The Two Islands: This Personality Test Will Reveal Your Priorities In Life

The Two Islands

Below is the story of two islands. Read the whole story, and try to answer as quickly and spontaneously as you can. Your answers in this interesting personality test will reveal a lot of things about your character and personality, which maybe you also had no idea of. Also, no cheating!

Read the story below and answer as spontaneously as possible.

There are two neighboring islands. On one island, lives only two men, a civilized man, and an uncivilized savage. The other island is inhabited by many people, and among them lives a girl who is madly in love and in a relationship with the civilized man.

The girl wants to go over to the other island to meet him, so she asks the only boatman on her island how much it would cost him to take her there. The boatman replies that he is not interested in money, and all she has to do is stay naked in the boat. The girl is disgusted and heartbroken hearing this. Due to this difficult predicament she is in, she goes to the island’s wise man and asks for his advice.

The wise man listens to her story attentively, and after she is finished, simply tells her one thing – “Do what your heart tells you, my child”. The girl listens to her heart, and tells the boatman she will do what he wants, as long as takes her to the other island. He agrees and they set sail.

However, when they reach the other island, the uncivilized savage goes crazy seeing her naked body, catches hold of her, and rapes her. While this is going on, the civilized man comes upon the scene, and witnesses everything. He completely loses his temper and tells the girl that she is not good enough for him anymore, he never wants to see her ever again, and ultimately asks her to leave.

Now assess the five main characters of the story (civilized man, uncivilized savage, girl, wise man, and boatman), from a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the best person with the best character, and 5 being the worst person with the worst character.

Now once you are done, read the interpretations of your choices below.

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Interpretations Of Your Answers

Each character of the story and your choices represent your life priorities.

1. Girl – your desire and need for a happy and emotional relationship.

2. Wise Man – signifies how much you depend on rationality and logic.

3. Boatman – your thirst for earning money.

4. Civilized man – how much you care about other people’s opinions.

5. Uncivilized savage – how vital sex is for you.

How did you the rank the characters, and what did you get? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

The Two Islands: An Unusual Personality Test That Will Surprise You !
The Two Islands: An Unusual Personality Test That Will Surprise You!
The Two Islands: An Unusual Personality Test That Will Surprise You !
Two Islands: Personality Test
The Two Islands pin

40 thoughts on “The Two Islands: This Personality Test Will Reveal Your Priorities In Life”

  1. 1. Wise man 2. Girl 3. Boatman 4. Savage 5. “Civilized” man. I question applying the label of civilized to a man who saw his sweetheart raped and a. didn’t try to protect her, and b. had the unmitigated gall to blame her. He’s no more civilized than the savage.

  2. Savage = Uncontrolled
    Civilized man = Vain
    Girl = Naive and Impatient
    Boatman = Greedy in a weird merchant-like way
    Wise man = Disconnected from reality
    Author = All of the above

  3. Girl- innocence, only wanted to be happy. Maybe a little naive

    Civilized- I wasn’t sure where to rank him. He is just as terrible as the boatman.

    Boatman- disgusting. Let his desires get in the way of the girl’s safety and his professionalism.

    Uncivilized- Abhorrable

    Wise Man- Being the wise man, he did not give her good advice. He knew what could happen, he should have warned her of those possibilities and THEN told her to make a decision.

  4. Wiseman – he gave her good advice, to follow her heart, and to make her own decision
    Girl – earnest, honest, gutsy
    Savage – acted on base instinct
    Boatman – manipulative, capitalised on the girl’s predicament
    Civilised – simply loathsome

  5. The wise man wasn’t so wise otherwise he would have figured out all the possibilities of what could go wrong and also he would have known the boatman was a sleaze taking advantage of the situation. If it was a wise woman I am sure she would have given the girl diff

  6. 1. The girl – becos of r earnest desire to overcome anything and everything for love
    2. Wiseman – for giving the rite advice.also it wud test how badly she really wanted it
    3. Boatman – it was a pure bargain and no pressure..All traders want to score the best’s in every trade, why ridicule him..the girl had a choice to walk away from the deal or wait for the lover to come meet her
    4. Savage – for the pure genius act of abusing a women n disrespecting her
    5. Civilized man – he didn’t care about her intent or the troubles she bore, and broke her trust..he didn’t respect anddidnt love the girl enough

  7. 1. The girl’s motive is pure and simple (++)
    2. The wise man’s fault is down to sin of omission (+).
    3. The ‘savage’ is a savage his reaction is instant (0).
    4. Both civilized man and boatman have behaved badly
    5. The motive of the boatman is pure lust.

  8. 1. The girl, who was young and inexperienced, acted foolishly, but only after asking advice from a ‘wise’ man.
    2. The ‘wise’ man gave advice to the girl to follow her heart, even though this obviously meant the girl cooperating to satisfy the unsavoury voyeurism of the boatman and risking worse consequences.
    3. The “uncivilized savage”, assuming this phrase to mean a wild animal with no sense of morality, harmed the girl forcefully and seriously.
    4. The civilized man showed no love or compassion for the girl, and seems not to have considered how she got into the situation.
    5. Worst of all, the boatman manipulated the situation in what can be regarded as a criminal manner.

    However, if the “uncivilized savage” is to mean a man living in the early wild state of human tribes, then he would would have a sense of social morality and would have to be placed below the boatman in the list.

