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The Triangle You Choose Reveals Your Main Virtues: Personality Test

Triangle Choose Main Virtues

We at Mind Journal love short and quick personality tests that help you better know yourself. Here’s a triangle personality quiz to identify your main virtues. 

This triangle quiz is an interesting way of getting to know your character traits and focus in life. So, without much ado let’s get started. 

Relax your mind and look at the triangles below. Choose one triangle that attracts you the most. Then read on to what it says about you! 

1. You value friendship 

Triangle Choose Main Virtues ambitious friendship
The Triangle You Choose Reveals Your Main Virtues: Personality Test

If you choose the first triangle, then friendship is the greatest value in your life. So, you are always ready to help your friends and be there for them whenever they need you. You will never screw them or hurt them, but always lift them up.  

You are ready to solve their problems wholeheartedly without blaming them for their inabilities or shortcomings. Your friends respect you for your kind and strong nature.  

2. You are ambitious

Triangle Choose Main Virtues ambitious
The Triangle You Choose Reveals Your Main Virtues: Personality Test

Choosing the second triangle is a sign that you not only have great ambition but have the courage to go to any extent to fulfill your desires. Taking risks to meet your goals comes naturally to you. 

There are no restrictions, prohibitions, and second thoughts. You are true to yourself, satisfied with who and how you are, And this virtue draws people towards you.   

3. You have high self-control 

Triangle Choose Main Virtues ambitious high self control
The Triangle You Choose Reveals Your Main Virtues: Personality Test

You can regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behavior, which helps you achieve your goals and targets. This virtue can earn you the respect of other people easily. 

Besides being self-conscious, you also maintain a safe distance from others. You initiate a friendship with others only after a series of trust checks. You have been hurt before and you can’t go through the same pain again. There is no point wasting time on untrustworthy people. 

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