The 7 Levels of Spirituality – Where Are You?


Levels of Spirituality Where Are You

Are you on your path to spiritual awakening? The following article will explain what are the different levels of spirituality and help you in your journey through the spiritual ascension stages.

All magical, occult, and religious orders have defined several and sometimes peculiar levels of power, consciousness, and wisdom through which one can evolve. The Levels of Spirituality and Magical Awareness are important for the initiate, in order to ‘check’ his/her power and receive the proper teachings to move on further.

Moreover, Spirituality is not a stable state. It’s actually a continuous journey, which like a rollercoaster, has its ups and downs.

Spirituality Status: A Moving Target

Even Hermits and those who devote their lives solely to the evolution of their Spiritual Awareness may go back and forth several times during their lifespan. Levels of Spirituality define your magical potency. How capable are you to cast spells? Moreover, are your spells effective? Can you bend reality?

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7 Levels of Spirituality

Levels Spirituality Where Are You?
7 Levels Of Spirituality: What is my level of spirituality?

Please note that this is not a race. Although higher levels might seem extremely appealing, sometimes the Awakening can be messy. With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility.

However, it’s very important to know where you are right now. It gives you the strength to move on. Spirituality, is a beacon of divine light, guiding us through the tough times of our lives, and motivating us to keep on. 

1. Mundane Level

This is the first state where spirituality is actually idle, waiting for the right chance to show its power. Most people spend their lives on this level wondering if there is life after death, if angels exist, or if ghosts are real.

However, all people have the chance to move on and there is always – at least – one major event that acts as an awakening call. No matter the level of Spirituality, magic is always one breath away.

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2. Neophyte Level

This is probably the most important of the Seven Levels of Spirituality and is actually portrayed in the Tarot Deck, as the Fool. It’s this amazing moment where we actually get a glimpse of Real Magic – FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Probably we are going through a rough period (anxiety, breakup, depression, serious illness, or disappointments) but thankfully a ‘divine intervention’ out of nowhere helps us perceive the greater truth. This may shock us or make us wonder what has just happened. 

Although the greatness of the Unseen World has yet to be revealed, something inside of us pushes us to learn more. The Divine seed is fertilized and now something amazing is growing inside of us. 

  • Events: A near-death experience, a strange prophetic dream, an Out-of-body experience, or any type of strong magical awakening. 
  • Traps: Fear or doubt that this actually happened. 
  • What others see: We are shocked/amazed by our Awakening.

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3. Adept Level

This level is actually portrayed in the Tarot Deck, as the Magician. Although doubt may still be present, your awakening has made you realize the importance of Nature, Life, Emotions, and Passions. You start to care more about others and Nature. Empathy grows inside you.

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Levels Of Spirituality

You are in the grasp of the Magical Energy which flows around. Slowly but steadily, your awareness of the Elements of Nature expands. 

However, your old life is still present trying to drag you down to the mundane level. You may try to speak “about this stuff” with friends of yours, but somehow – no matter what they say – they don’t seem to understand the importance of your experiences. Old hobbies and habits don’t seem to interest you that much anymore. You need a change! 

  • Events: You begin to understand the patterns of the Spiritual World. Minor awakenings, prophetic dreamsrepeating numbers appearing constantly.
  • Traps: Giving in to society’s NO MAGIC policy and permitting yourself to be affected by your friends’ opinions about your experiences. 
  • What others see: We are distracted from our chores and daily schedule. 

4. Apprentice Level

Finally, we realize that what others think plays no role in what is true for us. This level is actually portrayed in the Tarot Deck, as the High Priestess. We no longer feel the need to be approved by others.

We have learned from our experiences and we are now ready to move one further. Moreover, we are actually aware of the energy that flows around and we can successfully predict future events through esoteric practices.

Furthermore, we begin to see differently what we thought was ‘real’ and ‘precious’ in our lives. Premonitions and synchronicities kick in. We know we are on the right track. 

  • Events: The ‘random repeating numbers’ now become strong synchronicities and prophetic visions on demand. Intuitive powers grow inside you acting like x-rays – checking the people you know – in other words, you Just Know When Someone is Telling you the Truth! Empathy is now used by you to understand others better. 
  • Traps: Isolating yourself from the Outside World or desperately looking for ‘teachers’ to ask for help. 
  • What others see: We may be close to getting fired from work or losing our friends who no longer have our attention. Our job is essential. Make a better schedule. 

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5. Seeker Level

Knowing “the truth” about the world makes you understand how little you actually know! This pushes you to get new books and equipment and embark on your amazing journey in the World of Witchcraft. Spells become more effective and your powers are growing further, which may attract some attention (!).

