Choose A Cosmic Pattern: Find Out What Sacred Geometry Reveals About Your Spirit

Choose A Cosmic Pattern_ Find Out What Sacred Geometry Reveals About Your Spirit

Sometimes all you need to do is take the Sacred Geometry Quiz to find out what kind of spirit you have and what it is truly made of. The Sacred Geometry Quiz is a powerful and interesting way of getting to know your spirit better.

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and powerful knowledge, which springs from the depths of the Universe’s creation and our Collective Consciousness.

Our Sacred Geometry Test, is a lesson on what we, humans, have imprinted in our minds through ages. Thus, by ‘randomly’ choosing one answer from this Sacred Geometry Test, we will see how the primitive yet powerful forces, guide us through our destiny.

Witches and Sacred Geometry

“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here!”.

This was the dictum illustrated at the lintel of the entrance of Plato’s Academy in Ancient Athens. Geometry has always been an important discipline for philosophy and spiritual schools. The idea behind has been the perception of the Creator of the Universe as the Geometer thereof. This concept is indeed attested in many esoteric traditions.

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While Geometry explores shapes and patterns in nature and in mathematics, sacred geometry searches for this kind of pattern in sacred places like temples or symbols. From Hinduism and Buddhism to Alchemy and Free Masonry, sacred Geometry is dominant in symbolism and rituals. Stephen Skinner’s Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code offers a great introduction to the topic. Another great read is the work of Robert Lawlor Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Practice.

What Sacred Geometry Reveals About Our Spirit

Like sacred places then, our individual spiritual structure may be represented by symbols of sacred geometry that indicate patterns of our soul. By selecting a pattern or symbol, we experience a certain affinity to certain rhythms and pulses of the universe. Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist, has regularly dealt with the effect of symbols on our consciousness, especially in his work “Man and his Symbols”.

In order to see what our sacred geometry has to reveal about the patterns of your own spiritual world, select a symbol from our picture below.

Here Is What The Sacred Geometry Quiz Reveals About Your Spirit

Sacred Geometry Test

Here we are going to see what the answers to the Sacred Geometry test can reveal. First of all, these are not random patterns. These are the astral Paths of the sacred planets, as seen from Earth. Every person who is born on this Realm sees these patterns again and again without realizing it.

This is how Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn move around our Mother Earth. Hence, these are the roots of Sacred Geometry. We’ve seen again why the Pentagram (Pentacle) is associated with beauty and harmony. Because, this is the astral Path of Planet Venus, who was associated with Goddess Aphrodite/Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty.

But now, let’s see what you did answer!

1. Path of the Magician

Choose A Cosmic Pattern: Find Out What Sacred Geometry Reveals About Your Spirit
Choose A Cosmic Pattern: Find Out What Sacred Geometry Reveals About Your Spirit

If you picked the 1st pattern then you’ve picked to walk the Path of Mercury, the Path of the 1st Card of any Tarot Deck. Hence, you’ve chosen to walk upon the road many mages have chosen since the beginning of Mankind. You are extremely curious about the arcane arts. Hence, you’ve always wanted to discover the secrets of the universe and master the Craft.

Something inside you thirsts for more knowledge. This feeling grows stronger and you become wiser.

Also, this is the path of Travellers. The most versatile path. You are ‘bound’ to change and change again until you find the energy you are looking for. One of the most unique traits of your soul is that you get bored easily because in fact, what you are looking for, does not belong to this Plane.

You are bound to look forever until you meet the Soulmate or the Energy you are thirsting for. Although you are the ones who can easily adapt to even the most extreme circumstances, you are constantly looking for a reason to travel and learn more.

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