist feeling suppressed emotions of grief by close people who are not there anymore.

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3. Strawberry

What Is The First Thing You See Quiz

The strawberry placed perfectly in the center of the image and in size far greater than the fruit actually is in reality, represents the heart. The strawberry is represented as a symbol of love for a long time ago. Well, a better representation would be a symbol of the produce that comes from love’s pain.

There is even a legend that says: because of Adonis’ death, Goddess Venus could not stop crying, and every tear that fell on the ground produced strawberries.

If the first figure you saw is that of strawberry, what you are looking for is in your heart. Your greatest fear streams from the unconscious resistance you have towards love.

The origin of this fear and of such emotional resistance towards something as beautiful as love often comes from childhood and how our parents expressed their feelings about each other in front of us. However, it might come from a brutal heartbreak in one of your first relationships.

The exaggerated size of the strawberry reveals how much love you have to give. It says that there is so much love you are suppressing in yourself that you are afraid to give because you think you will be punished.

4. Spider

What’s The First Thing You See In This Picture Reveals Your Unconscious Fear

A spider is one of the most common fears among people. It’s an evolutionary survival mechanism that made us extra aware of little dangers that could have surrounded us.

However, a spider as a symbol streams from a deeper unconscious fear that our surrounding is not safe.

If you’ve seen the spider figure first on this picture it means that your unconscious fears come from your inability to feel completely safe in an environment.

You always look into the details and try to find something wrong and dangerous even in the safest places. This constant outlook for danger prevents you from completely surrendering to beautiful and happy moments, and you usually overthink every plan. Anxiety and panic attacks might be something you struggle with.

This unconscious fear of not being safe often comes by an overactive amygdala in combination with apprehensive behavior. You might have been raised among people who worry too much, or it might be a mindset you’ve developed yourself.

5. Trees

What You See First Reveals Your Deepest Unconscious Fear

The tree is a powerful psychological symbol. One of the best psychoanalytical tests evaluates the person’s psyche by the position they draw a tree on a piece of paper.

The tree is the symbol of our roots and in this case, it has a deeper symbolism. Two trees forming a bridge are likely to mean that within us there is an inner conflict that we have not yet been able to solve. An emotional split that we can’t merge.

If one of the first things you saw on this picture was the two trees it means that your biggest fears stream from accepting this unconscious emotional split. You are afraid of accepting some part of yourself as yours. You develop your identity around this shadow self-resisting to merge it with yourself.

Most of us know our biggest doubts and uncertainties very well. However, the effect is not the same as when someone else reveals them to you.

Precisely for this reason, the best thing would be to consult someone who has an outside point of view, without any preference or predetermined opinion, as it may help us to see the situation differently. Facing your shadow self can be a powerful thing.

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6. Teddy Bears

The one way that every kid can always find comfort is by hugging their teddy bear. It’s the getaway place for every kid, a place of understanding, safety, and even warmth.

That’s what a teddy bear symbolizes, a friend who is unconditionally understanding, a safe place full of warmth and love. When fear is around every kid hugs its teddy, that’s children’s natural response.

However, the teddy bears on this picture are kind of twisted, and the fact that you saw them first reveals something interesting. You are afraid of being afraid.

This fear streams from an unconscious trauma that probably happened sometime in your childhood, an event when you experienced fear and had nothing to comfort yourself with.

7. A Skull

What Did You See First In This Visual Personality Test

If you saw the skull first, then you are someone who has a hard time being decisive, and you struggle greatly with making decisions; especially when faced with big, important ones. This might be due to self-esteem issues, which is why you sometimes do not trust yourself to do the right thing.

Your self-esteem issues may stem from the fact that you were never appreciated and acknowledged by your parents, and close ones for your achievements, and was always made to feel like that you are not good enough.

There can be another interpretation for you seeing the skull first. Unconsciously, you are scared of death, and the prospect of life ending someday. Even though you don’t show it, the fear of death can sometimes mentally, and emotionally cripple you.

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The First Thing That You See On This Image Reveals Your Deepest Unconscious Fear
What Is The First Thing You See Quiz
See First Reveals Deepest Unconscious Fear pin
What Did You See First In This Visual Personality Test
Visual Personality Test Reveals Deepest Fears pin

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