This is the first state you actually begin to feel independent from the darkness and pain of the mundane world. Furthermore, you actually find others who seem to have similar experiences. 

  • Events: Your energy is radiating all over your aura. This is detectable by ‘sensitive’ people. Magical entities are attracted by your aura trying to establish contact. Spirits may be manifested giving you signs all the time. Entities from other Realms come to meet you. Your spells are extremely effective and you can also affect the Elements of Nature and talk to the Animals and Trees.
  • Traps: Misusing your new powers. Trusting the wrong magical entities. Messing with Karma. 
  • What others see: They see a new person, glowing with an unexplained light of positivity, awareness, and satisfaction. Material belongings are good but spiritual experiences become more important. 

6. Master Level

Bridging the gaps in the Material World with the help of your new powers is an amazing experience. You start healing yourself, cleansing your karma, and helping others who seek your assistance. You are owning your Magical powers and you love to become an example for this world. 

Now, You know what to avoid (actions, thoughts, spirits) and you’ve established a stable connection with your higher self and your Guardian Angel. Moreover, You constantly receive teaching and messages from the Spirit World to become a beacon of Light for lost souls. People are attracted by your Light and seek assistance from you all the time. 

  • Events: You can perform miracles with your magical powers. Healings, visions, psychic powers, and astral travels on demand.
  • Traps: Vanity and impatience. No one can learn or achieve everything. Remember you are part of the material world too. 
  • What others see: A Wonderful person who is confident, generous, and enthusiastic in teaching others a Spiritual Way of Living. 

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7. Phoenix Level

This is the highest of the Levels of Spirituality. Phoenix level is in fact an amazingly fulfilling state of awareness. Although you know you are part of the material world, you somehow believe you don’t belong on Earth. You are thankful for all the lessons but you feel it’s time to move on. 

Your vibrations are lifted and you are merging with your Higher Self in a very productive and magical way. Like a Phoenix, you’ve been through fire and ashes only to become an amazing creature, shining with your magical powers. Empathy no longer distracts you, as now is a great source of power and transformation.

You are in true alignment with your Guardian Angel and you start to Heal the World. Moreover, you are an Agent of Light, becoming a teacher to others who want to follow your path. However, you know that your path is not the only true one, but, there are millions of different paths that lead here. Levels of Spirituality now become even more clear.

  • Events: You are connected with the Divine Source, performing miracles.
  • Traps: No traps. You are one with Divine Powers and Blessings. Hence, there is no fear. Only Love.
  • What others see: A Teacher is Born.

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Signs You're Moving Through The Different Levels Of Spirituality
Signs You’re Moving Through The Different Levels Of Spirituality
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We hope the above-given article offered you insightful information on the levels of spirituality. How many levels of spirituality have you crossed over? Do you feel there are more levels of spirituality? Share your thoughts on the 7 Levels Of Spirituality by commenting down below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to my spiritual level?

Create a daily routine to meditate, quiet your “ego”, and reflect on your innermost thoughts, desires, fears, and any overwhelming emotions. You can use chanting, visualization, or any other mindfulness technique to ground yourself.

What is the highest level of spirituality?

The highest level of spirituality liberates you from the pain of the world. You find an unwavering faith in a higher power and your spiritual purpose. Your empathy empowers you and doesn’t pose a threat to your emotional stability. You become one with the Universe and there’s no fear or doubt.

How can I increase my spiritual level?

Meditate and carve out time to contemplate. Practice yoga, spend time in nature, and keep a journal to document your observations, insights, lessons, and dreams. Try to be of service to others.

7 Levels of Spirituality
Levels Of Spirituality
Levels of Spirituality Where Are You pin
Levels Of Spirituality
Levels Spirituality Where Are You pin
Levels of Spirituality Where Are You pin

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  1. Peter Mac Avatar
    Peter Mac

    50+ years ago I fulfilled 6 of the 7 initiations ,( the 7th is were you move to the 5th dimension ) I was stopped from taking the last one , normally you only wait a short while then a higher entity oversees this final step,
    But not for me, I had to return to a normal life , oh yes??? that easy comrade, ? Well I managed to mend the broken EGG, took years, however I was stronger than before . the Initiations give you immense power once you adjust,
    So I await as many others do for the coming massive spiritual shift , ( we are from various extra terrestial & dimensional locations) our job is to guide you in this very difficult time.

    I , like others voluntered for this , in my case 1943 , one of the early ones , my first task was to test methods of ascension , dontknow what they have decided, it normally takes many lives to complete
    I wish you all well, I also think that you will regard me as some weirdo crank ? it does not matter
    I can well understand have fun Peter

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