  9. I rated the characters based on their being true to themselves.

    1. The "savage" behaves in accordance with his present need.

    2. The wise man behaves and gives advice to be true to either the heart or reason – morality, need to be safe,

    3. The girl overcomes fear (for her safety, of moral condemnation) to be true to her heart's desire.

    4. The boatman, well, he foregoes material considerations for the immediate pleasure.

    5. The civilized man throws genuine love, reason and compassion aside in favor of his standing in the eyes of society, that is his own inner values for what he perceives as values of the outer world, total FAIL!

  10. I cannot agree with your 'recipe' for interpreting our priorities as a result of how we rank the characters. Some behave morally and some don't. Asking a woman to travel naked is not demonstrative of a need for money. Raping a woman, even if she turns up naked, is not demonstrative of sexuality so much as of lack of respect, empathy for the opposite sex and/or a willingness to abuse their relative physical powerlessness. Rejection of a woman who you see being raped is not demonstrative of one's need for social acceptance but rather a uneducated response to ones jealousy and, again, failure to recognise rape as an abuse of power rather than an expression of sexuality. The behaviour of three of the male characters, in summary, say more about their – and therefore the writer's – attitude to women than it does about the priorities they supposedly represent.

  11. Civilised man (he did nothing wrong)
    Girl (innocent heart)
    Wiseman (most distant evil)
    Boatman (second most distant evil)
    Savage (call him a savige if you like.. This dude was a rapist).

    The results… From how I prioritised… Incorrect. The 'test' (or game) interesting.

    1. Interesting you say that you have the wiseman as the most evil because I put him first simply because he allowed her a choice she could only follow. He could have stopped her but did he even know the boatman wanted her to be naked? Just curious on your thought process on why you thought this way in our answers.

      I put the boatman as the worst because had he just taken the money the savage probably wouldn't have raped her (then again savages could be unpredictable) do to seeing a naked body. I also put him as the worst because he was seeking out his lustful desires instead of being a respectable man and allowed her cross like a gentleman would have done.

      I thought the girl could have chosen better than risking another man to see her naked body. For her, I put her as second because she was innocent and didn't think clearly in regards to her choice other than wanting to be with her man.

      I put the civilized man as third because even though he sent her away because of what he saw, I felt he was judging her a bit and not investigating what even happen. However, with that said, I thought his integrity was solid because he didn't want to have someone that was willing to have sex with anyone.

      I put the savage as forth because he didn't seem to show any self control whatsoever (maybe he didn't know better) and he just took what he felt was his and didn't care about what the other person felt or anything. However, even with the urges of his lack of self control, I don't think it would have been as much of the boatman would have just taken the money and not had her in the boat naked in the first place.

      Your thoughts?

    2. I have read understood and respect your opinion. I would like to point out.. Please don't be offended by this… You misunderstood me.

      I never said the wise man was the most evil… I said the wise man was the most distant evil, boat man was the second most distant evil and the save was the closest evil…

      What that means… Is.. Direct evil… Is the worst kind of evil
      .. It's just pure evil… Distant evil is less of an evil… There is still some good within distant evil.

      The savige… He was the most evil… You can use being a savage as an excuse but truth is… Every man is a savage… Even the purest of men. The 'savage' decided to rape the innocent girl… So he was the most evil. He knew better… He just chose to be a savage.

      The boat man… His plan was for the innocent girl to get raped. He wanted her to be raped by the 'savage' most likely his friend.

      The wise man… Was probably the father of the 'savige' and was worried that the savige might never impregnate a woman… So in so many words… He told her to go to his son naked too but have her a chance to think about it.

      The innocent girl… She knew getting on the boat naked was wrong. But love makes you do stupid things… The girl isnt evil but she still did something wrong.

      The civilised man done nothing wrong. He told her to go away? Sure. Good. Teach her a lesson to not get on a boat naked and pass a savige when her man assuring her it was safe to cross.

      So from 1-5 1 being Good And 5 being evil…

      1. Civilised man
      2. Innocent girl
      3. Wise man
      4. Boat man
      5. Savige

      You can't say the wise man was more evil than the savige… The wise man didn't rape her.
      You can't say the boatman was more evil the the savige. The boat man didn't rape her.
      You can't say the wise man is more evil than the boat man… The wise man didn't create a situation where she had to pay boat fair by being naked rather than money.

      If I was that civilised man…. I would have previously had the innocent girl warned… That there was a savage in the island.. Don't come over unless accompanied by me. But… Maybe he thought she would have common sense. So he isn't any more evil than the girl.. They are both kind… But one doesn't think clear.

    3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I respect them as well. I can see your point in what you have shared! Good insight! I agree that I would have rather had someone accompany me over rather than going alone and love does make you do stupid things at times or makes you not think clearly (sometimes it is both hand and hand with each other) and I agree that rape out of all of these is the worst.

      I didn't see the connection with the wiseman and the boatman but I can see how it logically could be laid out the way you mentioned as well as the fact the story didn't say what kind of friendship or relationship each of them had with each other either. I appreciate your insight

  12. Results didn't really surprise me (apart from the Wiseman that I thought was close to the worst because he could have stopped her being so stupid and didn't): got savage first and Boatman last.

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